By Asish Samson

Harry Goldsmith is an accountant, a political commentator and co-owner of Goldfire Media, an independent news source. He is also one of the most censored people in the U.K this year. On Monday, his account was automatically taken down by Facebook for the third time in two months. His first account was permanently disabled by Facebook and repeated attempts revive it have failed. When a new account was created, it was taken down automatically by Facebook with no reason given. Facebook automatically declined all the ID’s sent to it.

Before his account got taken down Harry Goldsmith has put his conservative views on his Facebook posts. He has been critical of the radical far left, political correctness and over-sensitivity of some liberals. Some of the very same overly-sensitive liberals on Facebook immediately took down his account and permanently disabled it citing “community standards” were not followed. It is disturbing to learn that the so-called “community standards” of Facebook are those of the far-left ideology which silences any and all opposing views without any chance of a fair debate. Now, that is showing shades of fascism and speech and thought policing that was followed by many a dictator.

Censorship, silencing and restricting of Conservatives and their accounts is nothing new in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. While they claim to be fair and impartial, all the evidence points to a very pointed bias. Recently, an undercover video by Project Veritas revealed Twitter was using “Shadow banning” on conservatives and other right wing users without any notice. The video also revealed that Twitter used special employees just to read personal messages sent between users on Twitter. Lauren Southern, a Canadian activist’s Facebook account was suspended for 30 days for ironically, complaining about Facebook’s censorship of conservatives. Later Facebook attributed this to an “error” and lifted the suspension.

Meanwhile Co-owner of Goldfire Media and Harry Goldsmith’s business partner condemned the removal of his Facebook and Twitter accounts.
“My business partner, Harry Goldsmith, has just been zucced for the third time this year for no reason. Censorship of conservatives and right leaning centrists on social media is a civil rights issue.”

He has also filed a formal complaint to Facebook. All this censorship, restrictions and other tactics by these social media sites will only serve to unite the conservatives and make their stance stronger against radical left-wing ideology. As the Laurel House saying goes :
“The harder you slam a ball into the ground, the higher it bounces back up”.