By Penny Hoffmann

With the help of the Prince’s Trust, Prince Charles and Prince Harry hosted an event at Clarence House to promote understanding and to guide the youth away from growing knife gang crime that kills young people in the UK.

Former gang members, parents who’ve lost their children and charity representatives were invited to formulate a solution to youth knife crime.

Prince Charles said:

“It seems to me we need to find better ways of helping people in that adolescent transition period to be able to take part in exciting, adventurous, constructive, sometimes risky – if you can get past health and safety – opportunities.”

He recommended boxing clubs as a deterrent:

“Because at that age people are more aggressive, they’re more energetic, you need to find a way of helping to channel that – boxing clubs are a brilliant way of doing that.”

The Prince’s Trust’s program “TEAM” offers a 12-month personal development program for people aged 16 to 25 that also gives financial support and tries to deter youth from a life of crime.

Prince Harry did not speak as much as Prince Charles, but he stated that he has hosted a number of private meetings to introduce young people to policy makers, and began supporting the Full Effect project that aims to prevent St Anns youth violence.