The Real Reality Of Goldfire Media Coming Back

Since the exposé on CNN back in 2017 proving CNN to be fake news, Americans and Europeans started to question the legitimacy of the media. After Project Veritas, the Mainstream Media became a laughing stock. Staff resigned and their ratings plummeted. Because of this, a revolution in alternative media begun. Many new media companies started to emerge all over the western world in order to deliver true and honest reporting.

So where did it all go so wrong for Alt Media?

Two major reasons: Censorship and funding.

Very few alternative media outlets are still active opposed to 2017. If Twitter and Facebook and other media giants can block or censor an organisation at a click of a button then that organisation is almost doomed to bankruptcy.

Nobody wants to sponsor something as ‘racist and evil’ as an organisation that states that modern day feminism is ruining western culture or that multiculturalism doesn’t work – especially the reality that some culture are indeed better than others. This is why Goldfire Media could never get a proper ad deal, which lead us to be a network funded by and for the people.

Now lets get down to the topic at hand, is ex-CEO Damien Taylor ever going to revive Goldfire?

Very unlikely.

Taylor has said that he will not revive Goldfire Media without it being a self sufficient entity.

“The censorship on Facebook has virtually bankrupted us. We had hired some expensive writers at the time, like Emmanuel Matos, and our funding was cut off instantly. I had to pay out of my own pocket for the last 2 months of Goldfire Media’s existence before I realised that the censorship was likely permanent then I decided to shut shop for good. If I were to ever open it again then I would have to have it self sufficient.”
– Damien Taylor’s comments on the closure of Goldfire Media.

Taylor has never asked for funding through his platform, neither has any member of the executive board.

This month marks 2 years since this website was officially launched. To recognise this, this one off unpaid article is being released to inform you of why Goldfire Media has ceased operations. Hopefully this has answered any questions our viewers have.

By Asish Samson

To Wreak Vengeance on the Establishment…

Dear readers,

I started this outlet back when all other alternative outlets were starting, mostly back in 2017. Considering that we have schooled many other alternative news sites (like the late Squawker Media and the outlet-turned-blog Ceccpoint News) we have a lot to be proud of. With our articles individually reaching thousands and thousands of people (sometimes hundreds of thousands!) we have made a clear statement to the establishment.

Due to the mass censorship by Facebook, we are going to have to shut shop – for now…

The plan is that we do a reboot in January 2020, we thought a reboot would be the right choice rather than limping around and releasing less and less content.

This isn’t goodbye, we will be back. This time we will have the money and the people to make an EVEN LARGER impact than ever before – all ready for 2020.

If you could make a donation to our site, or buy something from our store, then that will really help us with the reboot. The reboot will be happening in January so the more donations the more writers!

Thank you for your loyalty and we will see you later.

By Damien Taylor

Protests regarding law that protects Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu from prosecution for corruption

By Penny Hoffmann

Outside a Tel Aviv museum, a pro-democracy protest was held by Israeli opposition leaders.

This protest opposed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent re-election for his fifth term and reportedly accused him of desiring to implement legislation that protects him from prosecution for corruption.

Opposition parties stated that Netanyahu can not continue to be Israel’s prime minister if he is charged for fraud and bribery after he received allegations of corruption.

According to NBC News, on the 28th of February 2019, Netanyahu rejected allegations of corruption:

“The left applied bullish pressure, relentless, i would even say inhuman, on the attorney general in order to make him say that he is considering indicting me pending a hearing even though it’s clear there is nothing, in order to influence the elections, even though he knows this house of cards will collapse after the elections.

“Since the attorney general is just a human, the pressure of the left worked.

“I tell you the citizens of Israel, this house of cards will collapse.

“I am absolutely certain. I am certain of it 4,000 percent.

“I plan on serving you and the state as prime minister for many years.”

According to RT, “He stands accused of possible crimes against humanity because a UN independent commission has ruled that his UK armed soldiers used live ammunition to fire on 6,000 unarmed protesters without justification”.

In the UN commission of inquiry into 2018 protests, Chair Santiago Canton stated that “the commission has found reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli Security Forces committed serious violations of human rights of international humanitarian law.”

Netanyahu’s corruption allegations include:

Case 1000 Indictment

Netanyahu was accused of receiving nearly $200,000 worth of gifts, reportedly mainly boxes of cigars for “his personal use”, from wealthy businessmen in exchange for favors.

He also reportedly received bottles of champagne for his wife.

Two of these businessmen include owner of Consolidated Press Holdings Limited Australian James Packer and Israeli film producer Arnon Milchan.

Case 2000 Indictment

Netanyahu was accused of conspiring to get more news coverage in his favor by collaborating with Arnon “Noni” Mozes, the publisher of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, in exchange for weaker legislation for the newspaper to beat a competing newspaper.

Attorney general Avichai Mandelblit stated the following, according to i24NEWS English:

“Even though you did not request and did not accept the proposal, you did not reject Moses’ proposal, but you continued to lead the matter, promoting the legislation, including ideas you raised during the election period, even though you did not intend to advance the legislation.”

Case 4000 Indictment

Case 4000 is another indictment that regards Netanyahu desiring more media coverage that is in his favor.

It is alleged that Netanyahu reportedly conspired to get “regulatory benefits for Shaul Elovich, owner of Bezeq Telecommunications Company, in exchange for favourable news coverage on his website”, according to i24NEWS English.

According to attorney general Avichai Mandelblit, “in essence, a “give and take” relationship was established between Elovich and Netanyahu:

“On the one hand, Elovich slanted the coverage in Walla to Netanyahu, in an irregular manner, so it will benefit him and companies under his control, including Bezeq, and on the other hand, Netanyahu, using his governmental and executive power in the regulatory field, to benefit Bezeq.”



Opinion: UKIP Isn’t High Energy Enough To Win Anything Anymore

As a member of UKIP, I’d like nothing more than to see UKIP succeed in all future elections. Unfortunately however, they are doing very badly at the polls in the European Election – not to mention a massive drop in the local elections last month.

The difference between UKIP and the Brexit Party is that UKIP stands for more than just Brexit. With UKIP being the only major party with proper right wing policies, such as limiting immigration and questioning the legitimacy of refugees, there are many reasons why UKIP is still relevant post Brexit.

My theory is that UKIP needs to be completely rebranded and rebuilt from the ground up. A good start would be new logos and banners, which could even be done by supporters. This includes more memes too, meme power is very real guys!

UKIP cannot be memorable just for having Nigel Farage as a leader, now that Farage has started the Brexit Party (which without a doubt will die as soon as Brexit is delivered). Farage’s most liked trait is that he his charismatic and that he makes a strong and passionate argument when debating against establishment left wingers. I predict that the Brexit Party will make massive gains this election, followed by the Liberal Democrats, and that UKIP Leader Gerard Batten will lose his seat. I hope I am wrong but this is what I see happening.

Despite my liking for Gerard Batten, Gerard Batten does not compare to Donald Trump or Nigel Farage in the means of charisma or salesmanship. In other words, I have never seen a Gerard Batten Pepe on 4chan. Although to be completely fair, both Trump and Farage are very wealthy men and they were able to self fund their campaigns – which could be a judgable quality for the next elected UKIP leader.

By Damien Taylor

UKIP Logo Artwork, Feel Free To Steal:

Go Zuck Yourself Facebook! President Trump Makes a Move Against Big Tech Censorship

The White House has launched a tool that allows social media users to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The White House website states:

“Too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies. No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump.”

Last month, President Trump met with Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter representatives said that the meeting was supposed to focus on what the platform was doing to aid the opioid epidemic and discuss the health of the platform. The conversation later steered into the topic of Big Tech censorship and President Trump’s Twitter account – along with suspicions that Trump was losing followers due to users being banned or censored.

Other members of the Trump family, like Don Jr., have also voiced concern of the deplatforming of right-wing activists. In a tweet last month, President Trump’s eldest son wrote “The purposeful & calculated silencing of conservatives on Facebook & the rest of the Big Tech monopoly men should terrify everyone,” after Facebook announced that it planned to ban Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannapoulos and other right wing social-political commentators.

As Trump has talked about Big Tech censorship on his Twitter, this is the first act he has taken towards the censorship.

By Damien Taylor

Australian Labor Party’s “extreme abortion plans this election”

By Penny Hoffmann

According to Ten News Australia, the Australian Labor Party has recently pushed for uniformed pregnancy termination laws, and billions of dollars of Commonwealth cash could be withheld from the states in an attempt to make it easier for women to access publicly funded abortions.

According to The Guardian, “In March, Labor pledged to work towards full decriminalization of abortion, open a reproductive health clinic to offer terminations in Tasmania, and require public hospitals to provide termination services”.

ABC News reported that Federal Labor is promising commonwealth funding for a Tasmanian abortion clinic and is using commonwealth funding to pressure all states and territories to make abortions more readily available in public hospitals.

ABC News also stated that the Tasmanian Government has agreed with a women’s health centre to “provide low-cost abortions”:

“In November, the Government revealed it had come to an agreement with Hampton Park Women’s Health Centre to provide low-cost abortions.

“The state had been without a low-cost service for nearly a year, after the previous private provider pulled out of the state because of a lack of demand.

“Despite the November announcement, Hampton Park Women’s Health Centre still has not begun offering services in Tasmania because the earmarked Hobart building needs work before it will be suitable for the clinic.”

Jo Flanagan from Women’s Health Australia stated that it was a confusing process for Tasmanian women to get abortions and outlined what the women’s health centre wanted to change about it:

“Our main concern is that women get access to the service, whether it’s done by a Tasmanian doctor or a Victorian doctor is of less concern to us.

“But what we ideally would want from any provider is a clear map for GPs, [saying] ‘this is what you tell women, this is where they go, this is the number to ring’, and we don’t even have that at the moment.”

Queensland’s Labor government announced on July 16th 2018 that it would introduce laws that decriminalize abortion in Queensland.

Deputy Premier for QLD Jackie Trad, MP for Griffith Terri Butler and Labor candidate for Dickson Ali France featured in a group photo with other protesters that held up signs stating “Labor for Choice” and “My Body My Choice”:


Both Jackie Trad and Terri Butler are members of Emily’s List, a political action committee based in the United States that advocates for pro-choice democratic females to enter into office:


Cherish Life Queensland (CLQ) reportedly aims to “educate the community on life issues, advocate (lobby all levels of government on life and death issues) and resource the community”.

According to its website, the group, formerly known as “Queensland Right to Life”, began as a reaction to American life issues, and is the first pro-life group in Australia and has spread to other states.

CLQ claims that it is not politically aligned with any party; it reaches out to anyone who will or will not listen in an attempt to promote being pro-life.

The Guardian reported the following:

The executive director of Cherish Life, Teeshan Johnson, has advertised her support for the Liberal party with an “I stand with Scott [Morrison]” filter on her Facebook profile.

Cherish Life has posted speeches from Liberal senator Amanda Stoker on its Facebook page, and Liberal National party MP George Christensen has addressed events, including the March for Life in September.

The real question for this matter is whether Teeshan Johnson and Cherish Life supported the liberal party in those instances because the Liberal Party is more likely to be pro-life, or whether both supported the Liberal party in those instances because both support more of the Liberal Party’s works.

Gen Z Doomed To Be A Sex Deprived Generation, Thanks Feminists…

In 2019, we have a generation addicted to porn and scared out of relationships due to third wave feminism. What ever happened to the good old days when you’d meet someone in real life and ask them out on a date?

To avoid confusion, Gen Z includes anyone born between the year 2000 and today (although the cut-off between Gen Y and Z is arguably between 1994-2000 – we chose 2000 as it closely marks Gen Y with an 18 year span, similar to Gen X). Gen Z are often referred to as Zoomers (due to the growth in boomer-like right wing views in that generation in particular) or (for those born in the early 2000’s) Zillennials.

Given that Zoomers are currently teenagers/young adults, most are apolitical. Apolitical Zoomers typically watch porn on a regular basis. Pornography hinders the brain to release the same endorphins used in sexual intercourse. Due to radical views held by third wave feminists and existing family laws that heavily benefit the female, young men have been scared away from relationships. Young women are now taught by third wave feminism that men are dominating and unfeeling, including such theories like ‘rape culture’ – the idea that every man has the urge to rape.

Many Zoomers are left with the conclusion that relationships are pointless and harmful. Why bother commit to a relationship where your partner is a self absorbed ass when you can be on your own, spend money only on yourself, play video games uninterrupted and watch porn? To state the obvious, when future generations are not bothering with relationships then how will the gene pool continue?

Professor Kerry Cronin from Boston College has offered five dating tips for Zoomers amid her class that asks students to try out an old-school date:

Interestingly, Cronin’s class isn’t one of those pointless courses where middle aged teachers try and fail to engage with the youth – like . Instead, Cronin’s dating assignment is part of a course studying the Great Books and Western Culture:

One of her goals, Dr. Cronin says, is to help students examine the best way for a person to live, drawing upon the greatest thinkers of history – Socrates, Aristotle, Machiavelli and the like – as well as their own lives. She wants to teach them social courage: understanding the parameters of their comfort zone, why they are what they are, and how to push through them. She has required the dating assignment for a number of years but says the current cohort of students is particularly in need of the lessons. As it is, she says, many members of Gen Z are opting out of dating altogether. (WSJ)

So what is this bombshell advice that helps terrified students get out of their comfort zone and do this odd thing we once knew as dating? To be honest, it’s quite straightforward:

Ask for a date in person
Make sure the other person knows it’s a date
Keep it quiet – don’t publish the news on every social media channel
Keep it short – don’t drag the date on for hours
Limit physical interaction

The last point is important. This allows for emotional intimacy for when a couple is truly in love with each other. Sadly, Tinder culture leads to obsession over sex appeal and performance. For example, a female might ask on the first encounter on Tinder how large her match’s penis is or how well he performs in bed. On the other hand, a male may ask a female for some sexual images etc… If sex is the only thing holding you and your partner together then the relationship is destined to fail.

In conclusion, porn is for people who have no hope. It should not be for the average teenager/young adult. Go find someone who you can properly relate to. If you love him/her and the feeling is mutual then enjoy the beautiful sex you’ll be having for a long time to come. However, don’t be afraid to take your time to figure the other person out – even if it takes months to do so.

By Damien Taylor

Aussie man who drove down emus with ute sentenced to 42 days of prison

20-year-old Jacob McDonald, from Pinnaroo, South Australia, was tracked down by Australian police and the RSPCA last year after a video of him driving down emus at speeds greater than 120km/h went viral.

At first, there was a “nationwide manhunt” to find the man in the video. Then, McDonald appeared in court on the 9th of this month and was sentenced to 42 days in prison.

Some of the offences he was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, torment to animals, and killing protected wildlife. Ten emus were killed.

“You received pleasure from inflicting pain on defenseless animals,” said magistrate Michael King as he handed down MacDonald’s sentence.

MacDonald told The Daily Mail that the emus are quite destructive:

“I could show you some photos of the destruction the emus make down here. We’ve been in drought. We’re literally growing crops on about four inches of rain.”

“You’ve got these animals coming in and making a mess. Te reason there is so many on the road is because they’re looking for something to eat. And there’s nothing.”

“They’re just that poorly, they need to be put down.

“Here is what the RSPCA doesn’t understand, they go on about cruelty, they should come out here and have a look at the state of these animals … they’re not doing anything for them.”

According to Daily Mail, “Mr Macdonald cited a difficult period in his life, particularly over the four months before his crime, when he had a relationship breakdown with an ex-girlfriend. However, he insisted he wasn’t intending to be cruel to the native birds.”

Daily Mail also reported that, according to his ex-girlfriend who originally revealed that he was the man behind the video, he’s the “type to go hunting”:

‘He’s the type to go hunting, he grew up that way but this is just atrocious. I was shocked and speechless… angry mostly,’ she said.

After his identity was revealed, MacDonald apologised for his actions to the media:

“I realize now it was the wrong thing to do. I’ve never put an animal through suffering before. I know what I did wrong.”

By Penny Hoffmann

Conservative Party Tells Theresa May: Just Go!

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has come under increasing pressure from her own party to resign, following her mishandling of Brexit.

Government ministers are currently holding talks with senior Labour Party members in a bid to thrash out a Brexit deal which would secure the support of MPs across the house, thus cutting out the need for Mrs May to rely on the support of Brexiteer Conservative MPs.

However, the move has angered the pro-Brexit right wing of her party, who have intensified their calls for her to set a clear leaving date.

Mrs May is due to attend a meeting of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative MPs this evening, at which the need to set a clear date is likely to be put to her. Sir Graham Brady, chair of the Committee, has already requested “clarity” on her departure.

Leading Eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash told the Press Association: “The time has come for her to resign. She needs to be given a date. The sooner the better. But it needs to be done in an orderly manner.”

Mrs May had previously pledged to quit if her Withdrawal Deal gains majority support in Parliament, but with the deadline for Brexit now pushed back to October, it is not clear what plans she has to go if the deal is not passed.

A landslide loss of council seats by the Conservative Party at last week’s local elections has further ratcheted up pressure on Mrs May. Party bosses were quietly touting a figure of 1000 losses as their nightmare scenario – but on the night they shed in excess of 1,300 seats.

The party is expecting similar losses in the upcoming European elections, due to be held on May 23rd. Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, treasurer of the 1922 Committee, has insisted Mrs May announce a “road map” for her resignation following the European elections.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage told the Press Association: “I’m amazed she is still there.”

Meanwhile, grassroots Conservatives are planning to vote on a motion of no-confidence in Mrs May on June 15th.

Members of the National Conservative Convention will be asked to vote on a motion stating that “we no longer feel that Mrs May is the right person to continue as Prime Minister to lead us forward in the negotiations” and “therefore with great reluctance ask that she considers her position and resigns”, Conservative Home has reported.

Aussie Liberal Party Candidate Kicked After “Extreme” Anti-Muslim Comment On Trump Post

Australian Federal police were asked to investigate the authenticity of social media posts reportedly made by now former Liberal party candidate Jessica Whelan in the comments section of a Donald Trump post.jess.PNG

Whelan denied she was behind the comments, saying her account was hacked and the content was digitally altered.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is popularly known as “Scomo”, issued the following statement to ABC news:

“The imagery that we have found that has been presented to us appears to have been doctored, and so what Jessica has done, this matter has been referred to the Australian Federal Police, and so that is a matter that will be… it is being referred i should say, to the police, and this is a matter that will be subject to an investigation.”

On May 3rd, reported on Scomo’s “embarrassment” from backing Ms Whelan. Mr Morrison stated that the comments from her account do not represent the views of the Liberal party:

Journalist: Was the problem that her comments actually represent the views of some in the party. Her mistake was just putting it on social media?

PM: Her views were her views and they do not represent the views of the party I lead and they do not represent the views of the Liberal Party. These views were not disclosed to the Liberal Party at the time of her nomination, that was confirmed last night.

Journalist: They were aware yesterday?

PM: No, they weren’t, the information in front of us yesterday was not the information that we were able to receive overnight.

Journalist: Have you been lied to?

PM: Yes.

The Australian reports that the former Tasmanian candidate for Lyons has stated that she has received death threats toward her and her children from the social media scandal:

“I have been receiving threats to the level I could never have imagined. Phone calls, voicemails, messages and emails have made those close to me startled and afraid. These have included messages to kill my children and myself.

“It saddens me that people who put their hand up to represent the people of Australia are subjected to such vicious personal attacks from their opposition, born directly from their fear of losing.”

Whelan will run as an independent, though she will still be listed as a liberal party candidate on the ballot paper.

She has told The Examiner newspaper that “there’s a good chance” she will work with the Liberal party again:

“I have put in so much effort and I feel free of the Liberals to defend myself … If I’m elected, there’s a good chance I will work with the Liberal Party. I resigned because I knew I had to for the party, but I can now defend myself.”

Ms Whelan has stated that she does not want to be seen as a Pauline Hanson, meaning that Whelan likes multiculturalism in Australia.

Melbourne Labor party candidate Luke Creasey has also resigned after making offensive comments online, namely rape jokes, as well as lesbian and Catholic jokes.

“While I made those awful comments many years ago and they in no way reflect the views I hold today, I understand, especially as a member of the LGBTIQ community, that we need to be careful about what we share or like on social media.”

The following is a meme that was shared on Mr Creasey’s Facebook account in 2012. The school he worked at as a food technology teacher has stated that he was not employed when he shared the content.

Labor Party opposition leader Bill Shorten said Creasey’s circumstances are different to those of Ms Whelan’s:

“This Jessica Whelan, she said what she believes now, and it reflects on what she believes now,” Mr Shorten said of the then-candidate for the Tasmanian seat of Lyons, who has since resigned.

“What our fellow said, he said it seven years ago, when he was 22, and he’s clearly regretted and apologised for it.”

By Penny Hoffmann

4 Reasons Why Trump Will Win 2020

It’s been three years since Trump won the presidency of the United States. These three years have been quite entertaining for the political observer  with punches & counter punches of Trump vs the Democratic party. Sometimes Trump had to fight his own party. His campaign went through a long investigation by Mueller and came out clean. He was on constant warfare with the mainstream media which tried very hard vilify Trump and his administration through various false claims and negative coverage while downplaying his good work.

With 2020 election ever approaching more & more Democratic candidates are throwing their hat in the ring to face Trump. We at Goldfire Media think that Trump would win the 2020 election and with a better margin than 2016. These are the reasons why:

Trump’s Economic Performance

Trump had achieved more in his 3 years than many presidents in 2 terms. According to the latest statistics unemployment fell to 3.6%, the lowest in 49 years! Unemployment for African-Americans fell to 5.9% , the lowest on record. Veteran’s unemployment is in the lowest in 20 years. More than 2.5 million new jobs were created. Consumer confidence is at an all time high. Almost 3.9 million Americans were lifted off from food stamps. GDP is growing at a 3% plus rate. He got USA out of the disastrous NAFTA deal & the Paris Climate Agreement which had cost millions of American Jobs. The National Federation of Independent Business(NFIB) revealed that Small Business Optimism Index broke a 35 year record high in August 2018. More than 6 million Americans received tax cuts bonuses & benefits. All these a just a few of Trump’s economic achievements.

Democratic Presidential Candidates

Right. Now to the fun part. Nothing makes Trump supporters more happy than a look at the potential democratic candidates gearing up to face Trump. When Trump got elected in 2016, a lot of democrats grumbled about old white men dominating the politics in the US. So they got the perfect solution to the problem: older white men. Both the gold medalist in Grope Olympics Joe Biden & Bernie “Climate Change is Racist” Sanders are both older than Trump and they are leading the pack. Kamala Harris, the great MS-13 defender is playing the customary woman card this time along with Elizabeth Warren, the first fake Native American presidential candidate. And Beto O’ Rourke. Okay, lets be honest here Beto isn’t winning anything. Except maybe a Ping- Pong tournament. A Ping-Pong tournament with a 5 year old kid. A blindfolded 5 year old kid. A blindfolded 5 year old kid with one leg.  Most of mainstream media has all these candidates with a good lead on Trump in their “polls” which means Trump will absolutely mop the floor with whoever wins the nomination. And bodyslam Beto into oblivion.

The Antics of the Left

On November 6th 2016 the entire liberal left collectively lost it’s marbles when Trump won and started blaming everything from Russian hackers, Wikileaks to voter suppression rather than their own inept candidate. Many thought then that the left moderate themselves and move more to centre after the drubbing they took but surprise! The left went even more insane to point of extremism. Trump supporters were attacked in restaurants and streets. Beverages were poured on them. They were blocked from giving speeches on campuses. They are being banned from social media, they were censored. The Democratic party went from being the party of the middleclass American to the party of the extreme left-wing nutjobs with 569 pronouns outraged at the mere existence of conservatives all the while being confused of which bathroom to use. Many traditional democrats were & still are being shocked by the direction their party is going are leaving the party in droves. The BLEXIT movement saw a significant exodus of African-Americans into the conservative family. Once the party of JFK, the Democratic party now became the party of the likes of Ilhan “ Somebody” Omar and AOC, the dancing socialist, people who openly expressed their hatred for the American way of life. From calling to impeach a president for something he was cleared of to getting offended by George Washington paintings in the freaking University of GEORGE WASHINGTON the left stooped so low that they struck oil.  More & more Americans are moving away from the left and their regressive hate filled politics. All of this bodes well for Trump and the Republican party.

The Abortion Issue

2996. That’s the number of 9/11 victims on that fateful day. That’s also the number of babies aborted each day in the USA. That is 120 babies per hour.  1 baby aborted every 30 seconds. By the time you finish reading this article almost 3 babies will be aborted. Think of that. A 9/11 everyday. Instead the victims will be the most vulnerable and defenceless Americans of all. In New York, more black babies are aborted than born. All under the name of “choice” and “rights”. Ever since Planned Parenthood was caught selling baby parts the Pro-life brigade took up the fight a notch higher.  More Americans are waking up to the horrors of abortion. Still, the Democratic party stands staunchly with their stance on this issue. Shockingly, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris who is against death penalty for MS-13 gang murderers has no problem with abortion. This is also the stance of most of the Democratic candidates. Trump secured a huge win for Pro-life supporters by appointing 2 conservative judges for the supreme court. Many Pro-life Americans see this issue as one of the strongest issues to vote for and Trump delivered. He is the most Pro-life president in a decade. We can be pretty sure that this ever increasing number of Pro-life voters would be strongly voting for Trump come 2020.

All said and done it looks like Trump is set for huge win in 2020 unless the democrats unleash a virus that makes the frogs gay and make every American vote blue. Other than that MAGA is going stay still 2024. And when that does eventually happen, remember you heard it first from GFM.

By Asish Samson

Trans’Woman’ breaks natural-woman’s skull as Transgenders continue to dominate women’s sports

Women have had to fight several battles in society all through out history to be where they are today in America. To be a women who works hard, provides, and is an amazing mother is well applauded in our current society. A women who wins awards and opens doors for the women of the future is something I think we can all be proud about. Society has long since progressed from the time where women still couldn’t vote and because of those who stood up and fought for change, the women of the 20th century are doing great. It’s fair to say that women hold so much importance in all our lives, what they add to our world is irreplaceable. I’m happy to see that today women can have leagues and lanes of their own to dominate and succeed in without worry, specifically I’m referring to sports and anything that requires clear separation of a women and man.

Yes, a women could very well become a construction worker but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s man who will dominate in that lane simply because the way a man’s body is created. You cannot change biology and it is proven hundreds of times over that the capacity of a man’s strength will always surpass the capacity of a women’s strength. This doesn’t mean that women are better than men or men are better than women, it simply means that we were created differently and we are different. I believe it’s important to understand that the body of a man is very different from the body of a women, especially when we’re talking about sports.

For as a long as women began to compete in sports like weight lifting, baseball, basketball, track, or even participate in the Olympics it was clear that women and men were to be separated. This has been the case for several years and because of that women have earned countless awards, medals, and have broken world records in their respected fields. Men have also done the same against other men in their respected fields. Unfortunately it seems like women won’t be succeeding or winning in sports any longer if nothing is done about the rising problem. Men who claim to be born in the wrong body and are now Identifying as a women are wrestling, running, swimming, and out-sporting women in all fields. Not only are they destroying women sport but they’re robbing medals, awards, and world records that women have acquired through sheer talent and hard work.

Example, Mary Gregory who only recently came out as transgender celebrated a huge win on an Instagram post after breaking multiple records previously held by women in just one day.

“What a day, 9 for 9! Masters world squat record, open world bench record, masters world dl record, and masters world total record! Still processing, full meet recap to come a bit later but I do want to thank a few people,” Gregory wrote on Instagram.

“As a transgender lifter I was unsure what to expect going into this meet and everyone — all the spotters, loaders, referees, staff, meet director, all made me welcome and treated me as just another female lifter.”

Gregory is having a good day but I wonder how those women who trained weekly, competed for years, and worked hard to break those records feel right now. Imagine waking up to find out that a Man who just recently became a Transgender women came and swooped up all their hard work in one single day, that really must suck. It’s okay though let’s continue to rob women of sports and their hard work because the world want’s to ignore biology and facts in the name of inclusion. Not everyone was feeling inclusive over Gregory’s wins, Former British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies, who won a Silver Medal in the 1980 Summer Olympics was not happy at all. “Male body with male physiology” and that a “woman with female biology cannot compete. It’s a pointless, unfair playing field” said Sharron.

Gregory isn’t the only one and professional competition isn’t the only fields that this is taken place in if that’s what you were thinking. Young women in high school are also facing these issues as the problem has trickled itself down to College and High school Sports. At the State Championships for Girls two Transgender high school sophomores Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood came in first and second place, in the 100-meter race winning the top prizes at the State Open Finals June 4th. Currently there are 17 states which allow transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions, according to Transathlete. Fallon Fox one of the most known transgender female fighters in the world, former MMA fighter, broke the skull of her natural-born women opponent Taika Brents.

Before problems between Natural-born women and Transgender women get even worse I believe its best to give Transgender women their own category. Allowing Natural-born men to compete against women is actually harming women in more ways than just one. Caster Semenya a South African track and field Olympic champion, is one of the women who is clearly dealing with some hardships of her own. Caster was born with a difference in sex development (DSD) which means that she’s a biological woman but naturally has higher levels of testosterone due to her Hyperandrogenism. She just lost an appeal to compete in sport, they told her if she wants to continue competing as a woman, she has to reduce her testosterone levels through therapy. Meanwhile, transgender men can continue to compete and steal opportunities from women no questions asked. The 28-year-old South African, will now need to take medication to reduce her testosterone if she wants to compete internationally at events but Transgender men can simply identify as a women and begin to dominate women sports.

Speaking out against any of this apparently warrants you the title of Trans-phobic and Bigot. Long time LGBTQ activist and lesbian, Martina Navratilova is one of many who are not happy with what’s happening in sports. Truth is, none of this is even remotely inspiring or uplifting for natural-born women at all. Martina wrote on twitter “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women, There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard”. The Tennis legend, continued to voice herself to the Sunday Times of London where she was obviously against Transgenders involvement in sports. A few days later after the article’s publication, Athlete Ally, a New York–based LGBT-rights organization, expelled Navratilova stating that her “recent comments on trans athletes are transphobic, based on a false understanding of science and data, and perpetuate dangerous myths.”

Here’s my opinion on all of this. Just like bathroom laws I believe Transgenders should have their own lane for sports. I don’t want sports to be taken away from anyone just because I don’t agree with. I don’t want bathrooms taken away from anyone, Transgenders should have as many rates as any other human being in society. Although we cannot just simply be ignorant to facts, biology, science, and the un-comfort of others. We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that a women would not feel comfortable using the same bathroom next to a natural-born-man or the fact someone isn’t okay letting their young daughter into a bathroom where Biological Males can also enter freely. This is the same with sports but even to a much higher degree because we’re not just talking about using privacy and using a toilet.

There are obvious biological reasons why its unfair, dangerous, and too confusing to allow Transgender people to simply hop into which ever competitive sport spectrum they feel like. Having a lane to themselves where they could compete against other Transgender male or female opponents is the best decision for all. Let Transgender people break and set their own records as they compete among themselves, it’s not rocket science. Watching women sports get dominated, watching women get beat up in physical sports, and watching all the progress women have made in sports get stripped away by natural-born men is not Empowering. I think women are so special and I believe there is way more to being a women then getting surgery and identifying as one, I hope feminists could back me up with that.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Paramount Pictures Absolutely Ruins Sonic The Hedgehog

Paramount Pictures recently posted their official trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog on YouTube, which became the top trending video.

A Youtube account by the name of Tenebra asked “is this an out of season April Fools joke?”

Another account by the name of Hubert Konopia said, “Gangsta Paradise, what the hell it’s like matching Imagine Dragons with porn”.

Actor Jim Carrey will star as Doctor Eggman.

The live action adventure comedy has certainly ruffled the feathers of at least some of those who grew up playing the blue hedgehog video game franchise. The main reason for this is because Sonic doesn’t properly resemble the older cartoon version of Sonic’s appearance.

sonic 1
This is how Sonic looked in the 1991 “Sonic the Hedgehog” video game.

IGN reviews editor Tom Marks constructed a comparison between Sonic’s original eye style and the newer, more “realistic” style.

New Sonic has, to name a few differences, human-like teeth, more “realistic” fur, and a more human-like brow bone. The producers reportedly desired a more realistic style to help Sonic, a blue, fast, talking hedgehog, fit in to the real world in the movie.

sonic 2.PNG

sonic 3.PNG

In an interview with IGN, producer Tim Miller discussed the eye style difference:

“I don’t think SEGA was entirely happy with the eye decision,” said Miller, “but these sorts of things you go, ‘It’s going to look weird if we don’t do this.’ But everything is a discussion, and that’s kind of the goal, which is to only change what’s necessary and stay true to the rest of it.”

Miller, also a producer of Deadpool, also commented on Sonic’s fur that attempts to mimic the real-world animal:

“That was always Stage 1 of adapting it to what the real world is and what a real animal would be like… It would be weird and it would feel like he was running around nude if he was some sort of otter-like thing. It was always, for us, fur, and we never considered anything different. It’s part of what integrates him into the real world and makes him a real creature.”

Producer Neal Moritz, creator of the Fast and Furious franchise, spoke about Sonic’s shoe style in the movie:

“We looked at every different variation of what shoes he’s worn and we’re trying to pay homage to that and also make it current and present day in what we think a Sonic of today would wear.”

A key question from IGN is whether Sonic’s super speed will still exist, or be erased to be more “realistic”. Sonic’s slogan is “Sonic’s the name, speed’s my game!”

In protest to the different design style, an Australian user by the name of “Gay Gayson” created a petition to “Stop the Making of the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie”. So far, 81 people have signed it.

The movie will be in theaters in November this year.

sonic 4.PNG

By Penny Hoffmann

Obama & Hillary: Call Christians Murdered in Sri Lanka Easter Worshipers

On this years Easter Weekend a Muslim Terrorist Group bombed several locations in Sri Lanka, killing hundreds of people in the process. The story continues to develop but so far Muslim Suicide Bombers took the lives of over 300 and wounded more than 400 after their attacks on three hotels, a housing complex, and three churches. A majority were killed attending church for Easter Sunday Service, Sri Lanka’s Government suspects that the Islamist terror group behind the attacks are called the National Thowfeek Jamaath. Among those killed or injured some happened to be tourists visiting Sri Lanka including Americans. After the attacks many rushed to social media to denounce the attacks against Catholics and Christians in Sri Lanka but Obama, Clinton, and other democrats including those who want to run for our 2020 presidential election refuse to identify the victims as such.

Former President Obama, Hilary Clinton, Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren and other democrats referred to the victims of Sri Lanka this weekend as “Easter Worshipers”. It’s almost as if they couldn’t find that one simple word to describe these “Easter worshipers”… if only their was one word to describe them. Even ABC News and Main Stream media have decided to token the term “Easter Worshipers” just to avoid using the C word that apparently frightens them so much. I mean why is it that even Homeland Security refuses to acknowledge that Christians were murdered?

None of these Democrats have ever had an issue calling attacks on Muslims exactly what it is, an attack on Muslims or Islamophobia. Countless of times have they voiced themselves when it comes to the Islamic community and many times have they came to its defense. Granted, no one deserves this but to ignore the community that this effects by calling them Easter Worshipers really shows you what kind of people they are. There’s never been a time where Hillary or Obama referred to the Muslim community as the “Hijab Worshipers” or the “Ramadan Worshipers”. Why is it that they couldn’t bring themselves to simply say Christians, it was Christians and Catholics who were attacked and have been seeing a huge growth in persecution specifically by Muslim Terrorist groups all around the world. Christians are the highest persecuted Group around the world, but also the most ignored.

I’m not sure about you but as a Christian I find it very disrespectful to call us Easter Worshipers. I and no other Christian worships Easter, we worship Jesus Christ. After all the lives that were lost and all the people who were injured you dare to write a tweet referring to them as Easter Worshipers just to act like you care about Christians? The sad part is, these tweets look almost as if they were all on face-time group chat, one of them said “oh yeah, add Easter Worshipers so we won’t have to mention Christianity” and boom the tweets were formed. It’s just so ironic how all these tweets use the same phrase and say the same exact thing with different structure. You ever “copy” your friends essay but change up a few words, well there it is in these tweets. Democrats, you could try to ignore the fact that Christian persecution is real and its happening almost daily all you want but “Easter Worshipers”…Really… that’s just Shameful. I rather they not have said anything, none of you have ever fought against christian persecution don’t start acting like you care now just because the news is trending.

Honestly though, was there a memo sent out that the world should know about because the statistics behind all of this being accidental.. I’m pretty sure is close to some type of negative number. I guess that the left must believe that this is just another case of, some people who did something, to Easter Worshipers.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Kim Jong-Un Meeting with Vladimir Putin FOR THE FIRST TIME, Kremlin Says

Russian President Vladimir Putin has formally invited North Korean President Kim Jong-Un to a meeting with him in Russia for the first time later this month, according to the Kremlin.

Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov confirmed that an “invitation has been handed over.”

“We are awaiting our North Korean counterparts’ response,” he said. A date for the meeting will be confirmed after the invitation has been accepted by Jong-Un.

September 2018 Russian press reported that plans for a meeting between Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin were accepted by Jong-Un, but that no meeting took place.

The meeting would be the first Russian-DPRK summit in eight years (2011, the year Jong-Un came to power), and third since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“One of the biggest questions remaining is where exactly Kim would meet Putin,” Russian foreign policy analyst Anthony Rinna for the Sino-NK research group said.

According to news companies such as Al Jazeera, “Russia’s Izvestia newspaper cited a diplomatic source on Wednesday as saying the talks would likely be held in Russia‘s far eastern city of Vladivostok, before Putin flies on to an April 26-27 summit in China.”

Translated into English, according to the Russian news company RIA Novosti,  Jong-Un’s manager Kim Jang Sung was spotted allegedly inspecting Vladivostok station:

“FNN news service of the Japanese television company Fuji TV reported that Kim Jang Son, who is considered the manager of the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, was spotted on Wednesday near the railway station in Vladivostok, which may indicate that the head of the North Korean state was preparing for it. On the FNN website, a photograph of Kim Jong Sung was posted near the Vladivostok station, allegedly examining the surroundings for the preparation of Kim Jong Un’s visit.

“They haven’t yet been informed about the reinforcement of the security regime, but they have told everyone that it is necessary to be alert in connection with the imminent arrival of Koreans… We can not confirm, as well as to refute. We have no right to talk about it,” said the deputy head of Vladivostok station.”

By Penny Hoffmann

Hellsong Church: The Apostasy of Hillsong

I remember first hearing about Hillsong only two years ago from a friend who claimed to me that they started going to church, in 2017. The strange part is that this friend would send me pictures and I honestly presumed she was at some sort of nightclub or concert, definitely not a church. I really was shocked and at a loss of words because I’ve never seen a church like this in my life but my friend claimed to like it. By 2019 I assume that even non-religious folk have at least heard whispers of the Mega Church, more so because they keep their foot well buried in celebrities and the entertainment industry. Hillsong is not only a Mega Church but also a Music Group that does extremely well with millions of sold and streamed music world wide. Now all of that may seem great until you realize that you actually want to live for Christ and Hillsong may not be the place to help you succeed in doing that.

History of Hillsong

Hillsong didn’t start off as the Hillsong you know today and it wasn’t even in America or all the places that it’s in today. The Mega Church started out as two separate churches, the ‘Sydney Christian Life Centre’ ran by Frank Houston and the ‘Hills Christian Life Centre’ ran by his son Brian Houston in Australia. They Joined forces in 1983 with a following of 45 worshipers and became the Hillsong Church in the early 90’s. Frank Houston was then removed from the congregation by his son years later when it was discovered that he had molested a 7 year old boy and potentially 9 others. Brian Houston allegedly tried to pay $10,000 in hush money to a man his father sexually abused and was investigated for potentially covering up the crimes of his father. The man who was abused as a child for about 4 years by Frank Houston claims Brian knew about it but for some reason told his church leaders and not the police. Hillsong as well as Brain Houston denied the accusations and the story seems to have died down since. Hillsong continued to succeed in the music world and the music seemed to be the hook that brought many people to congregate at the churches around the world. Hillsong later split from their original denomination in Sydney, Australia and apparently became their own denomination but have associated themselves as being Evangelical or Pentecostal.

How Much Money Does Hillsong Make

Trust me, as I’m typing I can’t wait to get to the part where this should really affect your faith. Right now, it seems appropriate to give you some information and history on this beloved Mega Church in order for you to get a solid sense on what you’re walking into. This is where we jump into money and honestly many won’t think too deep into this but I hope you can follow me here. When you walk into a Hillsong as I stated before, it is not the regular Church environment and that environment definitely costs money. The thing is God didn’t ask the church to prance around as an expensive concert, neither did he call on us to reach people in this way, so lets get something straight-this is not needed. Regardless the Mega Church does an amazing job when it comes to entertainment and music and racks up more than $100 million Dollars per year, they also don’t pay taxes. Majority of the money comes from donations but where does the money go and what does it get used for? Hillsong asks it’s members for 10% of their income and they use their money in 3 specific areas; less than 15% goes towards Charitable missions, 13% in corporate services, and a whopping 40% in Church services which includes paying its pastors and others.

Well, what’s the issue right? I mean if you don’t find something wrong with the fact a tax free ‘church’ makes almost $200 million per year and uses 40% to enrich themselves then that’s fine I guess. All I can say is that while you struggle to pay your bills Hillsong Founder Brian Houston has a net worth of $10 million and other pastors like Carl Lentz has a net worth of $2.5 million. I’m just saying, when millionaires like Co-Founder of Hillsong Bobbie Houston tells me “… I want to encourage you with your giving this morning, because that’s what it’s about. Malachi 3 says, bring the tithe and offering, bring it into the house of God that there might be food in my house. And in context it’s saying when you withhold or draw back you actually rob God, well we don’t rob God because we can’t rob God, but we rob His heart for the earth…” I suddenly don’t feel too comfortable or quick to open my wallet. It’s so cute how they twist God’s word and tell you that you’re robbing his heart for the earth when you don’t give money to fuel their weekly concerts and millionaire pockets. I mean Brian Houston even wrote a book called ‘You need more Money’ in 1999. “And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” Matthew 21:12-13

I Went To Hillsong

Did I forget to mention that I went to Hillsong myself? I heard the strange rumors especially about the money and celebrities but I didn’t want to judge Hillsong until I went for myself. I was already attending my regular local church but one Sunday I decided to grab a friend and we traveled to Hillsong NYC. What shocked me at first was the huge line complimented by the huge security dressed in all black and all the young people like myself in a line the stretched down the block. What was really strange is that we had to get a pat-down by security and had to go through metal detectors just to go to church and praise. When we got inside it was huge and the place filled up quickly, it did indeed feel like a concert but at no point did it feel like a church. There were a few seats but a majority of us were left standing with out a place to sit within the first 15 mins of our arrival. I won’t lie to you, I tried to get into the whole nightclub church vibe and even sung along but I didn’t feel God, I just felt fun. Baskets for donations went around about 4 times, a young man with blonde long hair and hipster clothing preached for 10 mins-15 mins if you include the five he spent talking about money. Suddenly they jumped right back into the music, the people stood, lifted their hands, smiled, and 20 mins later the building was left empty. We basically wen’t to a concert / donation station for 1 hour of the day and felt emptier than the building was as soon as the music stopped. I never wen’t back again and never will, even my friend who by the way isn’t a church goer was remotely impressed by any of it despite trying his best to engage in everything. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the saddest part of that day was the fact pretty much no one had a bible with them especially the younger crowd.

Hillsong’s Music & Entertainment

The most attractive part that catches the eyes of many young people looking for God and honestly captures the attention of smaller churches as well. Where a Hillsong is built you can definitively see their influence even within smaller congregations. If you’d ask me a year ago I’d tell you their music is awesome regardless of the truth behind the church, but not anymore. As my relationship with Jesus Christ continues to grow so does my discernment and so does our understanding of the word of God. Although the music produced by Hillsong can be catchy and audibly pleasing we really have to take a moment to listen to exactly what these songs are saying. I’ve found a majority of songs pumped out by the Mega Church actually don’t support the word of God, the doctrine of Jesus Christ and actually some can be pretty creepy. We have songs like Alive by Hillsong Young and Free that is full of false teachings through out the entire song. Don’t even let me get started on their P.E.A.C.E music video which they cleverly also turned the comments off on Youtube because of backlash for their very suspect imagery.

Can’t stop Hillsong at just music when their entertainment is as bad or even worse. Hillsong is the same church that decided it was a good idea to dress up as Spiderman, Spongebob, and a series of other characters to welcome in the New Year. If you don’t have an issue with Spiderman on the same stage where the word of God is supposed to be preached then maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the naked cow boy they brought on stage as the church cheered and jumped around. What kind of Church that respects God, respects his word, and respects his house treats their pulpit in that manner? I know who, Hillsong the same Church who allowed the most sickest, twisted version of the Crucifixion to play out on stage in front of hundreds of people that’s who.

Ignore the title of the Youtube Video focus on the Actual Easter Special at Hillsong

Hillsong Yearly Conferences & Celebrities

If you didn’t know already, the massive Church holds conferences around the world where thousands show up including our worldly celebrities. As you already may know a bunch of the pastors at Hillsong are not just wealthy but they’re popular with the world too, which doesn’t make sense when Jesus Christ told us the world will hate us because we’re not of it. Regardless of what Christ told us its hard for the world not to love the Church that’s all inclusive, hip, and won’t tell you to die to yourself and pick up your cross. How could the world not love a Church that plays them their favorite Rap and R&B songs from artists like Lil Wayne, Ciara, and encourages them to sing along and dance their way into the Church. New Age Christianity that just speaks about love, prosperity, and the law of attraction- that tells you come as you are but never change and live for Christ is easy to love. The Church that doesn’t correct you and instead brings you celebrities like Justin Bieber who wore an Anti-Christ Marilyn Mason Shirt to one of the conferences is what the world loves.

Carl Lentz

My short lasting relationship with Carl reminds me of a video I attached to this article where he was being filmed by another Christian that had some hard questions for him, which he refused to answer on camera. The same way he tried to silence that man or at least stop him from posting the confrontation publicly is the same way I feel today. Once I learned the truth about Hillsong I wanted to unfollow Carl but for some reason I didn’t, I had faith that he might just be a little lost. Carl began to appear more and more on my news feed with these super long captions on his pictures that were far from the gospel, so I decided to call him out on it. Out of maybe 9 separate comments he actually responded to one and then messaged me about it too. Unlike my other comments on his Instagram page this one called him out for being a false prophet and a fake pastor, clearly he didn’t like that and decided to message me.

“My man… so I saw your comment about me being fake, went to send you a message to ask why the hate, and sure enough, I see this! Def didn’t see it in April. Love to meet you, not sure what I did that would generate that kind of comment, but I’m many things. Fake ain’t one. Holler at me anytime my brother. Peace!” said Carl

The message previous to his was a message I sent to him in April of 2017 letting him know I was going visit his Church and it would be awesome to meet him. After his response that he called “hate” I let him know how I felt and mentioned the word of God to him. He responded back and basically called me Judgmental and that he could judge me too but won’t because he’d like to talk first and find an understanding. He then gave me his number, I didn’t ask for it, and said “I gotta roll! So there is the lifelong invite for coffee and conversation, I look forward to it.”

I said you know what, okay. I texted him and we spoke a few times through text, nothing deep. I sent him some of my work and pretty much that was it, we never met up- he unfollowed me and never responded to my texts again. He did a great job in silencing me and as a christian I gave him the benefit of the doubt and was going to meet up with him to speak on my concerns but instead 2 years later I’m writing this article to let you know who Carl Lentz is as a Pastor because I can’t speak on him as a person. Carl is supposed to be a Pastor called by God but what type of pastor says that anyone can be in a relationship with Jesus Christ not just Christians, last time I checked Muslims don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Lentz says publicly even on huge talk shows like The View that abortion is not a sin, even Ben Shapiro corrected him. I’m not sure about you but last time I checked we don’t perform Baptisms in the bathtubs of NBA players, where he ‘baptized’ Justin Bieber.

Carl claims that Joel Olsteen is a pioneer that paved the way for younger guys like him to be able to do what he’s doing. Joel Olsteen preaches a false doctrine derived from the ‘Law of Attraction’ teachings of theosophy founder Ellana Brovaski. Joel Olsteen with a $50 million net-worth is also most popular for closing his church doors to those affected and left homeless by Hurricane Harvey. He opened the doors after hours of being under fire by social media and running out of excuses even telling people the Church was flood, which clearly wasn’t. This is the man Carl claims is a pioneer and opened the doors for younger guys like him. Carl Lentz even has no problem singing Coolio – Gangsters Paradise lyrics while he preaches the word of God, I wonder if the Holy spirit guides him to do that. He loves paraphrasing and interpreting the word in his own way, he mostly reads from the Message version of the bible which gets A LOT wrong especially Matthew 6:10 which Carl claims is spot on despite the clear Heremetic/Occult teachings.

Brian Houston also claims that Carl Lentz could be the next him or Joel Olsteen, those are some big false teacher shoes to fit into. I mean I guess they’re okay with preaching and also telling the congregation to ask for each others numbers if they’re single. Instead of us being like God, Carl claims “God is like us” he said to Huffington Post Live. Among other little jokes he likes to make he also likes joking about being at Illuminati meetings, not sure what that’s about. When asked about Gay Marriage or Homosexuality he always gives a slick worldly answer, “We have a stance on love and everything else we have conversations” said Carl on Katie. I mean if none of that bothers you I’ve definitely never seen a Pastor go to the bar to drink with his celebrity friends and then strip their clothes off.. must be that New Doctrine.

HELLSONG: What they Actually Believe

The wolf in sheep’s clothing, using Christianity for the kingdom of Satan and not for God. I can’t tell you truly what their end goal is but I can give you the facts so that you could make your own decision for yourself. When it comes to sin Hillsong makes sure to stand their ground on their come as you are message. The problem with that is that they never actually save souls, in fact they claim its not their place to tell anyone how they should live. Hillsong is so strong on their inclusion that they even allow a married Homosexual couple to sing in their Choir, even though this story has been a back and forth hypocritical debate-these are the facts. Don’t misunderstand, we’re not saying that Gay people aren’t welcomed in the Church but they cannot stand and participate on the same stage that’s meant for God this goes for anyone living in sin. Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly understand this as well but have a clear goal to want to change the church.

You can find several people with testimonies about their experiences with the Mega Church, notably one of those persons is Tanya Levin. Tanya wrote a book exposing their love of money, her experience, and how they reacted to her writing a book. Rick Warren who’s part of the church signed a document called ‘Loving God and Neighbor Together’, this document is about unification and agreeing that we are worshiping the same God as Muslims. Even though he backtracked and has a clear hypocritical stance on this, Brian Houston has said this himself. “The Muslim and You, we actually serve the same God.. and of course through history those views have changed greatly..but let’s make sure we view god through the eyes of Jesus” said Brian to his congregation.

One of Hillsong’s foremost worship leaders, Jonathan Douglass wrote a Blog post on Hillsong’s website: “We are about fulfilling our Senior Pastor’s vision (not our own) It is so important that as amazing as our creative ideas might be, if they don’t ultimately line up with what our Senior Pastor and leaders want, then we happily put them aside.The church doesn’t exist to build our worship teams… our worship teams exist to build the Church!!
The problem is that the Church doesn’t exist to fulfill a leader’s “vision,” church exists to glorify God. We even have scandalous Pastors that just makes you wonder, where and how does Hillsong choose pastors like Mark Driscoll?

“The first thing to know about your penis is, that despite the way it may see, it is not your penis. Ultimately, God created you and it is his penis. You are simply borrowing it for a while. While His penis is on loan you must admit that it is sort of just hanging out there very lonely as if it needed a home, sort of like a man wondering the streets looking for a house to live in. Knowing that His penis would need a home, God created a woman to be your wife and when you marry her and look down you will notice that your wife is shaped differently than you and makes a very nice home. Therefore, if you are single you must remember that your penis is homeless and needs a home.”

Hillsong only dropped him after the huge backlash regardless of that fact he’s always had a strange way of preaching, if you even call that preaching. Esther Houston Wife of Joel Houston which is the son of Brian Houston, happens to also be a model but it definitely isn’t for Christ. You can see strange images of her in Egyptian clothing and not the most Modest or christian like photography on her website for yourself. Not only that but as a christian women and wife of a pastor she has no problem encouraging and promoting curse words; she even models in it.

I’m not sure what kind of people these leaders and faces of Hillsong are but I know they’re not followers of Christ that’s for sure. To me its clear they’re lost and confused, its clear they want a watered down, sugar coated and all inclusive religion. It’s clear they love the money and the fame, it’s also evident that the Mega Church is more of a cult than it is a Church. As they cherry pick, twist, and pervert Gods word they hurt the people inside and those being attracted by their music. A congregation full of lost people being lead astray, Luke 21:8, “And He said, “See to it that you are not misled; for many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not go after them.” Everything that looks good isn’t good and Hellsong is undeniably a counterfeit Christianity that’s all about Fame, Fortune and popularity not the Doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Written by Emmanuel Matos