British Passports to be Blue again by End of 2019, Government Announces

The UK government have confirmed the return of the old blue passport in an official document of 28 technical notices, outlining what a no-deal Brexit could look like.

By the end of 2019, six months after negotiations end on March 29th, passports will print in the original royal blue colour. This will replace the EU-dictated burgundy shade which the country signed up to when joining the Union.

In addition to this change, the government claim British passports post-Brexit will be incredibly secure, with mandatory security features to protect against fraud and identity theft. On the matter, Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis stated, “Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world.”


The free movement of people between the UK and Ireland will remain, solving the issue of the Northern Irish border. The current designated common travel area, that allows passport-free journeys, will not be removed.

In a no-deal scenario, both British and Irish citizens are “not required to take any action” in protecting their rights associated with the area.

Trump’s Approval Rating Higher than May and Macron’s

Donald Trump is held in higher regard by his citizens than the British and French leaders, polls across the three countries have revealed.

FiveThirtyEight, a non-partisan website that focuses exclusively on poll analysis, has been tracking the US President’s approval rate since he was inaugurated. Their latest figures show he is supported by almost 40% of the American public, and that number is expected to slowly rise over the course of his leadership.


In spite of mainstream media’s glorification of the Emmanuel Macron, French-based research organization Odoxa found he holds the lowest approval rating seen in years at just 29%.

They tweeted the following, ‘Record collapse in President’s popularity: E. Macron lost 12 pts this summer and is for the first time behind his prime minister’.

The French President’s approval rating hit a new low, credit: Odoxa

The British Prime Minister Theresa May stands just in front of Macron at 32%.

Although Trump possesses the highest approval figure it is worth noting all three have extreme disapproval rates, of 41%, 54% and 71% to May, Trump and Macron respectively.

In reference to Macron’s disapproval rate, it is worth noting the poll did not include a third option for those who are undecided.

The UK party leaders’ approval ratings, putting Theresa May at 32%, credit: Survation

Brexit Britain: Unemployment at its Lowest since 1975

The Office of National Statistics revealed this week that unemployment stands at 4%, the lowest rate since 1975.

The latest figures show there were just 1.36 million adult Brits out of work in July, therefore indicating the process of Brexit is not having a negative impact on the country’s economy.

Youth unemployment is also at its lowest since records began in 1992.



UN Human Rights Chief Sending Investigators to Italy for ‘Anti-Migrant Racism’, Salvini Responds

The United Nation’s new human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has ordered a probe into the Italian government and citizens’ treatment of illegal newcomers.

In her first speech to the human rights council on Monday, Bachelet stated: “Italy’s decision to close its sea ports, denying entry to NGO rescue ships, had serious consequences on the most vulnerable.”

To actively oppose Italy’s current government, and the nation’s recent swing towards supporting stricter border control, the socialist former President of Chile will “send personnel to Italy to evaluate reports of a sharp increase in violence and racism against migrants” and alleged asylum seekers.

Switzerland UN Human Rights
Bachelet addresses the her human rights council in Geneva, credit: The Associated Press

In response, the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini described the UN as “badly misinformed” on his country’s unique migrant crisis. “They should first focus on other members where fundamental human rights are being violated every day.”

However it is worth noting that in addition to this criticism of Italy (and Austria (cite), Bachelet called out China, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Salvini went on to say, “The UN is an organization that costs billions of euros, to which Italy gives over 100 million every year … to fund waste, embezzlement, and theft for a body that wants to give lessons to Italians.

“Before doing checks on Italy, the UN should investigate its member States who ignore basic rights like freedom and equality between men and women”.

The Aquarius vessel, which has transferred migrants from Libya to Italy since 2016, credit:

Pro-mass-immigration politicians, NGOs and anti-racist groups in Italy accuse Salvini of ‘creating a climate of hate’.

They also warn of an ‘acceleration in attacks on immigrants‘ after 14 shootings, two murders and 56 physical assaults were recorded between June and September.

Italian police have denied allegations of a ‘racism emergency’.

UKIP’s NEC may Consider Offering Tommy Robinson Membership

UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) will consider the possibility of granting Tommy Robinson party membership, Kipper Central revealed.

The motion calling for Robinson’s recruitment is from many members, but started with the party’s Family & Children Spokeman Alan Craig. He stated, “Conference believes that Tommy Robinson stands on the long English tradition of anti-establishment rebels with a cause … to expose the authorities’ decades-long silence and inaction over industrial-scale child sexual abuse by rape gangs; and requests the NEC to offer him membership of UKIP.”

Craig told Kipper Central: “Tommy has become a global phenomenon representing those who have been excluded and silenced by the globalist liberal elite.

“He’s now a Kipper at heart and we should welcome him.”

It is not clear whether, if offered, Robinson would accept membership, but the activist has campaigned alongside party leader Gerard Batten on multiple occasions. He also clarified before last year’s general election that he intended on voting UKIP.

There will be a discussion on the motion at the party’s annual conference, set for 21st September. If supported overwhelmingly, it will return to the NEC who have the final say.

Brexit Figureheads Slam Chequers Plan, MPs Rally to Create Alternative

Pro-Leave MPs are in the process of forming an alternative plan to Theresa May’s Chequers proposal.

Former Brexit Minister Steve Baker has confirmed the final draft will be ready in time for the Conservative Party conference commencing 30th September.

Prominent faces of Brexit Boris Johnson and David Davis are said to be on board with this alternative, as they both publicly oppose the Prime Minister’s Chequers Plan.

In his latest Telegraph article, the former Foreign Secretary Johnson wrote “we have gone into battle with the white flag fluttering over our leading tank”.

Prime Minister Theresa May has presented her Chequers proposal to the Cabinet.

After resigning due to a lack of faith in Brexit turning out to be what 17.4 million British people voted for, the MP for Uxbridge continues to express his fear that the UK will receive “diddly squat” from Brussels, and hand the European Union “victory”.

Political commentators suggest Johnson’s constant criticism of May is an indication that he will soon run for party leadership, a move that arguably would be the only way to pursue a ‘hard Brexit’.

Davis has also been highly critical of the Plan. In an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr, he stated that he would not vote in favour of the Chequers proposal, and it “is actually almost worse than being in [the EU].”

Davis opposed May’s proposals on the BBC.

“They dictate our future rules without us having a say at all,” Davis said of the EU, adding that under this deal the UK would remain subservient regarding the trade of manufactured goods and agri-foods.

Another example of where the Chequers plan could disadvantage Brits is the fishing industry. Campaigner and fisherman Paul Lines, from Lowestoft, blasted continuous UK governments for “working against [UK fishers] for 40 years.”

He told the Eastern Daily Press: “We’ve got £190m worth of fish out there and most of it is going to our European neighbours – mainly the Dutch.

“We should be catching, processing and selling that fish back to the Dutch and French – even to China – and we can it do from right here in Lowestoft.”

Nigel Farage, long term ally to fishers in the UK.

Why the 3 Year Old Acid Attack Victim has been Forgotten [OPINION]

The UK was left in shock last month when a 3 year old boy was doused in acid. But as more information is released, it appears the case receives less attention.

In direct relation to the incident, which took place in a Home Bargains in Worcester, the three perpetrators caught on CCTV have been named as Adam Cech, 27, Jan Dudi, 25, and Nobert Pulko, 22. They are of eastern European descent, reportedly the Slovaki community.

Also revealed in the aftermath of the crime, the 39 year old father of the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is under interrogation on suspicion of indirect involvement with the attack. And he is not the only one. Three others, Saied Hussini, 41, Jabar Paktia, 41, and Martina Badiova, 22, are suspects.

Today the defendants appeared in court, speaking with the assistance of four different interpreters, using the Dari, Pashto, Czech and Slovak languages.

West Mercia police charged all seven with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

The three present suspects Adam Cech, Jan Dudi and Nobert Pulko caught on CCTV, credit: South West News Service

These emerged facts, vital to the case, have not been widely covered by the press, perhaps because they feel it is an old story now. It is normal for the public to move on to breaking news and the latest matters, but to permit desensitization to one of the most horrific crimes imaginable reflects not only on what it is like to live in a media saturated world, but also the state of the UK.

In a similar fashion to how Americans have been numbed to mass shootings, such as the Santa Fe High School attack in May which hardly maintained headlines, the British people are numbed to the crimes of newcomers who have settled in the country.

The unnamed victim’s father is an Afghan asylum seeker who was recently left by his now former partner, the mother of the victim. It is alleged their breakup was ‘bitter’, the 10 year relationship coming to an end because she became ‘westernized’, The Sun reports. During the couple’s early days she would wear a full veil but in recent years discarded it.

With Afghanistan holding a 99% Muslim population, and Islam being the state’s recognized religion, it is safe to assume the father would be dissatisfied with his partner subverting Islamic fundamentalist dress codes and instead choosing to embrace European values of personal freedom and gender equality.

South west news service portrait
A picture tells a thousand words: an artist draws [L-R] the unnamed father, Jabar Paktia, Jan Dudi, Adam Cech and Norbert Pulko, credit: Telegraph
It is also worth noting his hostility towards her may have intensified after she left, with their children, to Worcester. A source told the Daily Mail: “She had moved to Worcester from elsewhere but hadn’t been here long … she didn’t have any connection with Worcester. That’s why she was moved here, because she was fleeing her previous situation.”

Could the previous situation be their ‘bitter’ relationship? What if she was moved out of the unnamed area, by the local council or police, because he threatened her safety? Could her fleeing with the children have made him so angry that he contacted his eastern European associates to teach her a lesson? This is purely speculation, but with a motive for this heinous crime yet to be identified it is warranted, especially since the West Mercia police have confirmed his ex-partner and son were deliberate targets.

These questions – blown out of proportion or surprisingly accurate – are yet to be answered. Either way, when contextualizing with the religious conflict embedded in the relationship, it goes to show how little awareness and support there is for Muslim women who may be trapped in the faith.

South west news service
Police conduct a search of the area, credit: South West News Service

Despite the nature of the crime, and its highly vulnerable victim, the nature of the offenders seems to have taken priority here. The fear of labels such as racist and xenophobe might contribute to the under-reporting of new information on the case, particularly the suspects’ foreign names.

For fellow Brits, that will ring alarm bells taking us back to the fifteen year grooming scandals. However, this time at least we can say now there is not complete silence.

UK Net Migration Remains at 270,000, ONS Shows

The Office for National Statistics have released the United Kingdom’s migration rates, and there is no apparent difference.

In the year beginning March 2017 and concluding March 2018, 614,000 legal immigrants arrived in our airports and 344,000 UK residents emigrated abroad. This brings the net migration to 270,000, similar to that of the year before whereby the net figure was approximately 30,000 fewer people.

Nearly all immigrants in the last year have remained in the country and can be considered long-term migrants.

Long-term UK migration, credit: ONS

Despite the waves being smaller than the all time highs of 2015, it is clear the public’s concerns with mass immigration are not being listened to by the political elite.

The statistics also demonstrate that despite the nation voting to leave the European Union, freedom of movement is still a policy yet to be scrapped. Of the 614,000 newcomers, 226,000 were EU nationals.

A breakdown of the immigrants who entered the UK during the March 2017 to March 2018 year.

The ONS do not conduct research investigating the number of illegal migrants reaching British shores, therefore no official estimates on the rate of illegal immigration exist. Only legal immigration is taken into account by government statistics.

Land Expropriation in South Africa Begins, UK Foreign Office Backs Policy in Leaked Email

Land expropriation has officially begun in South Africa this week.

The African National Congress government is now seizing land from white farmers, in particular two properties in the province of Limpopo after talks with the owners to purchase the farms collapsed.

Akkerland Boerdery requested their land’s value of 200 million Rand ($14.1m) so they could afford to survive without the private property, but the government offered just a tenth of that. Now the farms will be taken without consent or compensation.

These are just two or 139 farms on a leaked list of the government’s first targets. Reported originally by South African-based media outlet City Press, this bundle of expropriations will act as a test run of Section 25 of the constitution.

Implementation has commenced six months after it was approved by the multi-party Parliament, and just as former President Jacob Zuma was replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa.

Katie Hopkins is one of the few British political figures discussing the implementation of land expropriation policy, credit: Twitter

This is the goal the Black First Land First political party, who frequently display the slogan, “Land or Death”, has been advocating for.

In addition to this, the South African government has been touring the country asking the public their view on whether the constitutional amendment should be finalized. Since the nation’s racial demographics consist of an 8% white population and a 92% black population (FACT CHECK), the electorate swing overwhelmingly in favour of the land expropriation policy.

Meanwhile in Europe, despite the EU urging its member-states to accept Syrian refugees fleeing from their country’s humanitarian crisis, the same standard need not apply for white South Africans. The continent has maintained its silence on land expropriation as it commences.

President Ramaphosa and ANC Deputy Mabuza wave to supporters, credit: Reuters

In addition, the United Kingdom’s Minister of State in the Foreign Office Harriett Baldwin has clarified the nation’s support for the actions of the South African government.

After Conservative MP Paul Beresford inquired what the UK’s position is on behalf of a concerned constituent, the Minister of State emailed the following response.

‘The British government understands the need for land reform in South Africa’, and Ramaphosa’s promise that “the process of land [re]distribution would be orderly within South African laws … without negatively affecting economic growth, agricultural production and food security” is “welcomed”.

This email was subsequently passed onto the constituent, who leaked the contents to Breitbart London.

Minister of State for the UK Foreign Office Harriett Baldwin, credit: Malvern Magazine

While Ramaphosa may insist white-owned land can be confiscated without “deterring investment”, when the policy was announced investors were immediately alarmed. The South African Rand, the national currency, plummeted overnight to 13.40 per U.S. dollar. And the ever-increasing rate of unemployment hit 27.2% early this month.

Now expropriation has began implementation, who knows how further the economy will be disadvantaged, or more worrying, on how many occasions will the human rights of land-owning farmers be violated.

Brits Overwhelmingly Want Government to Get on With Brexit, Poll Reveals

By Ewan Culwich

The British people have again demonstrated their view that the government should simply get on with Brexit, in a Sun Deltapoll Survey released yesterday.

The number of participants supporting the Brexit planned to commence March 29th 2019, with or without a deal, is 9% higher than the number advocating for a second in-out-referendum.

In addition, fewer Leave voters have changed their mind since the 2016 referendum than Remain voters.

Sun poll
The Sun’s Deltapoll Survey results. Credit: The Sun

However, despite these optimistic figures, a total of 46% believe there should be a second referendum of some sort which is greater than those who want the government to pursue Brexit without disruption (40%).

This comes after top BBC earner Gary Lineker endorsed a second EU referendum last month, due to the ‘mess’ the country is in. He stated, ‘Whether you voted Leave or Remain, did anybody really vote for the mess we seem to be in … Brexit feels like it is going very wrong indeed.’

Gary Lineker is the BBC’s highest paid employee, earning £1.75m per annum. Credit: GiveMeSport

This surge in support for a second referendum shows the public’s lack of trust in the establishment’s ability can finalize an agreeable Brexit deal. Perhaps this is because of the political elite’s deliberate attempts to muddy the waters of negotiations, in the hopes that the British electorate will change their mind. According to the Deltapoll, half the population hold this stance.

More People Arrested for Online Trolling in UK than Sentenced for Downloading Child Pornography

By Ewan Culwich

The rate of internet trolls facing arrest for ‘hate speech’ surpasses the rate of paedophiles sentenced for downloading child porn, official statistics reveal.

Last year 2,528 people were sentenced at a crown court for possessing indecent images of children. Meanwhile 9 people are arrested per day for offensive remarks made online, the Times estimates. When multiplied by 365, this gives us an estimate of 3,285 who face questioning over their comments.

This soaring number of arrests, under the guise of shutting down hate speech, comes prior to, and in the aftermath of, the newly established national online hate crime hub, a branch of the Home Office.

On the matter, former Home Secretary Amber Rudd stated, “What is illegal offline is illegal online, and those who commit these cowardly crimes should be met with the full force of the law.”

Police arrest 1.3x more internet trolls than courts sentence adults in possession of child pornography. Credit: BGR

But until Monday this week, no similar efforts were promised to punish paedophiles, as evidence disclosed less than 1/4 of those sentenced for downloading images depicting child sex abuse face jail time. A fifth are given community service, and almost half suspended sentences.

Now the government has promised to pursue a crackdown, amidst this “horrifying” surge, with Solicitor General Robert Auckland saying that sex offenders who look at children on the internet are just as “insidious” as the abusers themselves.

According to the Telegraph, the government is planning to enable victims and ordinary members of the public to challenge sentences handed down for downloading indecent images.

This leaves many in the public to wonder why the authorities prioritized preventing the distribution of online offence, over preventing the distribution of child pornography.

InfoWars Banned from Apple, Facebook and now YouTube in ‘Fake News’ Crackdown

By Ewan Culwich

InfoWars and The Alex Jones Show have become the next in line to be censored by social media giants, amidst the banning of InfoWar’s YouTube channel today.

The controversial radio show host Alex Jones, 44, has been under fire for many years, facing accusations by mainstream media outlets for perpetuating fake news and falsifiable conspiracy theories.

After Facebook terminated four pages ran by Alex Jones early Monday morning, for supposedly violating their community standards regarding hate speech and content glorifying violence, Apple removed various InfoWars podcasts. They stated, “Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users.”

Image result for alex jones
InfoWars founder Alex Jones, who has been targeted for his controversial claims. Credit: Mashable

Spotify have also removed heaps of Alex Jones’ content. And this evening, the InfoWars YouTube channel, alongside its hundreds of videos, have disappeared.

This crackdown over the last 24 hours stems from the gradual censorship of Alex Jones and his colleagues in July, when Facebook gave Alex Jone’s official page a 30-day post ban and YouTube penalized certain uploads with community strikes.

Now, it appears that in a monumental virtue signal to prove the multinationals care about taking down news labelled fake without citation, they have outright silenced Alex Jones and his supporters.

Only 20% of Brits Oppose the Death Penalty for ISIS Terror Suspects, YouGov Finds

By Ewan Culwich

A mere 20% of the British population condemn the prospect of ISIS terror suspects receiving capital punishment, a poll by YouGov has revealed.

On July 24th, a representative sample of 7,714 adults resided in all areas of the U.K., excluding Northern Ireland, were asked their view on the British government’s decision to discontinue attempts to block Islamic State fighters El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey from being given the death penalty, if convicted in a United States court.

Article 4 image 2
YouGov’s survey results. Credit: YouGov

The British Home Secretary Sajid Javid appears to have the public on his side. In a leaked letter to Jeff Sessions on June 22nd, he wrote: “I am of the view that there are strong reasons for not requiring a death penalty assurance in this specific case, so no such assurances will be sought.”

The demographic groups supporting this decision the least are Londoners, Labour voters, Liberal Democrat voters, and SNP voters – yet overall Scottish opposition stands at just 26%. Class and sex differences were minute.

The two suspects in question, Elsheikh, 30, and Kotey, 32, were detained in January by US-backed Syrian rebels, due to their involvement in a four-man ISIL militant group duped the ‘Beatles’. Now-deceased Mohammed Emwazi, also referred to as ‘Jihadi John’, and Aine Davis, 34, who has already been convicted in Turkey, were the other members.

The four men, all from west London, are known to have facilitated the slaughtering of at least 27 hostages during 2014 to 2015, including American journalists and British aid workers.

Mohammed Emwazi, Aine Davis, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh
The ‘Beatles’ terrorists. From left to right: Mohammed Emwazi, Aine Davis, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh. Credit: BBC

The ‘Beatles’ were harsher than most other Islamic State guards, adopting torturous methods such as waterboarding, electroshock and mock executions. In the eyes of the sensible British public, these horrific crimes make the possibility of Elsheikh and Kotey facing capital punishment warranted.

TOMMY IS FREE: Robinson Wins Appeal and Conviction is Overturned, Bail Conditions Apply

Tommy Robinson’s prison sentence has been overturned, the Lord Chief Justice for England & Wales ruled today.

At 10:30AM on Wednesday 1st August, the verdict began in the Royal Courts of Justice.

By 10:40AM, Robinson knew his fate, and was set free.

Credit: Ezra Levant Twitter page

In addition to his 13-month sentence, his contempt of court conviction has been made redundant.

Robinson received the conviction in May after live streaming grooming gang suspects outside Leeds Combined Court. It was viewed over 250,000 times.

In a statement on the case, Lord Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice, said: “We are satisfied that the finding of contempt made in Leeds following a fundamentally flawed process, in what we recognise were difficult and unusual circumstances, cannot stand.

However, he added, “We will direct that the matter be reheard before a different judge.” This means Robinson is released on bail, under the requirement that he attends a re-hearing.

Image result for free tommy march
Thousands of activists on Whitehall, London, advocating for Tommy Robinson to be freed. Credit: Unknown

The father of three, who has not been able to call his children whilst in prison, will be home and reunited with his family today.

Robinson is out thanks to the #freetommy movement predominant in the United Kingdom, but also across the world.

Verdict for Tommy Robinson’s Appeal due July 31st, What You Need to Know

By Ewan Culwich

The final verdict regarding Tommy Robinson’s appeal of his 13 month sentence will be decided on July 31st, or at latest August 1st, sources announced today.

The three-judge panel, lead by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales Ian Burnett, have been deliberating since July 18th on whether to overturn not only Robinson’s imprisonment, but also his most recent conviction.

He was found guilty in May of breaking the Contempt of Court Act 1981, after live streaming suspected Muslim groomers outside Leeds Combined Court. Within five hours of arrest Robinson was imprisoned, the justification being that he was not entitled to a proper trial due to his existing placement on a suspended sentence.

Tommy Robinson being arrested outside Leeds Combined Court in May. Credit: Tommy Robinson

Despite this shocking treatment by the British establishment, Rebel Media journalist Ezra Levant – a witness of the July 18th appeal – holds an optimistic view. It was a ‘sober, methodical hearing’, he stated, highlighting how Robinson had an impressive team of four lawyers, featuring barrister Jeremy Dein QC, and solicitor John Carson of Carson Kaye Solicitors.

Levant also mentioned that the hearing lacked antagonism. The appointed delegate from the Attorney Generals Office for England and Wales is observed to have not unfairly degraded Robinson or his defense.

In addition to the absence of a vicious prosecution, the Lord Chief Justice, ‘seems sympathetic to Tommy’.

However there are still signs of foul play on behalf of the British state, as the date for the appeal was changed twice, from July 10th, to July 24th, to July 18th. This intentional disorganization could have made it difficult for Robinson’s lawyers to put together a coherent defense within the time limit, due to looming uncertainty concerning when they needed it finished for.

royal courts of justice.jpg
Royal Courts of Justice, where Tommy Robinson’s appeal was held on July 18th. Credit: The Times

If the Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett sides with Robinson, either in cutting his sentence or repealing his conviction, a new precedent may be set. The implications of such a powerful judge ruling against the establishment are unfathomable.

On July 31st, or August 1st, the father of three will hear the panel’s verdict via video link, from his prison cell, mirroring what occurred during the July 18th appeal.

Goldfire Media will be reporting the updates from our Facebook page.

Italy Capitulates To Migrants Once Again As Spain Receives Influx

By Ewan Culwich

The Italian government has reversed its decision to refuse migrant boats, officials released this Monday.

Foreign minister Enzo Milanesi has backtracked on the policy, implemented just last month, to turn away all vessels, stating that Italy’s border would remain open to prevent ‘all rescued people from landing in one country’.

This decision comes after the southern Spanish coast, including Gibraltar, became overwhelmed by boat arrivals throughout June and July.

article 3 image 2
Screengrab of a small vessel arriving at Tarifa beach, Spain, on July 13th. Locals rush to help the migrants. Credit: BBC

More vessels have landed on the shores of European countries in 2018 so far, than the entirety of 2017. Southern Spain has predominantly faced the burden of this influx due to its location, being so close to north west Africa.

Although it is difficult to identify where each individual boat comes from, many set sea off the coast of Tangier, Morocco. It is a short 50 mile journey to Gibraltar.

article 3 Image 3
The coastlines of Morocco and Spain. Credit: Google Maps

One officer monitoring arrivals on the Spanish coast described to the BBC how they have been taking in up to ten boats per day. Yet that figure does not suggest the number of African migrants coming to Spain, as some vessels carry fewer than 100, while others obtain up to 600 hopefuls.

On the Strait of Gibraltar specifically, more than 17,000 people have been rescued since January this year. This figure soared last month after the Italian Interior minister Matteo Salvini announced the government would be closing its ports. In a public statement, he said, ‘We cannot take in one more person. On the contrary, we want to send away a few’, as Italy is already home to an estimated 500,000-700,000 undocumented migrants.

Salvini added, ‘They will only see Italy on a postcard,’ and, ‘Italian ports are no longer at the disposal of traffickers.’

Conflict in the Council of Ministers? Italy’s government shows division as Milanesi, right, contradicts Salvini, left. Credit: Unknown

As a result, non-government organizations providing the illegal means of travel had to seek out alternative routes.

Notably, S.O.S Méditerranée, who administered the Aquarius in early June. This ship trafficked 630 people from Libya to Spain, after being turned away by Italy, illustrating the NGO’s commitment to delivering the migrant crisis.

Organizer Mathilde Auvillain stated ‘If it is not Italy, it will be another country (…) our rescue operation will continue, regardless.’

article 3 image 5
The Aquarius Ship, administered by S.O.S. Méditerranée. Credit: NovoPress

It is currently unclear whether or not S.O.S Méditerranée have since participated in transporting further boats from Libya to Spain. But what is certain is the Aquarius set a dangerous precedent, as hundreds of boats have followed in accordance.

The Italian government’s justification for their policy reversal is the belief that the European Union needs more time to conduct and finalize a deal in which future boat arrivals are distributed across the continent, not confined to one area such as Italy, southern Spain, or Gibraltar.

Now the Italian government must hope that the EU listens to its demands for a fair deal. Otherwise, the southern Spanish border and Gibraltar will remain the most popular routes for illegal migration into Europe.