By Ewan Culwich

The final verdict regarding Tommy Robinson’s appeal of his 13 month sentence will be decided on July 31st, or at latest August 1st, sources announced today.

The three-judge panel, lead by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales Ian Burnett, have been deliberating since July 18th on whether to overturn not only Robinson’s imprisonment, but also his most recent conviction.

He was found guilty in May of breaking the Contempt of Court Act 1981, after live streaming suspected Muslim groomers outside Leeds Combined Court. Within five hours of arrest Robinson was imprisoned, the justification being that he was not entitled to a proper trial due to his existing placement on a suspended sentence.

Tommy Robinson being arrested outside Leeds Combined Court in May. Credit: Tommy Robinson

Despite this shocking treatment by the British establishment, Rebel Media journalist Ezra Levant – a witness of the July 18th appeal – holds an optimistic view. It was a ‘sober, methodical hearing’, he stated, highlighting how Robinson had an impressive team of four lawyers, featuring barrister Jeremy Dein QC, and solicitor John Carson of Carson Kaye Solicitors.

Levant also mentioned that the hearing lacked antagonism. The appointed delegate from the Attorney Generals Office for England and Wales is observed to have not unfairly degraded Robinson or his defense.

In addition to the absence of a vicious prosecution, the Lord Chief Justice, ‘seems sympathetic to Tommy’.

However there are still signs of foul play on behalf of the British state, as the date for the appeal was changed twice, from July 10th, to July 24th, to July 18th. This intentional disorganization could have made it difficult for Robinson’s lawyers to put together a coherent defense within the time limit, due to looming uncertainty concerning when they needed it finished for.

royal courts of justice.jpg
Royal Courts of Justice, where Tommy Robinson’s appeal was held on July 18th. Credit: The Times

If the Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett sides with Robinson, either in cutting his sentence or repealing his conviction, a new precedent may be set. The implications of such a powerful judge ruling against the establishment are unfathomable.

On July 31st, or August 1st, the father of three will hear the panel’s verdict via video link, from his prison cell, mirroring what occurred during the July 18th appeal.

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