The Office for National Statistics have released the United Kingdom’s migration rates, and there is no apparent difference.

In the year beginning March 2017 and concluding March 2018, 614,000 legal immigrants arrived in our airports and 344,000 UK residents emigrated abroad. This brings the net migration to 270,000, similar to that of the year before whereby the net figure was approximately 30,000 fewer people.

Nearly all immigrants in the last year have remained in the country and can be considered long-term migrants.

Long-term UK migration, credit: ONS

Despite the waves being smaller than the all time highs of 2015, it is clear the public’s concerns with mass immigration are not being listened to by the political elite.

The statistics also demonstrate that despite the nation voting to leave the European Union, freedom of movement is still a policy yet to be scrapped. Of the 614,000 newcomers, 226,000 were EU nationals.

A breakdown of the immigrants who entered the UK during the March 2017 to March 2018 year.

The ONS do not conduct research investigating the number of illegal migrants reaching British shores, therefore no official estimates on the rate of illegal immigration exist. Only legal immigration is taken into account by government statistics.