The Team

Goldfire Media hires professional freelance writers to aim towards getting the stories that are both hard to find and vitally important at the same time. If you think you have what it takes to become a Goldfire Media writer then contact us. Note we may not always have lots of room for new writers so we will be choosing only the best.

The rules are simple. Writers are allowed to express freedom of speech on our platform. Note that we may not always agree with these opinions but we endorse the right for our writers to say them. However, any threats or illegal content will not be tolerated. Fake news on this site will be retracted.

Goldfire Media does not associate itself with any specific side, as we are independent media, but we do distant ourselves from toxic regimes and denounce proven threats (such as third wave feminism, Islamic cults and domestic terror groups). We endorse basic forms of humanitarianism such as patriotism, healthy lifestyle, free speech, diversity of thought and the old fashioned feminism – independence, choice and dignity for females.

Jack ‘Juan’ Bibiano – Head Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager
Harry Goldsmith – Co-owner and Finance Manager of Goldfire Media

Damien Taylor – Co-owner and Managing Director of Goldfire Media