Goldfire Media

Because The Mainstream Media Has Failed You


The People Deserve An Honest Media With Only Their Best Interests At Heart!

Goldfire Media was started in 2017 in order to help bring an honest new wave of news and media onto the internet. Plans for Goldfire Media date back to early 2016. Our goal is to ensure that everyone get to hear what they deserve to hear and to protect the liberty of every person in the Western World. Goldfire Media will always be there to protect our freedom of speech and our freedom of thought and pledge to always bring out the truth and to retract any false statements and to admit when we are wrong.

Our long-term goal is to fight on the frontline for independent media and to fight against the monopolization and dictation of the mainstream media.

Note: Goldfire Media does not belong to a particular label or group. We may not always agree with the opinions of our contributors but we fully defend their right to express them.

How it all started:

Goldfire Media was founded over a course of time by journalist Damien Taylor. The idea and plans for Goldfire Media originate back to 2016 however Goldfire Media became operational progressively over time. In 2017, Goldfire Media became larger due to media sharing. In March, Goldfire Media became a partnership when accountant in training, Harry Goldsmith, became a shareholder. Plans were delayed until September the 4th 2017 when Goldfire Media had decided to write independent articles and studies. Goldfire Media hires only the most talented and truthful writers to report on what needs to be covered with honesty.

We look to promote what is being hidden by the mainstream headlines and bring them to you.

Goldfire Media was inspired by the works of those who remain truthful and informative however Goldfire Media is the first of its kind, a revolution in news and reporting.


We are dormant at this time, this may or may not change according to our financial position.

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