The UK was left in shock last month when a 3 year old boy was doused in acid. But as more information is released, it appears the case receives less attention.

In direct relation to the incident, which took place in a Home Bargains in Worcester, the three perpetrators caught on CCTV have been named as Adam Cech, 27, Jan Dudi, 25, and Nobert Pulko, 22. They are of eastern European descent, reportedly the Slovaki community.

Also revealed in the aftermath of the crime, the 39 year old father of the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is under interrogation on suspicion of indirect involvement with the attack. And he is not the only one. Three others, Saied Hussini, 41, Jabar Paktia, 41, and Martina Badiova, 22, are suspects.

Today the defendants appeared in court, speaking with the assistance of four different interpreters, using the Dari, Pashto, Czech and Slovak languages.

West Mercia police charged all seven with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

The three present suspects Adam Cech, Jan Dudi and Nobert Pulko caught on CCTV, credit: South West News Service

These emerged facts, vital to the case, have not been widely covered by the press, perhaps because they feel it is an old story now. It is normal for the public to move on to breaking news and the latest matters, but to permit desensitization to one of the most horrific crimes imaginable reflects not only on what it is like to live in a media saturated world, but also the state of the UK.

In a similar fashion to how Americans have been numbed to mass shootings, such as the Santa Fe High School attack in May which hardly maintained headlines, the British people are numbed to the crimes of newcomers who have settled in the country.

The unnamed victim’s father is an Afghan asylum seeker who was recently left by his now former partner, the mother of the victim. It is alleged their breakup was ‘bitter’, the 10 year relationship coming to an end because she became ‘westernized’, The Sun reports. During the couple’s early days she would wear a full veil but in recent years discarded it.

With Afghanistan holding a 99% Muslim population, and Islam being the state’s recognized religion, it is safe to assume the father would be dissatisfied with his partner subverting Islamic fundamentalist dress codes and instead choosing to embrace European values of personal freedom and gender equality.

South west news service portrait
A picture tells a thousand words: an artist draws [L-R] the unnamed father, Jabar Paktia, Jan Dudi, Adam Cech and Norbert Pulko, credit: Telegraph
It is also worth noting his hostility towards her may have intensified after she left, with their children, to Worcester. A source told the Daily Mail: “She had moved to Worcester from elsewhere but hadn’t been here long … she didn’t have any connection with Worcester. That’s why she was moved here, because she was fleeing her previous situation.”

Could the previous situation be their ‘bitter’ relationship? What if she was moved out of the unnamed area, by the local council or police, because he threatened her safety? Could her fleeing with the children have made him so angry that he contacted his eastern European associates to teach her a lesson? This is purely speculation, but with a motive for this heinous crime yet to be identified it is warranted, especially since the West Mercia police have confirmed his ex-partner and son were deliberate targets.

These questions – blown out of proportion or surprisingly accurate – are yet to be answered. Either way, when contextualizing with the religious conflict embedded in the relationship, it goes to show how little awareness and support there is for Muslim women who may be trapped in the faith.

South west news service
Police conduct a search of the area, credit: South West News Service

Despite the nature of the crime, and its highly vulnerable victim, the nature of the offenders seems to have taken priority here. The fear of labels such as racist and xenophobe might contribute to the under-reporting of new information on the case, particularly the suspects’ foreign names.

For fellow Brits, that will ring alarm bells taking us back to the fifteen year grooming scandals. However, this time at least we can say now there is not complete silence.