Damien Taylor

Damien Taylor was born and raised in Buckinghamshire in the UK and is the co-owner and founder of Goldfire Media.

Damien started Goldfire Media at College and grew it further when he dropped out after becoming physically unable to work. Damien writes only on occasion and mostly directs marketing and manages outgoing stories.

Damien Taylor in September 2017

Damien Taylor started his journalism career at a small Pennsylvanian news company called Ceccpoint News. It was also his introduction to the world of marketing and broadcasting. Later, Damien worked for Squawker as an editor at large. All of this was done under the name ‘Will Mannion’ until he changed it in late 2018 to the catchy name ‘Damien Taylor’.

Damien is pro capitalism, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and for closed borders. Damien is also a critic of the Islamic State and blames the violent, open ended passages in the Quran for UK’s situation.

Damien started Goldfire Media on his own in April 2016 and partnered with Accountant-in-training, Harry Goldsmith, in March 2017 with new plans to open a store with the combined business knowledge they have between them. Damien’s knowledge in media and counter culture as a whole is the distinctive line in the sand that separates Goldfire Media from their competitors.