The Real Reality Of Goldfire Media Coming Back

Since the exposé on CNN back in 2017 proving CNN to be fake news, Americans and Europeans started to question the legitimacy of the media. After Project Veritas, the Mainstream Media became a laughing stock. Staff resigned and their ratings plummeted. Because of this, a revolution in alternative media begun. Many new media companies started to emerge all over the western world in order to deliver true and honest reporting.

So where did it all go so wrong for Alt Media?

Two major reasons: Censorship and funding.

Very few alternative media outlets are still active opposed to 2017. If Twitter and Facebook and other media giants can block or censor an organisation at a click of a button then that organisation is almost doomed to bankruptcy.

Nobody wants to sponsor something as ‘racist and evil’ as an organisation that states that modern day feminism is ruining western culture or that multiculturalism doesn’t work – especially the reality that some culture are indeed better than others. This is why Goldfire Media could never get a proper ad deal, which lead us to be a network funded by and for the people.

Now lets get down to the topic at hand, is ex-CEO Damien Taylor ever going to revive Goldfire?

Very unlikely.

Taylor has said that he will not revive Goldfire Media without it being a self sufficient entity.

“The censorship on Facebook has virtually bankrupted us. We had hired some expensive writers at the time, like Emmanuel Matos, and our funding was cut off instantly. I had to pay out of my own pocket for the last 2 months of Goldfire Media’s existence before I realised that the censorship was likely permanent then I decided to shut shop for good. If I were to ever open it again then I would have to have it self sufficient.”
– Damien Taylor’s comments on the closure of Goldfire Media.

Taylor has never asked for funding through his platform, neither has any member of the executive board.

This month marks 2 years since this website was officially launched. To recognise this, this one off unpaid article is being released to inform you of why Goldfire Media has ceased operations. Hopefully this has answered any questions our viewers have.

By Asish Samson

To Wreak Vengeance on the Establishment…

Dear readers,

I started this outlet back when all other alternative outlets were starting, mostly back in 2017. Considering that we have schooled many other alternative news sites (like the late Squawker Media and the outlet-turned-blog Ceccpoint News) we have a lot to be proud of. With our articles individually reaching thousands and thousands of people (sometimes hundreds of thousands!) we have made a clear statement to the establishment.

Due to the mass censorship by Facebook, we are going to have to shut shop – for now…

The plan is that we do a reboot in January 2020, we thought a reboot would be the right choice rather than limping around and releasing less and less content.

This isn’t goodbye, we will be back. This time we will have the money and the people to make an EVEN LARGER impact than ever before – all ready for 2020.

If you could make a donation to our site, or buy something from our store, then that will really help us with the reboot. The reboot will be happening in January so the more donations the more writers!

Thank you for your loyalty and we will see you later.

By Damien Taylor

Opinion: UKIP Isn’t High Energy Enough To Win Anything Anymore

As a member of UKIP, I’d like nothing more than to see UKIP succeed in all future elections. Unfortunately however, they are doing very badly at the polls in the European Election – not to mention a massive drop in the local elections last month.

The difference between UKIP and the Brexit Party is that UKIP stands for more than just Brexit. With UKIP being the only major party with proper right wing policies, such as limiting immigration and questioning the legitimacy of refugees, there are many reasons why UKIP is still relevant post Brexit.

My theory is that UKIP needs to be completely rebranded and rebuilt from the ground up. A good start would be new logos and banners, which could even be done by supporters. This includes more memes too, meme power is very real guys!

UKIP cannot be memorable just for having Nigel Farage as a leader, now that Farage has started the Brexit Party (which without a doubt will die as soon as Brexit is delivered). Farage’s most liked trait is that he his charismatic and that he makes a strong and passionate argument when debating against establishment left wingers. I predict that the Brexit Party will make massive gains this election, followed by the Liberal Democrats, and that UKIP Leader Gerard Batten will lose his seat. I hope I am wrong but this is what I see happening.

Despite my liking for Gerard Batten, Gerard Batten does not compare to Donald Trump or Nigel Farage in the means of charisma or salesmanship. In other words, I have never seen a Gerard Batten Pepe on 4chan. Although to be completely fair, both Trump and Farage are very wealthy men and they were able to self fund their campaigns – which could be a judgable quality for the next elected UKIP leader.

By Damien Taylor

UKIP Logo Artwork, Feel Free To Steal:

Go Zuck Yourself Facebook! President Trump Makes a Move Against Big Tech Censorship

The White House has launched a tool that allows social media users to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The White House website states:

“Too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies. No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump.”

Last month, President Trump met with Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter representatives said that the meeting was supposed to focus on what the platform was doing to aid the opioid epidemic and discuss the health of the platform. The conversation later steered into the topic of Big Tech censorship and President Trump’s Twitter account – along with suspicions that Trump was losing followers due to users being banned or censored.

Other members of the Trump family, like Don Jr., have also voiced concern of the deplatforming of right-wing activists. In a tweet last month, President Trump’s eldest son wrote “The purposeful & calculated silencing of conservatives on Facebook & the rest of the Big Tech monopoly men should terrify everyone,” after Facebook announced that it planned to ban Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannapoulos and other right wing social-political commentators.

As Trump has talked about Big Tech censorship on his Twitter, this is the first act he has taken towards the censorship.

By Damien Taylor

Gen Z Doomed To Be A Sex Deprived Generation, Thanks Feminists…

In 2019, we have a generation addicted to porn and scared out of relationships due to third wave feminism. What ever happened to the good old days when you’d meet someone in real life and ask them out on a date?

To avoid confusion, Gen Z includes anyone born between the year 2000 and today (although the cut-off between Gen Y and Z is arguably between 1994-2000 – we chose 2000 as it closely marks Gen Y with an 18 year span, similar to Gen X). Gen Z are often referred to as Zoomers (due to the growth in boomer-like right wing views in that generation in particular) or (for those born in the early 2000’s) Zillennials.

Given that Zoomers are currently teenagers/young adults, most are apolitical. Apolitical Zoomers typically watch porn on a regular basis. Pornography hinders the brain to release the same endorphins used in sexual intercourse. Due to radical views held by third wave feminists and existing family laws that heavily benefit the female, young men have been scared away from relationships. Young women are now taught by third wave feminism that men are dominating and unfeeling, including such theories like ‘rape culture’ – the idea that every man has the urge to rape.

Many Zoomers are left with the conclusion that relationships are pointless and harmful. Why bother commit to a relationship where your partner is a self absorbed ass when you can be on your own, spend money only on yourself, play video games uninterrupted and watch porn? To state the obvious, when future generations are not bothering with relationships then how will the gene pool continue?

Professor Kerry Cronin from Boston College has offered five dating tips for Zoomers amid her class that asks students to try out an old-school date:

Interestingly, Cronin’s class isn’t one of those pointless courses where middle aged teachers try and fail to engage with the youth – like . Instead, Cronin’s dating assignment is part of a course studying the Great Books and Western Culture:

One of her goals, Dr. Cronin says, is to help students examine the best way for a person to live, drawing upon the greatest thinkers of history – Socrates, Aristotle, Machiavelli and the like – as well as their own lives. She wants to teach them social courage: understanding the parameters of their comfort zone, why they are what they are, and how to push through them. She has required the dating assignment for a number of years but says the current cohort of students is particularly in need of the lessons. As it is, she says, many members of Gen Z are opting out of dating altogether. (WSJ)

So what is this bombshell advice that helps terrified students get out of their comfort zone and do this odd thing we once knew as dating? To be honest, it’s quite straightforward:

Ask for a date in person
Make sure the other person knows it’s a date
Keep it quiet – don’t publish the news on every social media channel
Keep it short – don’t drag the date on for hours
Limit physical interaction

The last point is important. This allows for emotional intimacy for when a couple is truly in love with each other. Sadly, Tinder culture leads to obsession over sex appeal and performance. For example, a female might ask on the first encounter on Tinder how large her match’s penis is or how well he performs in bed. On the other hand, a male may ask a female for some sexual images etc… If sex is the only thing holding you and your partner together then the relationship is destined to fail.

In conclusion, porn is for people who have no hope. It should not be for the average teenager/young adult. Go find someone who you can properly relate to. If you love him/her and the feeling is mutual then enjoy the beautiful sex you’ll be having for a long time to come. However, don’t be afraid to take your time to figure the other person out – even if it takes months to do so.

By Damien Taylor

4 Reasons Why Trump Will Win 2020

It’s been three years since Trump won the presidency of the United States. These three years have been quite entertaining for the political observer  with punches & counter punches of Trump vs the Democratic party. Sometimes Trump had to fight his own party. His campaign went through a long investigation by Mueller and came out clean. He was on constant warfare with the mainstream media which tried very hard vilify Trump and his administration through various false claims and negative coverage while downplaying his good work.

With 2020 election ever approaching more & more Democratic candidates are throwing their hat in the ring to face Trump. We at Goldfire Media think that Trump would win the 2020 election and with a better margin than 2016. These are the reasons why:

Trump’s Economic Performance

Trump had achieved more in his 3 years than many presidents in 2 terms. According to the latest statistics unemployment fell to 3.6%, the lowest in 49 years! Unemployment for African-Americans fell to 5.9% , the lowest on record. Veteran’s unemployment is in the lowest in 20 years. More than 2.5 million new jobs were created. Consumer confidence is at an all time high. Almost 3.9 million Americans were lifted off from food stamps. GDP is growing at a 3% plus rate. He got USA out of the disastrous NAFTA deal & the Paris Climate Agreement which had cost millions of American Jobs. The National Federation of Independent Business(NFIB) revealed that Small Business Optimism Index broke a 35 year record high in August 2018. More than 6 million Americans received tax cuts bonuses & benefits. All these a just a few of Trump’s economic achievements.

Democratic Presidential Candidates

Right. Now to the fun part. Nothing makes Trump supporters more happy than a look at the potential democratic candidates gearing up to face Trump. When Trump got elected in 2016, a lot of democrats grumbled about old white men dominating the politics in the US. So they got the perfect solution to the problem: older white men. Both the gold medalist in Grope Olympics Joe Biden & Bernie “Climate Change is Racist” Sanders are both older than Trump and they are leading the pack. Kamala Harris, the great MS-13 defender is playing the customary woman card this time along with Elizabeth Warren, the first fake Native American presidential candidate. And Beto O’ Rourke. Okay, lets be honest here Beto isn’t winning anything. Except maybe a Ping- Pong tournament. A Ping-Pong tournament with a 5 year old kid. A blindfolded 5 year old kid. A blindfolded 5 year old kid with one leg.  Most of mainstream media has all these candidates with a good lead on Trump in their “polls” which means Trump will absolutely mop the floor with whoever wins the nomination. And bodyslam Beto into oblivion.

The Antics of the Left

On November 6th 2016 the entire liberal left collectively lost it’s marbles when Trump won and started blaming everything from Russian hackers, Wikileaks to voter suppression rather than their own inept candidate. Many thought then that the left moderate themselves and move more to centre after the drubbing they took but surprise! The left went even more insane to point of extremism. Trump supporters were attacked in restaurants and streets. Beverages were poured on them. They were blocked from giving speeches on campuses. They are being banned from social media, they were censored. The Democratic party went from being the party of the middleclass American to the party of the extreme left-wing nutjobs with 569 pronouns outraged at the mere existence of conservatives all the while being confused of which bathroom to use. Many traditional democrats were & still are being shocked by the direction their party is going are leaving the party in droves. The BLEXIT movement saw a significant exodus of African-Americans into the conservative family. Once the party of JFK, the Democratic party now became the party of the likes of Ilhan “ Somebody” Omar and AOC, the dancing socialist, people who openly expressed their hatred for the American way of life. From calling to impeach a president for something he was cleared of to getting offended by George Washington paintings in the freaking University of GEORGE WASHINGTON the left stooped so low that they struck oil.  More & more Americans are moving away from the left and their regressive hate filled politics. All of this bodes well for Trump and the Republican party.

The Abortion Issue

2996. That’s the number of 9/11 victims on that fateful day. That’s also the number of babies aborted each day in the USA. That is 120 babies per hour.  1 baby aborted every 30 seconds. By the time you finish reading this article almost 3 babies will be aborted. Think of that. A 9/11 everyday. Instead the victims will be the most vulnerable and defenceless Americans of all. In New York, more black babies are aborted than born. All under the name of “choice” and “rights”. Ever since Planned Parenthood was caught selling baby parts the Pro-life brigade took up the fight a notch higher.  More Americans are waking up to the horrors of abortion. Still, the Democratic party stands staunchly with their stance on this issue. Shockingly, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris who is against death penalty for MS-13 gang murderers has no problem with abortion. This is also the stance of most of the Democratic candidates. Trump secured a huge win for Pro-life supporters by appointing 2 conservative judges for the supreme court. Many Pro-life Americans see this issue as one of the strongest issues to vote for and Trump delivered. He is the most Pro-life president in a decade. We can be pretty sure that this ever increasing number of Pro-life voters would be strongly voting for Trump come 2020.

All said and done it looks like Trump is set for huge win in 2020 unless the democrats unleash a virus that makes the frogs gay and make every American vote blue. Other than that MAGA is going stay still 2024. And when that does eventually happen, remember you heard it first from GFM.

By Asish Samson

FACEBOOK: Goldfire Media Page Blacklisted, Damien Taylor Banned For ‘Nudity’ and GFM Website Deemed ‘Spam’

It is anyone’s guess that Facebook doesn’t like our website very much. But why is there such harsh censorship over a website of our size?

Facebook has altered their algorithms to not include posts by Goldfire Media on our followers’ timelines. On a post made a few days back, a recent article took 11 hours to reach 1/12000th of our audience. The page had not been unpublished during this time.

Call this a sales technique for Facebook – forcing us to pay Facebook to advertise our page – or call it censorship over predominantly right wing pages.

Reports have come in that links from are being censored on Facebook altogether. The reader may receive a warning that they are about to enter a ‘spam’ site.

Founder of Goldfire Media, Damien Taylor, was banned for ‘nudity’ in a recent post. The meme was mocking the bad pickup lines of an Indian through Facebook Messenger – where Taylor captioned ‘Bobs and vagana’. The Facebook community standards were not broken, especially not on the grounds of nudity. No nudes or revealing photos were posted by Mr Taylor.

No appeal could be sent and Mr Taylor is now serving a 30 day ban. The ban will be present on the day of the local UK elections in May, where the 19 year old openly-bisexual Ukipper and political commentator is cast away from his political following on both his personal account and Goldfire Media. Mr Taylor had been campaigning for and promoting UKIP candidates in the upcoming local elections.

By Harry Goldsmith

Goldfire Media Is Facing HEAVY Censorship – PSA From Damien Taylor

Hi Patriots,

Censorship has been a big thing for us ever since late 2017, when you had organisations (like the Anti-Defamation League, Hope Not Hate etc…) declaring war on free speech and censoring platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It goes without saying that we are not anti-Semitic or in any way collectively discriminant against anyone. However our content and content creators are under heavy fire.

Within the last 24 hours – one of our popular community pages (The West Is The Best – which scored over 10,000 followers on Facebook within 6 months of existing) was permanently taken down without good reason. Moments afterwards, Juan Bibiano (our head of marketing, graphic designer, artist and a frequent writer for GFM) was banned permanently with no appeal. No reason was given by Facebook for either of these bans.

Goldfire Media’s main page has been shadowbanned indefinitely. Our reach barely scrapes 1% of our page audience.

I was banned on my profile 2 weeks ago for making fun of a racist black woman, who was calling all white people unconditionally racist. I’m no stranger to being banned from Facebook myself so I’ve pretty much gotten used to it but it’s getting to the point where we are being removed and heavily censored for no reason.

Another example of Facebook’s rampant censorship against us was when Harry Goldsmith was banned for a post he made YEARS ago when he asked his Facebook friends if they wanted to play video games with him. That is how low the bar is, the ban lasted 30 days.

Now I’m not going to pretend that censorship is only happening for us, it’s happening for the majority of outspoken conservatives across all major platforms. They came for Alex Jones, they’re coming after growing alternative media outlets us, then they will be coming after you.

And we should probably let the left wingers know they they’ll be coming for you next. It can just take one slip and then you fall into the category of ‘hate speech’, all because you misgendered someone or told a rude joke. This isn’t really about us, this is about all of you – we are just in the way.

As the managing director and editor-in-chief of Goldfire Media, I’m here to assure you that we aren’t going anywhere.

Get on Gab, it’s our next destination if Facebook steps up its game and bans us completely.

-Damien Taylor

WATCH: ‘Gingers Have Souls’ Coppercab Wants To Fight Gavin McInnes

Coppercab (Michael Kittrell) has stated on Twitter that he wishes to engage in a boxing match against conservative political commentator and founder of the Proud Boys fraternity (#POYB) Gavin McInnes. Coppercab had risen to fame originally in January 2010 with his viral video titled ‘Gingers Have Souls’ where he criticizes adult cartoon show South Park over an episode where they mock red headed people. 9 years later, he is now an ‘outspoken transgender feminist’.

‘You think you can run from me?! I earned this fight! I deserve a fight with you, Gavin, a proper fight! I’ve been growing my beard, I’ve been shaving my dome, I’ve been getting dome! *grabs crotch* I want it, Gavin.’

Coppercab has challenged McInnes to a boxing match in New York (McInnes’s home town)

Coppercab has taken up boxing and going to the gym in the last year, as well as signing up to WWE in hopes of becoming a wrestling superstar. CopperCab had also received criticism from martial artist, Tara LaRosa, where she pointed out flaws in his stamina – causing a new feud where Coppercab claims he can beat up the pro MMA fighter and Gavin McInnes on the same day.

Gavin McInnes is yet to give a response, despite having said that he would win in a fight against Coppercab.

The ongoing feud between Coppercab and McInnes began in February 2016 where Coppercab appeared on The Gavin McInnes show, where McInnes proceeded to roast Coppercab on his involuntary celibacy and his appearance – including his obesity. Coppercab then became a regular guest on the show, due to the success of his first appearance. The feud had gotten so rampant that one video was taken off YouTube and put onto Pornhub and other 18+ sites because the duo exposed their anuses on camera.

In 2017 Coppercab came out as transgender on the show, going by the name Çlaire Cab. Despite never completely transitioning, Coppercab still identifies as female – stating that gender is determined by how someone feels on the inside.

Coppercab’s last major interview on The Gavin McInnes Show was in July 2017 where he mocked Trump supporters and got an internet prostitute (E-thot) to slap herself for him to prove to McInnes that he was no longer an Incel and that he can act manly (despite identifying as a woman).

Many spectate that Michael Kittrell is an actor who created Coppercab in order to ultimately ‘troll the world’. Infowars Paul Joseph Watson mentions that he is a good friend of Kittrell and that he was ‘in on the joke’ when Watson feuded with Coppercab in February 2016. On the other hand, The Sun and other media outlets dare not question whether Coppercab is genuine or not, as they were very quick to defend him when McInnes roasted him when he became Claire Cab.

By Damien Taylor

30 Things White Liberals Need To Stop Doing In 2019

So it’s finally 2019. We are one week into this year already and we bet you haven’t followed through with any of your New Years Resolutions. We at Buzzfe… um I mean… Goldfire Media want to tell all white liberals what they could do better in 2019.

1. Stop making articles where you collectively demonise an entire race whilst claiming to be anti racist. You may be a white liberal who does none of the below. You may feel a little misjudged by this article. Well in that case, stop calling all conservatives and white people racist.

2. Understand that being anti white creates more white supremacists. For whatever reason you have for being anti white, you are ultimately making it not ok to be white. It’s textbook racism when the BBC makes job advertisements saying that white people need not apply. This is the stuff that can create white supremacists within poor white communities where minors can feel left out – especially in countries where ‘refugees’ (whom 98% of which are men 18-40) can receive free housing and large cheques each month.

3. Stop acting like you own minority groups. Just because your gay black neighbour voted for a right wing party doesn’t mean he’s an Uncle Tom. He has every right to disagree with your politics.

4. Explain your beliefs, don’t force them. Have you ever met a salesman who bullied you into buying a car? Has he said that you are literally Hitler for not driving the car he’s selling you? It doesn’t happen. You cannot sell your idea by calling the person you’re selling it to a Nazi.

5. Stop calling everyone Nazis. When you call a Trump supporter a ‘Nazi white supremacist bigot’ then it actually makes people who actually hold white supremacist beliefs look harmless. People will then start identifying them with Trump supporters. Try shouting in the faces of a white supremacist group, you’re going to get badly hurt.

6. Stop throwing temper tantrums in public. It’s embarrassing for you and it really doesn’t help your case in political arguments.

7. Stop trying to overturn democratic elections because you didn’t like the results. The best examples of this would be the 2016 US election and Brexit. You cannot live in a democracy and have second elections.

8. If you live in the US, Trump is your president. If you don’t like it, leave. Or maybe offer alternative working solutions to the country’s problems but a certain level of IQ is needed to do that.

9. Stop being so ignorant over Brexit. If you are a white liberal from the UK, you are probably supporting the politicians who are looking to undermine Brexit because ‘it’s controlled by the elite’. If this was true then why are the elite trying to bring Brexit down? And why are you siding with Tony Blair? – This brings us to our next point.

10. Being pro war. Why are you white liberals suddenly so excited to go to war with Syria? You guys used to be so anti war and now you actually don’t mind it. Where was the outrage where Obama’s was fuelling 6 different wars and dropping over 20,000 bombs a year on the Middle East? Also you guys forgived war criminal’s like Tony Blair, George W Bush and John McCain very easily when you took their side because they also hated Trump.

11. Stop almost destroying the world by almost starting WWIII all the time. I don’t just mean nearly electing Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, I mean Hollywood too. Do you remember Seth Rogen’s film ‘The Interview’? If you don’t recall then the film was about two reporters being sent to North Korea to kill Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un responded in real life by threatening to bomb every cinema in the US that shows that movie. The movie went straight to DVD, Hollywood essentially risked the wellbeing of the American people by releasing that film. Ironically enough, Seth Rogen was extremely critical of President Trump by tweeting that he was going to start WWIII.

12. Old people are not ruining your future. When your grandparents vote for a right wing party, it’s not because they are a bunch of racist 1950’s throwbacks. Today’s old people have either witnessed war or have had parents or loved ones directly involved in war, whether it was WWII or Vietnam or one of the lesser known wars of that time.

13. The army has a very strict code when it comes to who can serve. Please do not try to bully the army into accepting mentally unstable people, this makes the army less efficient and lowers army protocol.

14. Stop calling yourself woke because you have a vague understanding what socialism is and how you’d like to bring it back.

15. Being between the ages of 18-35 does not mean your generation is owed something. Life is hard for everyone, just be grateful you have the first world opportunities you have and make the best of it.

16. Reading tons of books about Socialism and Marxism doesn’t make you smart, it just means you’ve heavily revised one side of the argument. You’re still going to get destroyed in a debate because you haven’t revised the other side of the argument.

17. Stop watching CNN, MSNBC and other fake news sources. If you hate the elite so much, why do you watch their news networks? Project Veritas proved CNN to be completely fake, when even their employees admit their Trump/Russia narrative was completely made up.

18. Stop thinking Trump can be impeached. You’ve already tried that and you failed. Also why do you guys think Robert Mueller is going to lock Trump away? Mueller is never going to put Trump in prison, I don’t know how you guys came to that conclusion. He’s been digging for 2 years now and he’s found absolutely nothing.

19. Stop obsessing over the gender pay gap. It’s illegal in the first world to pay someone less for the same amount of work because of their gender. Do the slightest bit of research and you’ll figure this out.

20. Stop taking all your news and opinions from celebrities. Celebrities are paid to go on chat shows and talk about race and hate and the political climate like they’re the experts.

21. Neck beards. Just stop it. It’s disgusting. The wirey pubic hair growing out of your neck folds doesn’t make you look older or more distinguished, it makes you look like someone who doesn’t know how to shave.

22. Soya products. Ever wondered why you have manboobs and why you act so effeminate? To those who aren’t leftists, leftists love soy products. Soy products contain a high amount of oestrogen, which is a female hormone. This has been proven to make men act more like women. This includes effeminate behaviour, higher pitch voice, very low testosterone levels, female hormonal growth (like manboobs) and an extremely emotional state of mind. 

23. Extremely skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are ok to some extent, but the skinny jeans you white liberal men wear are ball-crushing. Please choose something less destructive (and preferably more masculine too – which brings us to our next point).

24. Stop saying there are more than 2 genders. You cannot change biology.

25. Stop ruining films and TV shows. People go to watch movies and TV to get away from politics, not to listen to your virtue signalling.

26. Stop sharing posts and articles from Buzzfeed. If only you could see how much of a tool you are, you would stop. Nobody cares if you happen to like the vegan dish Buzzfeed prepared online.

27. Drop phrases like ‘I cannot even’, ‘this is so me’, ‘literally shaking’, ‘slayyyyy queeeen’, ‘OMG YASS’, ‘Who hurt you sweetie?’ , ‘OMG it is [insert current year] and you are this bigoted?’ and unironically calling the person you are debating ‘honey bun’ or ‘sweetie’. 

28. Being politically correct. If a comedian makes a joke over minorities, it is always the white liberals who get offended the most. Minority communities do not need white liberals to speak for them. So stop getting offended so easily, nobody cares.

29. Giving empathy to those who don’t deserve it. White liberals love to defend MS-13 and the Islamic state. Are you just too stupid to see how dangerous these people are or do you just want the western world to be cleansed of white people?

30. Your self hatred. There’s nobody who white liberals hate more than white people. Also the white guilt and self hatred of the white liberals are also fuelled by the fact that deep down they know they live pathetic lives. More people than ever are on anti depressants, and those people are mostly liberals. It’s amazing how you can be the establishment and want to kill yourself.

If you enjoyed this article, please share with your liberal friends. If you are a white liberal and you hated this article, please write a complaint letter and put it in the bin – I’m sure I’ll receive it.

By Damien Taylor

Sadiq Khan Isn’t Tackling Childhood Obesity, He’s Actually Making It Worse

What exactly are the London Mayor’s priorities when it comes to tackling London’s major social and economical issues? Is it to stop knife crime and acid attacks? Is it to catch online peedophiles and sex traffickers? Is it to infiltrate not only radical mosques but all radical religious gatherings? (But let’s be honest, it’s almost always mosques). No. It’s to stop your child from becoming a fatass.

To state the obvious, if someone is clinically obese then they are at serious medical risk of having a heart attack or a stroke – let alone having to live with diabetes and/or high blood sugar. Obesity is bad! According to a study, the rate of men and women that die every year due to obesity closely contends with those who die due to smoking related illnesses. According to another study in the US, more people have died from obesity than smoking. Even simply being overweight contributed over a million deaths last year in the UK. So is obesity a big deal? Yes, by all means it’s a huge deal. But Sadiq Khan is doing anything but helping the epidemic.

Khan’s solution to childhood obesity is to take down fast food ads from the London Underground, make pizzas smaller, pack less biscuits in a pack of digestives (and blame Brexit whilst you’re at it), sugar tax fizzy drinks, ban milkshakes and ban TV advertisements that promote junk food. Nobody can tell for sure whether Khan is genuinely looking out for obese children or trying to create a distraction over the rise in crime in London. The reason this is questionable is because none of Sadiq Khan’s strategies actually work. Let’s start with consumerism.

When it comes to selling to children, they may not be the direct customer but simply just the consumer who indirectly receives the product. This is why most companies try and have their products aimed at the parents, considering they are normally the ones who make the payments when it comes to food, clothing and other essentials. So really, Sadiq Khan should be looking to advertise healthy living to the parents, instead of moving all McDonalds TV advertisements past 9pm. Same goes for making food smaller, anyone who is addicted to sugar will notice and just buy 2 products instead of one to make up for the size. Now they could considerably be taking in more calories. Also don’t forget those who prepare their own food at home. Sadiq Khan will never be able to ban that. The argument of sugar taxes were to prevent children drinking full fat cola and introducing a diet/sugar free version instead. The biggest issue with this is that those ‘harmless’ sugar free drinks contain high levels of sweeteners, which are far more liable to cause cancer. A recent study suggests that diet drinks can still make people fat – so well done Mr Khan, kids are now getting cancer and their BMI continues to dramatically ascend higher.

Some good ways to tackle childhood obesity is to tackle fast food with a similar strategy to cigarettes. Put OBESITY KILLS on boxes of Big Macs, start mass informing people and finding new and innovative ways of persuading children to live healthier, encourage parents to lead healthier lifestyles, help poorer communities find cheap ways to eat healthily, treat sugar addiction as a real condition, make fat shaming just as tolerable and acceptable in society as smoker shaming, hold healthy body sizes and realistic beauty standards in high esteem, shame lazy parents for not feeding their children healthily and so on. All of the above would work to some degree, but Sadiq Khan has a mindset where he feels the need to control people and assume that people listen to him regardless. Does he mean to have that mindset? Does he have any hidden agendas? It is up for debate.

By Damien Taylor

Behold! : School for Social Justice Warriors, Teaches White Guilt, Body Love, Polygamy and… Magic!

We at Goldfire Media have in the past written about Everyday Feminism,  a feminist website popular among social justice warriors and mentally ill people to express their views. (mostly they overlap). But recently Everyday Feminism has started its own online courses to spread its virus views online. Called The School for Social Justice, they offer online class on multiple subjects and imagined oppression.



One look at the courses they offer online is enough for us to gauge the depth to which the average social justice warrior has sunk in their own imaginary bubble of utopia and madness. Keeping the reader’s mental health in mind as well as my own we have just tried to show you few glimpses in the courses offered in this bastion of social justice.



Healing from Internalized Whiteness!


Taught by the founder of Everyday Feminism, Sandra Kim, herself (who isn’t white) this course is apparently for white people to come to grips with their inner “Whiteness” and “White Privilege”. Because as she writes: “Privilege means that you don’t know what you don’t know.Very Impressive isn’t it? And maintaining her penchant for making absolutely no sense, she further explains that: People often don’t realize everyone (both white people and People of Color!) has internalized white supremacy to a certain degree — because it’s the air we breathe. That’s right. White Supremacy is in the air this Christmas season. She asks some profound questions that every white person should ask themselves like :

How can I make sure I don’t accidentally say something racist – when I don’t know what’s racist and what’s not?
How can I know what to do without burdening a person of color to educate me – but still somehow follow their leadership?
How do I know when speaking up against racism ends up speaking over people of color?
What do I do when I realize I’ve been unconsciously stereotyping and judging people of color?
What do I do with my guilt around having white privilege?


She finishes off saying that white people need to heal from their “unconscious attachment to whiteness” and her hope that white people can “can reconnect to your humanity outside of whiteness and co-create an anti-oppressive community of care and consent around yourself.”

This is followed by some of the “testimonials” from people who took the course all claiming they were freed of the deadly disease called “Whiteness”.

The Body Love Course


Taught by “acclaimed author” and “Fat Studies Scholar”, Virgie Tovar, this course will teach you how to “radical new relationship with your body so you can stop waiting and start living”. Maybe for the next 4 or 5 years, because this course is aimed mostly at morbidly obese people with a body fat percentage of above 40% looking to justify their bodies and protect themselves from harsh glare of fat phobic society. The teacher should know all about it because she is one of the “victims”.


For who can criticise such an elegant and gorgeous whalewoman. She was previously the author of the great academic & literary masterpiece You Have The Right To Remain Fat and has previously taught Female Sexuality at University of California at Berkeley (Of course). Some of the testimonials for her book are equally crazy. One writes : she shares every bit of her humanity, right down to her feelings about her own nipple color, without missing a beat on sharp critiques of the systems that oppress her. Her clear descriptions of anti-fat bias and the social construction that is “diet culture,” make it difficult to disagree with her main point: you are not the problem, society is the problem”. Because in a world where the leading cause of death is heart disease fat people need to feel good about their bodies. We know its dangerous but hey! You gotta eat cake!

“Ethical” Non-Monogamy 101


This course is specially designed for SJW couples and other healthy families looking to take part in “ethical” polygamy to “heal” their relationships through this course. Most of the details for this course are murky and filled with words like “intersectional non-monogamy” and “compassion and equality” among others. The teacher of this course is TraciMedeiros-Bagan who uses the pronouns She/They and is “atherapist and life coach with a sliding scale practice in Orange County, CA, working largely with LGBTQ Folks, Kink-Identified Individuals, Ethically Non-Monogamous Couples and Families, and Sex Worker and Adult Industry Communities. Committed to embodied feminist healing, they often speak and write on the intersections of identity, shame, social stigma, inclusive sex positivity and radical self-care.”  That makes perfect sense because the only thing you need when your relationships are in trouble are Transsexual Kinky Life Coaches and a new excuse to cheat. Right?


Astrology/Tarot Cards

To give a perfect example on what type of  people take these courses and also as an insight to what these people actually believe in, the website also provides courses in Astrology and Tarot Cards with tags like “Unlock your Inner Magic” and “ Know your Natal Chart”. Taught by professional healers and stand up comedians this course give you intimate details of your life based on the movement of planets like how “ Digging into your natal horoscope (a two-dimensional map of the sky at the moment of your birth) can both affirm what you’ve always known about yourself and reveal aspects of your personality that remain a mystery.Yes, the reason why your life sucks is because Venus had a bad day when you were born and now this course is going to correct that. With our own charts in hand, we’ll move them through the signs and discover what these planets want us to do to take care of ourselves in the deepest, most fulfilling ways!” The Planets always want us to take care of ourselves right? Isn’t that why they are there for?

These are just a few of the online courses offered by them that we chose to highlight. There are other courses titled “ Practical Decolonization” , “ Feminist Parenting during Trump Era” & “ Surviving Capitalism” among other gems. All for the prices starting from 35$ to 300$. We honestly don’t know whether they just offer these courses for the money or if they truly believe in them. Whatever the reason the SJW rabbit hole goes far deeper than what we initially thought. Instead of bringing people together, these course divide people indoctrinating in them a deep seated hatred for any opposing views and facts and only nurtures the bubble these people already live in.

By Asish Samson

CNN is OPENLY RACIST Against Kanye West, Stunning New Low For Fake News Media

CNN has been in disfavor with many lately for being called a “Fake News” website. Now they are openly using racial remarks against those who oppose their agenda. President Trump and Kanye West’s Lunch stirred up a firestorm of confusion with the left, wondering how a black person support President Trump. Their reasoning to this was referring to him as a “something that happens when negros don’t read”.

The panel consisted with Anchor Don Lemon and his guests Bakari Sellers, Tara Setmayer, and Scott Jennings. During the discussion, an uncomfortable and shocked Scott Jennings sat listening to the rest of the three laughing at these remarks. Tara Setmayer also was seen mocking his health, referencing that “No one should be taking Kanye West seriously, he clearly has issues, he’s already been hospitalized”.

This is not the first time race is the left’s only focus. This time, CNN was very clear and open about race being an important concept when pertaining to an individual. This leftist watchdog media group, who claim they view race as a meaningless phenomenon, just had their true thoughts of race revealed when the panel stated, “Black folks will trade Kanye West in the racial draft”, and that he is now “the token Negro of the Trump Administration”.

By Mike Jakob Klusa


Shootings In Chicago Continue To Rise, Once Case Leaves Toddler Killed In Crossfire

Chicago is known to have some of the worse gun violence in the United States, with many crimes leading to fatalities of innocent bystanders. Saturday night, several fatal shootings broke out leaving two dead in total, an 18-year-old man, and a two-year-old boy and 3 others wounded. This is what a typical Chicago weekend entails, a city that has one of the highest murder rates in the country.

The shooting of the two-year-old happened as the toddler, identified as Julien Gonzales was accompanied by an 18-year-old man. They were standing near an ally on North Kilbourn Avenue as shots came in from the end of the Street. The Gonzales, was struck in the neck and was pronounced dead at 11:39 P.M. at Stroger Hospital, while the 18-year-old man was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center where his condition for a left leg gunshot wound has been stabilized.

Another shooting led to an 18-year-old high school senior of Butler College Prep, dead on Saturday evening. At approximately 8 P.M., shots were fired at a vigil James Garret, along with others, attended for a 25-year-old woman, whom Garret knew from the neighborhood. The vigil honored the 25-year-old, who was killed in an auto crash on Friday. Now, Garret also received a vigil in his memory from his peers at Butler College Prep. The shooting happened as an argument at the vigil resulted in a man and woman drawing firearms and firing into the crowd.

Garret was running towards safety and was shot in the back. He was promptly transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead within the hour.

Two others were wounded during the vigil, a 20-year-old woman and a 48-year-old man. The 20-year-old was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center for a gunshot wound to the right arm, while the 48-year-old was also transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center for a gunshot wound to the arm. At this time, neither are in critical condition and are expected to survive.

By Mike Jakub Klusa



Chicago’s Gun Control Laws Are Useless, Gun Crime STILL Soaring And Nobody Is Talking About It

Chicago’s inner city and suburbs have been known for their excessive violence, with reaching numbers so high it’s been nicknamed Chi-Raq, due to the homicide rate and deteriorating environment being compared to the streets of Iraq.

The City of Chicago has been known to, while having some of the highest crime rates in the United States, have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. With criminals being the ones to have the only simple, untraceable access to obtaining firearms, the general population of the area owns few weapons. Lawful citizens do not purchase illegal firearms because should one be discovered, or it is used in self-defence, the individual can be charged with illegal firearm possession. This leads to black market firearms being more accessible to citizens and criminals alike, than legal traceable firearms. This is mostly due to low socioeconomic status rendering them unable to process all the necessary documentation, and the considerably high amount of taxes the County charges for the paperwork, firearm purchases, and ammunition purchases. Families and lawful individuals, as a result, are unable to defend themselves from violence caused by those who possess illegal weapons.

As of September 25th, 2018, there have been 418 homicides in the city during the year 2018. It seems politicians who are trying to heavily restrict the right to legally possess a firearm, have not caught onto the fact that according to a study conducted by the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, the average number of inmates that illegally obtained firearms used in crimes reached on average 79% in the most gun restrictive areas such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

The issue is that while most firearms used in crimes are illegally acquired, people who try to use firearms to defend themselves and their families are faced with a dilemma. Owning a firearm legally is difficult for the low-income families due to heavy restrictions that make it difficult for someone of a lower economic standing to purchase a weapon. They can sacrifice a substantial amount of their income to be able to protect their homes, or be unarmed and put themselves at risk. Unfortunately, most are unable to do so, and criminals are aware of this. Unarmed victims must hope for a rapid response time from police, which due to the high volume of crime, is rarely the case.

The average police response time in Chicago can take up to 6.1 minutes, which compared to other cities, is significantly longer and can be detrimental to the subject calling for emergency services. Areas of the United States, where firearms have been more accessible, especially in States like Texas and Arizona, have seen a drastically lower crime rate due to armed citizens having the capability to defend their lives, property, and families, contrasted to Chicago, where lawful citizens cannot do the same, the results can be seen as the homicide toll piles up.

By Mike Klusa and Damien Taylor

‘Giant Baby Sadiq Khan Balloon’ Fundraiser Hits INCREDIBLE AMOUNT! – Set To Fly Over Westminster On Trump’s UK Visit

The people of Great Britain have united to gather funds to fly a giant ‘Sadiq Khan baby’ inflatable to protest the massive rise in crime under his tenure as Mayor of London. The balloon is also a counter response to Khan permitting a giant ‘Donald Trump baby’ inflatable that is set to fly across Westminster. Now we are going to have 2 giant inflatable babies flying across London on the day that the US President meets the Queen just because the left cannot acknowledge that the right exists, a national embarrassment to say the least…

The fundraiser has hit (as of the 8th of July 2018) an astonishing £33,305! This balloon may have high expectations to trump the Trump balloon. The crowd-funder title is:

“To have a giant size Sadiq Khan, “Baby Khan” balloon fly over London to demonstrate our unhappiness with him as our Mayor of London.”

The description reads:

“In light of the Donald Trump ‘Baby Trump’ ballon being allowed to fly over London during his visit to the U.K., let’s get a ‘baby Khan’ one and see if FREE SPEECH applies to all and whether or not Mr Khan and the London assembly will also approve this.Under Sadiq Khan, we have seen crime skyrocket to unprecedented levels. People in London don’t feel safe and they aren’t safe, 81 murders this year alone! Khan Out.Any surplus money raised/any unneeded money for the project will be donated to a charitable cause to be decided by the majority of you.Of course, transparency of all money will be available.”

Whilst the Mainstream Media is singing their praises to Sadiq Khan over the statement he is making with the Trump balloon, the media has no mention of the Sadiq Khan balloon or any criticism towards him over why he is not liked by most of Great Britain. If there is some breach over allowing a Sadiq Khan balloon to fly across London (but no breach over a Trump balloon) then the bias of the government and the media will be exposed – proving again that freedom of speech is not welcome in Great Britain.

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By Damien Taylor