Pro-Leave MPs are in the process of forming an alternative plan to Theresa May’s Chequers proposal.

Former Brexit Minister Steve Baker has confirmed the final draft will be ready in time for the Conservative Party conference commencing 30th September.

Prominent faces of Brexit Boris Johnson and David Davis are said to be on board with this alternative, as they both publicly oppose the Prime Minister’s Chequers Plan.

In his latest Telegraph article, the former Foreign Secretary Johnson wrote “we have gone into battle with the white flag fluttering over our leading tank”.

Prime Minister Theresa May has presented her Chequers proposal to the Cabinet.

After resigning due to a lack of faith in Brexit turning out to be what 17.4 million British people voted for, the MP for Uxbridge continues to express his fear that the UK will receive “diddly squat” from Brussels, and hand the European Union “victory”.

Political commentators suggest Johnson’s constant criticism of May is an indication that he will soon run for party leadership, a move that arguably would be the only way to pursue a ‘hard Brexit’.

Davis has also been highly critical of the Plan. In an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr, he stated that he would not vote in favour of the Chequers proposal, and it “is actually almost worse than being in [the EU].”

Davis opposed May’s proposals on the BBC.

“They dictate our future rules without us having a say at all,” Davis said of the EU, adding that under this deal the UK would remain subservient regarding the trade of manufactured goods and agri-foods.

Another example of where the Chequers plan could disadvantage Brits is the fishing industry. Campaigner and fisherman Paul Lines, from Lowestoft, blasted continuous UK governments for “working against [UK fishers] for 40 years.”

He told the Eastern Daily Press: “We’ve got £190m worth of fish out there and most of it is going to our European neighbours – mainly the Dutch.

“We should be catching, processing and selling that fish back to the Dutch and French – even to China – and we can it do from right here in Lowestoft.”

Nigel Farage, long term ally to fishers in the UK.