By Ewan Culwich

The British people have again demonstrated their view that the government should simply get on with Brexit, in a Sun Deltapoll Survey released yesterday.

The number of participants supporting the Brexit planned to commence March 29th 2019, with or without a deal, is 9% higher than the number advocating for a second in-out-referendum.

In addition, fewer Leave voters have changed their mind since the 2016 referendum than Remain voters.

Sun poll
The Sun’s Deltapoll Survey results. Credit: The Sun

However, despite these optimistic figures, a total of 46% believe there should be a second referendum of some sort which is greater than those who want the government to pursue Brexit without disruption (40%).

This comes after top BBC earner Gary Lineker endorsed a second EU referendum last month, due to the ‘mess’ the country is in. He stated, ‘Whether you voted Leave or Remain, did anybody really vote for the mess we seem to be in … Brexit feels like it is going very wrong indeed.’

Gary Lineker is the BBC’s highest paid employee, earning £1.75m per annum. Credit: GiveMeSport

This surge in support for a second referendum shows the public’s lack of trust in the establishment’s ability can finalize an agreeable Brexit deal. Perhaps this is because of the political elite’s deliberate attempts to muddy the waters of negotiations, in the hopes that the British electorate will change their mind. According to the Deltapoll, half the population hold this stance.