By Ewan Culwich

Upon Donald Trump’s arrival in London on Friday 13th July, an estimated 250,000 took to the streets in opposition to the President. This protest, as well as the many that came before, were organized under the impression that his actions conflict with the interests of Britain’s diverse population.

Being sure to deter allegations of hypocrisy, the crowd demonstrated how diversity is their strength. One prominent group attending the rally was drag queens. From beards painted purple, to peculiarly tight hot pants, to straws as hair decorations, Newsweek revealed just how unorthodox Never Trumpers can be.

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Drag queen activist Amrou Al-Kadhi, credit: Newsweek Media Group

One drag queen, pictured above, expressed concern that Trump ‘paints people of colour like me, and Muslims, and queer people as really weak (…) just parasites on the nation’. But he and his community pledge to ‘show how strong we are.’ This was best exemplified during their parade around the infamous mayor-approved balloon of the American leader, which could be interpreted as waves of loyal worshipers without contextualization.

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Activists unite en masse under the baby Trump balloon, credit: Getty

Another drag queen, pictured below, was asked by PlayGround+ to give a direct message to Trump. It responded, ‘Stop putting kids in cages’. Appearing to be dressed as a chained up cat, this otherkin individual plays into the theme of intersectional identity politics that is prominent among the left nowadays.

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Drag queen activist, credit: Newsweek Media Group

Whilst it is true that the zero tolerance policy toward illegal immigration, leading to the separation of illegal alien parents and their children, began under the Trump administration, many families have been separated since October 2016 – when Obama was President. NBC reports, ‘The numbers show the government was separating migrant kids from their parents prior to the zero tolerance policy implemented in May (…) numbers provided to NBC News by the Department of Homeland Security show that another 1,768 [children] were separated from their parents between October 2016 and February 2018’. Coincidentally, no reference to the earliest separations was made.

The second most noticeable group of Never Trumpers at the London rally were queers for Palestine, both adults and children – with the Palestinian flag attached to one little girl’s hair bun, pictured below.

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Screencap of protesters marching against Trump’s visit, credit: Newsweek Media Group

In addition to these marchers ‘progressive’ sentiments, they advocated for a single global community, chanting ‘No more borders, no more nations’, despite this contradicting their belief that Palestine needs to be liberated as an independent nation-state. Their support for a borderless world also defies the view that Britain, as a nation-state, should have the sovereign right to close its borders to Trump.

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A protester dressed as a clown holds a ‘No borders’ sign, credit: unknown

Hundreds of minors attended the protests on Friday, but it is not clear in many cases whether they were accompanied by their parents, unrelated adults, or neither. The PlayGround+ footage shows a scantily-clad drag queen sexually dancing in front of a seemingly alone young girl, for example.

The primary issues activists raised this July 13th were that the President lacks compassion, is ‘full of hate’ another claimed in Newsweek’s footage, favours evil, and chooses fascism over human rights. And these concerns are repeated, almost word for word, at every anti-Trump protest, as if their talking points are determined solely by what is easiest to regurgitate.