UFC Welterweight Contender and former Champion Colby Covington called out Joe Biden, Lakers Star LeBron James and the left in an aggressive speech on Saturday. After his win by TKO against Tyler Woodley in round 5, Colby dedicated his win to the military, the first responders and all those “who keep us safe.” He then proceeded to criticize the NBA star calling him “a spineless coward” along with others as “ woke athletes.” While draped in an American flag.

Covington took questions while wearing a “ Keep American Great” at the post-fight conference. He also took shots at the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden calling him Sleepy Joe and predicting a landslide victory for Trump on November 3rd. “ The Silent majority is ready to make some noise” he declared proudly. Amongst all this he took a call from President Donald Trump himself from North Carolina who was there for a rally. The President warmly congratulated Covington and declared he was a fan too in call which lasted about 2 minutes while on the speaker phone and live on sports channels including the ESPN. Both of Trump’s son were present at the ring side for Covington during a previous fight too.

Covington has been a long time fan of Trump whom he visited in the White house in 2018 and was vocal about his appreciation for the Republican president in the past while also being critical of the NBA. In August this year when the NBA was postponed due the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Covington took to twitter to call them out to take a pay cut and be a cop describing it as “ the toughest job in America.” He has also come  down heavily on Black Lives Matter for their fight against the police calling their actions criminal and a “complete sham.”

Even before the fight itself Covington dedicated his fight to all the Law enforcement and the US Military calling them America’s real heroes in a tweet. Most of his tweets are also lay bare his conservative views and strong support for President Trump.

Apparently one of the reasons for his outspokenness is the stance of UFC itself. While most sports and sports organizations distance themselves from Trump and would never allow one of it’s stars to criticize liberal or democratic policies without strong consequences, the UFC and it’s president Dana White has always aligned closely with Trump since 2016. Trump too had earlier become the first sitting president to attend a MMA event when he attended a UFC event in Madison Square Garden recently.

As expected Covington will be facing a lot of heat as well as lot of support from Trump supporters and conservatives as the election date draws near. But as far as we’ve seen, he’s not the type of guy who seems to care.

By Charlie Mason