Fox News host and the moderator for Tuesday night’s first presidential debate Chris Wallace is facing severe backlash for his antics during the debate from both sides but especially from the conservatives. Wallace’s actions were called into question even as the debate was ongoing with Wallace repeatedly interrupting President Trump and at one point literally argued with him. He also laughed together with Biden in a move which was not missed by many viewers. He also  conveniently ignored Biden speaking out of turn and muttering under his breath incessantly.

Wallace, a registered Democrat was even questioned by his colleagues who expressed their frustrations on twitter. Fox News hosts Brian Kilmeade, Greg Gutfeld and contributor Andy McCarthy, pointed out Wallace’s partiality in dealing with Biden and even coming to his rescue when Biden seemed in trouble by Trump’s questioning.

Many also questioned his apparent disinterest in questioning Biden about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Russia and China while he tried very hard to put Trump in a tight spot with loaded questions. Actor James Woods called Wallace “Shamelessly biased” while attorney Harmeet Dhillon called him a “disgrace” in a strongly worded tweet.

Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Candace Owens and Sean Davis ripped into Wallace in their typical style for his biased antics while many netizens on all social media platforms roasted Wallace.

Trump himself admitted in the debate that he felt as if he was debating Wallace who was constantly interrupting him and never let Trump gain any momentum in his remarks and answers.

Tuesday’s debate reinforces the Trump’s claims about the media in bed with the democratic party to influence and twist public perception according to the whims of the left. Till now Trump has largely been immune to these tactics by maintaining a direct connect with the people and calling out the mainstream media for it’s prejudice.

By Charlie Mason