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We Are Hiring!

At this moment we are taking on recruits. If you have an interest in writing and you want to invest yourself then email us! This is how you become a journalist without a degree.

All necessary requirements:
  1. Enthusiasm for politics
  2. 6 Ws writing style (what, when, why…)
  3. Reader of Drudge reports, alternative media articles etc…
  4. An eye for fake news
  5. Must be of legal working age
Preferable skills:
(these are not compulsory but anyone with these skills will be favoured)
  1. Inverted pyramid writing structure
  2. Previous writing experience
  3. Quote sources
  4. An aim of at least 700 words
  5. Hours and hours of free time
  6. A high level of expertise in a certain newsworthy subject (i.e immigration, the economy…)
  7. An ability to do a video report in a professional manner – this skill is very useful here and there are major benefits to this.
How to apply:

If you feel like you are fit for the job, then contact us and let us know you are interested. You will then be sent a digital onscreen interview which you fill out, some answers will be brief and some answers will need to be descriptive. If accepted, you will be put on a trial before you are formally inducted into Goldfire Media. Any previous pieces of work completed for any company can be submitted as well as any additional information that you think will increase your chances of being selected as a writer. If you are successful in your interview then you will be given further instructions in order to get yourself started. You should receive a reply in 3 working days or less.

We encourage people from all walks to apply, even if you lack academic success or experience. We want high-energy and integrity. We like our writers to fit in with our mission and slogan: independent, just and true.

If you think you have what it takes then apply today!

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