Sargon of Akkad: “Never Apologise,” as Police Investigate Joke Video

A UKIP European election candidate is being investigated by the police after he joked that he might rape a Labour MP.

Well-known liberal YouTube personality Carl Benjamin, known online as Sargon of Akkad, recently came under fire for a three-year-old tweet to Labour MP Jess Philips, who had been discussing rape threats on the social media platform. “I wouldn’t even rape you, @jessphillips,” he wrote. His account has since been banned.

Highlighting the absurdity of the liberal media turning a negative statement on rape into a controversy, Benjamin then released a video in which he joked: “There’s been an awful lot of talk about whether I would or wouldn’t rape Jess Phillips. I’ve been in a lot of trouble for my hard-line stance of not even raping her.

“I suppose with enough pressure I might cave. But let’s be honest nobody’s got that much beer.”

A police spokesman said: “Police have received a report of malicious communications relating to MP Jess Phillips. 

“Officers have spoken to Ms Phillips and the comments are being investigated to establish if an offence has taken place.”

Their investigations follow an initial investigation into the original tweet last December. A spokesman for Wiltshire Police told The Independent that in that instance Benjamin was “dealt with by words of advice,” but that they are reviewing a dossier of his social media broadcasts.

Speaking in a pub, Benjamin, 39, has told independent journalist Lucy Brown that he will not apologise for the tweet. “Never apologise. Never apologise,” he said.

“They don’t care about a three-year-old tweet. This is a political attack that they think will be able to stop my candidacy, and they fail to understand that that didn’t work for Donald Trump; I don’t see why it should work for me, and I’m not going to apologise.”

UKIP leader Gerard Batten has dismissed the controversy, pointing out that the original tweet was “satire.”

Facebook Bans Politicalite, Wages Censorship War on Populist Platforms

The populist media outlet Politicalite has been banned from Facebook, for publishing an article reporting the launch of a legitimate electoral campaign ahead of the European elections in May.

Politicalite has come under repeated attack from the social media platform in recent weeks, seeing its reach on the website drop considerably. But last week Facebook sent a message to Editor-In-Chief Jordan James informing him that his website’s page had been unpublished.

This means that Politicalite’s 40,000 followers will no longer receive updates from the alternative news outlet.

The ban followed James’s posting of a livestream of the launch of a legitimate democratic bid by an independent candidate in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections in the North West of England.

The well-known activist and Luton City supporter told livestream viewers: “Like many of you, I wasn’t born in a powerful or wealthy family. My mother was an Irish immigrant, and my father a plumber. They taught me that hard work and sacrifice lead to success. They taught me to stand up for myself, for others, and my beliefs.

“I have never voted, I never believe it would make a change, none of the politicians in our country could relate to me or even seem to care. I know what it feels like to be left behind.

“We are ruled by people who know we exist but they still don’t care. It doesn’t have to be this way, fairness is possible.”

The candidate, who cannot be named due to an ongoing censorship campaign against him, has pledged to donate his MEP salary to victims of child sexual exploitation if elected.

Politicalite’s Facebook ban came just a day after Breitbart reported an ongoing censorship campaign against the site by Facebook and Google, saying it was “under attack by a combination of algorithm changes and unfair suspensions by the big tech Masters of the Universe.”

Facebook has previously suspended the page, while last December, Google withdrew ads from the site in a bid to damage its ability to fund itself.

In addition, Facebook has recently introduced a new policy called ‘click-gap’ which aims to reduce the reach of all alternative media outlets, favouring mainstream media instead.

In a blog post, Facebook explained the policy as “look[ing] for domains with a disproportionate number of outbound Facebook clicks compared to their place in the web graph. This can be a sign that the domain is succeeding on News Feed in a way that doesn’t reflect the authority they’ve built outside it and is producing low-quality content.”

In other words, new sites which haven’t yet had time to build up their citations outside of Facebook will be unfairly penalised, making it impossible for them to break into the media market.

“Facebook’s new newsfeed changes related to so-called ‘fake news’ are totally killing us on FB – we’ve seen our reach, traffic and likes drop significantly in the past week,” said James.

‘Fahrenheit 451’: HBO repurposes classic cold-war era novel to attack Trump’s America

By Nikos Tsinakis

The classic novel by Ray Bradbury published in 1953 just received an update in the cinematic format. The unmistakably bleak, futuristic authoritarian dystopia setting seemed more than appropriate given the current political climate the world is in. Additionally, it’s been more than half a century since the last outing of this book being made into a feature film, the update seemed to be delivered well in due time.

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends, despite amazing performances being delivered from a well-rounded cast featuring Michael B Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) and Michael Shannon (The shape of water), this HBO remake fails to do the famous book justice and the concepts it outlines by exhausting most of the screen time to preach a politically correct message, but it gets worse, it openly praises communism (We’ll get to that part later). This became truly a great embarrassment to the writer of the classic as the intent of the original book had to do with critiquing against limiting people’s free thought, a practice which liberals today loves to exercise.

In a terrifying care-free future, a young man, Guy Montag, whose job as a fireman is to burn all books, questions his actions after meeting a young girl…and begins to rebel against society.’ – IMDB


The film currently boasts a disappointing 4.9/10 on IMDB


Set in the backdrop of Cleveland Ohio, the film makes a quick introduction of our main fireman characters. In an early scene, the Cleveland fire department gives a school presentation. It was actually one of the only few scenes that I found engaging and believable, in large part because it’s easy to see how kids would view a charming, studly guy like Michael B. Jordan as a celebrity or public figure. But before a burning demonstration for the youngsters, both To the Lighthouse and Moby Dick are shown on screens. Each is about a paragraph long. Anything beyond that, says Captain Beatty (played by a steely Michael Shannon), is insanity.

The thought-provoking journey in the original book was completely ignored in favor of a superlinear narrative where the main character Guy Montag, played by Michael B Jordan goes through the phases to eventually rebel against an “oppressive” society without portraying to the audience the reasons behind it.  Any substance and nuance were left in the dust in exchange for a badly composed personality assault against Trump in the current political context we live in right now. No attempt was made to hide such blatant advocating for the leftist agenda as seen within the opening act of the film; the main group of protagonists in the story being persecuted clearly resemble your average college leftist today.

The politically correct narrative was demonstrated further as we see the rag-tagged revolutionaries against the oppressive system all happen to be female, racial minority or a combination of both. That point was further driven home during the last act where our “revolutionaries” revealed their plan to preserve books without trace: by memorizing one book each, a nod was made to Mao Tse Dong’s little red book, was added by HBO’s writers that I’m sure would make most clear-minded people feel flabbergasted.


A noteworthy mention should be made that Mel Gibson, one of the few conservatives left in the film industry expressed his interest in directing this remake, it makes one wonder how much better such an adjustment would improve upon this HBO sponsored liberal brainwash.

The fact that HBO’s latest outing of this cold war classic has changed so much of the original in order to appease a modern,.short attention spanned, social justice preaching audience, only increases the disappointment further.