Candace Owens, the conservative political commentator, author, activist and social media celebrity has surpassed both Barack Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s book sales with her book Blackout, a political commentary about African-Americans and the democratic party. In the Barnes & Noble Top 100 list Blackout stands 1st while Obama’s book, A Promised Land and Ginsburg’s “In my own words” stands 3rd.

This is especially significant at a time when race relations in America are particularly strained and the identity politics have taken prime significance in the aftermath of the violent protests and its outcomes.

In the book Owens talks about racism in the history of the democratic party, the liberal policies that actually hurt rather than help people, the idea of victimhood and dependency fostered by the democratic party for votes and the blind, illogical support of African-Americans to a party that has constantly undermined or ignored them. She calls for a mass exodus of African-Americans from the democratic and to actually support policies that benefit them. She also details her own personal struggles and challenges in overcoming the victim mentality, poverty and rising to become of the most popular young authors.

Candace Owens has gained popularity with her videos on Youtube and social media speaking about the hypocrisy of the left and criticism of the democratic party, black lives matter and her support of Trump. In 2017 she launched a website called Red Pill Black along with its accompanying Youtube channel for black conservatives and has also previously worked with Turning Point USA and was a guest host on Fox News. In 2018 she launched the Blexit Movement which gained widespread popularity on social media with many African-Americans announcing their withdrawal from the democratic party. She also hosts her own show The Candace Owens Show.

While in the past any black conservative was dismissed or insulted with labels like “ Uncle Tom” and “ Token Blacks”, since the advent of Trump many have publicly come out in their support of Trump and the Republican party organically including many prominent netizens like the Hodge Twins, Diamond and Silk and Owens. Most of them were invited to the White House to meet the president on various occasions and have participated actively in campaigns and rallies. What Owens did was become the face for the young generation of black conservative intellectuals in the likes Alan B.West and Ben Carson.

Her book has gotten rave reviews and is available here:

By Charlie Mason