Through all eras of American history, the Presidents have all held something unique. This may be the military class of Andrew Jackson, the tough guy personality of Theodore Roosevelt, the classic family man who is John F Kennedy or the charisma of Barack Obama. Now we question what President Donald Trump brings to the table.

In the past seven to eight months, history has already been made. Never before has a president called out the mainstream media on their lies or has a president ever destroyed the careers of entertainers like former CNN comedian Kathy Griffin. Never before has a president used social media to express his outrage and never before has a president posted videos of himself beating up a CNN logo. Like him or not, Donald Trump is the president and the leader of a new era.

Strictly speaking, Donald Trump is the one and only president of the United States meaning that there is no strict guideline for him to follow. Many have called out the President on scandals and have called for him to be impeached, such as his private conversation with Billy Bush in 2005 that was leaked in October last year. However this does not set Trump apart from the previous Presidents that have served before him. Scandals date back to the 1820s when John Quincey Adams was known to swim outside naked everyday and has been caught many times doing so whilst being very open about it. Could you imagine Trump doing that? Even in the last 25 years when Bill Clinton was involved sexually with one of his staff whilst in his office and later lied about it, if Trump had done this he would be impeached effective immediately. Regardless over Trump is decent or not, the media constantly calling Trump ‘not presidential’ shows obvious bias against him when nobody speaks of past scandals. Donald Trump is presidential by these merits, when you compare his actions to previous presidents as many of them have interesting stories relating to scandals and accusations of affairs. A few of these being Lyndon B Johnson, Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush Sr, George W Bush and even John F Kennedy. All of these were seen upon as presidents and were somewhat respected by the establishment.

Many may argue that Donald Trump isn’t presidential due to his strange mannerisms or his quirky solutions to problems, like calling ISIS a bunch of losers. Many have criticised this but yet Trump has not been proved ineffective. Some say that the way Trump speaks is unprofessional, as he often likes to congratulate himself on thinking up certain ideas or doing certain tasks. This may be the case however Barack Obama would often use slang or drop the microphone, which may be deemed as popular acts of being cool, however this is extremely unprofessional. This may not be as egotistical as what Trump says and does but it is definitely comparable.

Whether you have a liking for President Trump, or a disliking for him, whatever he does now and everything he does in the future is deemed presidential. This is because at the end of the day, Donald Trump is President of the United States.