Trump’s Approval Rating Higher than May and Macron’s

Donald Trump is held in higher regard by his citizens than the British and French leaders, polls across the three countries have revealed.

FiveThirtyEight, a non-partisan website that focuses exclusively on poll analysis, has been tracking the US President’s approval rate since he was inaugurated. Their latest figures show he is supported by almost 40% of the American public, and that number is expected to slowly rise over the course of his leadership.


In spite of mainstream media’s glorification of the Emmanuel Macron, French-based research organization Odoxa found he holds the lowest approval rating seen in years at just 29%.

They tweeted the following, ‘Record collapse in President’s popularity: E. Macron lost 12 pts this summer and is for the first time behind his prime minister’.

The French President’s approval rating hit a new low, credit: Odoxa

The British Prime Minister Theresa May stands just in front of Macron at 32%.

Although Trump possesses the highest approval figure it is worth noting all three have extreme disapproval rates, of 41%, 54% and 71% to May, Trump and Macron respectively.

In reference to Macron’s disapproval rate, it is worth noting the poll did not include a third option for those who are undecided.

The UK party leaders’ approval ratings, putting Theresa May at 32%, credit: Survation


  1. Which is because he’s doing exactly what 63 million of us asked him to do policy wise. The Congress spending money like drunk sailors is what needs to be brought under control.

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