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William Mannion was born and raised in Buckinghamshire in the UK and is the co-owner and founder of Goldfire Media.

Will Mannion is the definition of a man made out of nothing – having not much in the means of academics (apart from four years in education studying Business, which later influenced him to start Goldfire Media). It only goes to show that the theory 70/20/10 is correct, where 70% of skill comes from working, 20% from watching and 10% from the classroom. “If you aim to be an average journalist then you wont go very far. If you aim to be good then you’ll be average. If you aim to be great then you’ll be good. If you aim to be the best then you’ll be great. If you want to do what nobody has ever done before then you’ll be the best.”

Mannion in September 2017

Mannion started his journalism career at a small Pennsylvanian news company called Ceccpoint News. He was selected, working for almost nothing, to report on niche stories. According to statistics, his articles were usually more successful and got more shares and this caused for a need to use the overseen talent – after Ceccpoint demanded that all writers must write from a list – rather than conducting their own research and studies. After seeing no gain in audience, Mannion left Ceccpoint News to join Squawker (a much larger organisation with millions of views per month) and to focus more on his own company.

Mannion is the editor-in-chief for Goldfire Media where fair, balanced and truthful stories are released to start a new wave of news and media. Mannion is very keen in politics and is a strong supporter of capitalism and freedom of speech, with a libertarian and empathetic approach, a populist to say the least. Mannion is also a critic of the Islamic State and blames the violent, open ended passages in the Quran for UK’s situation.

Will Mannion started Goldfire Media on his own in April 2016 and partnered with Accountant-in-training, Harry Goldsmith, in March 2017 with new plans to open a store with the combined business knowledge they have between them. Mannion’s knowledge in media and counter culture as a whole is the distinctive line in the sand that separates Goldfire Media from their competitors.

Outside of journalism, Will Mannion invests in foreign currency.

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