France: Wealthy liberals complain about refugees settling next door

By Nikos Tsinakis

The saying goes: You reap what you sow.

Residents of an elite liberal upmarket area in Paris city are complaining about “unwanted neighbors” as the city’s communist councilors seek to turn a public park into a refugee shelter. The new refugee shelter is planned to be built in the outskirts of Bois De Boulogne park, the second largest park in Paris, located next to the city’s elite 16th district, which currently hosts the French Open 2018 tennis tournament.

The idea was presented a few years back by communist party councilors and has previously been rejected on grounds of the planned site would be too far away from any public transportation;  Jean-Noël Aqua, a Communist adviser, said: “It would be nice if the whole territory, including the west of Paris, contributes to the effort of welcoming migrant people.”

The mayor of Paris- a socialist

Despite this plan has been placed on the drawing board since 2015, it is now finally coming to fruition, it is not a coincidence that the current refugee settlements in the city are expanding rapidly due to the increase in the “migrant” population, with as many as 550 refugees currently arriving in Paris each week. Such a high number of newly arrived Africans and Middle easterners settling in the city have created an interesting sight- refugee tent camps spiraling out of control. Last week, the Grande Paris Run was even canceled due to a major migrant camp had been established on the route the race was supposed to run through. It becomes obvious that the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo herself must take actions towards land acquisition to ‘de-escalate’ the situation.

Looks like the Mayor of Paris and socialist party member Anne Hidalgo is playing catch up with Sadiq Khan in a race to see who can destroy their formerly prosperous city first.

A vibrant display of diversity- tent city in Paris

The authorities in charge of the luxury district voiced their concerns about these new neighbors moving in, pointing out the possibility of these refugees not adhering to French values which would create conflicts with residents already living in the posh area. Funny enough, these concerns weren’t expressed when “migrants” were settled in other parts of France and Paris, no vocal protest was made until the safety of the elite is in jeopardy.

Several interviews were conducted on the local residents by RT back in 2015, the residents showed mixed opinions as the old ones were concerned about the refugees not being able to integrate while the younger residents demonstrated to be more open and blindly accepting towards the idea. A younger girl said: “We should put ourselves in their perspective and see the challenges they face after escaping their war-torn countries.”

Parisians voted a socialist Mayor in place, now they must face the consequences of frequent terrorist attacks and increase in general violent crimes correlating with the increase in third world migrants.

Paris Knife Attack: ISIS terrorist shot by police

By Nikos Tsinakis

Casualty toll so far: 1 killed and multiple wounded with 2 in critical condition

French media named the attacker as Russian born Muslim and French Citizen Khamzat Asimov. The attack happened about 21:30 local time in the busy central Paris Opéra district.  Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said police were on the scene five minutes after an emergency call and the attacker was killed less than nine minutes later. Among the chaos, brave bystanders managed to fend off the knife attacker from chasing a wounded woman into a restaurant, thus greatly minimized the number of people that could potentially have been killed or maimed as well as buying precious time for the counter-terrorist police units to arrive.


A knifeman has killed one person and wounded four in a suspected terror attack in central Paris, French officials say.

The attacker was then shot dead by police in the Opéra district. Witnesses say they heard him shout “Allah Akbar”.

So-called Islamic State (IS) later said one of its “soldiers” had carried out the attack on Saturday evening.

Judicial sources told French media the attacker was a man born in 1997 in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya.

The sources said his parents had been held for questioning.

Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said the victim of the attack was a 29-year-old man, but gave no further details.”

Regardless of the rapid response executed by the French police, the goal of the terrorist has been successfully accomplished. A bloodthirsty Jihadist rampaging through the streets of central Paris while stabbing passersby for nearly 10 minutes is no doubt another demoralizing strike in the EU heartland and a reminder to Parisians that the grave danger looming over their city ever since the November 2015 truck attacks has not yet dissipated.


One thing is clear: no matter how hard the Mainstream Media and the EU government attempts to shift the blame away from their own incompetence towards “religious extremism” and ISIS, it only provides further evidence to the eventual obliteration of their refugee-friendly narrative – Terrorist attacks absolutely increased in parallel to the number of third world migrants and “refugees” arrived in Europe. The self-professed liberal and French President Emmanuel Macron announced on the day of his inauguration last year that the key to combat terrorism is to work alongside middle eastern and African nations towards the goal of eliminating ISIS. His hypothesis, however, does not seem to be remotely accurate or relevant to the current situation in Europe, where thousands of returning Jihadis and terrorist cells have been running loose despite allegedly being on “watchlists”. This begets the questions; why aren’t European governments doing enough to protect their own citizens? How many more European lives must be sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism and diversity?


The Islamic State has been put on their back foot for years yet there seems to be no reduction in the frequency of terrorist attacks on European soil. The death toll of the terrorist attacks in France in the past three years now adds up to exceeding 230 people.

Although the terrorist has been confirmed to be a Russian born French citizen, it shouldn’t come as a shock to discover his ISIS connection due to his birthplace being the southern Russian republic of Chechnya, an area where Islamic jihadi groups have long been operating in. The 2013 Boston Marathon bombers also happened to come from the same Russian region.