Following the devastating attack in Las Vegas, there are still so many unanswered questions relating to the attacker and the victims. The number of deaths are now past 60 and over 500 are wounded, but how could something like this be enabled in the first place without arousing so much suspicion? The police reported that there were 10 guns in the room where presumed mass murderer, Stephen Paddock, was staying in. How did he manage to get them in a hotel room? In fact, it is questionable whether Paddock was the killer or not. Here are a list of questions that still need answering:

  1. How come Paddock wasn’t spotted importing machine guns into his hotel room? Las Vegas is one of the most servailled states in the US and the shooting happened from the hotel window. How come there have been no camera footage released of Paddock, who is 64 years old, taking in large container full of weapons all by himself? It is also questionable how no staff had witnessed him carrying all the weapons up to the hotel room.
  2. Who was the lady who came down to warn everybody? An Asian lady in her middle age reportedly warned concert go-ers that they were going to die tonight. It is rumoured that this lady was travelling with Paddock or knew him personally, however she is yet to be identified.
  3. Where there two shooters? There is footage of a second shooter who was believed to be floor 4. The shooter was shooting at the same time as the man who is believed to be Paddock. There are 3 broken windows in the hotel, 2 broken windows on floor 32 (Paddock’s floor) and one broken window on floor 4. Although this may be edging towards the conspiracy theory zone, there is always a chance the footage was edited in order to raise panic and confusion.
  4. Why has the media released hardly any relevant footage? There have been no efforts to find any camera recordings of Paddock in the hallways or the lobby, which may lead some to believe that there is something the media may be hiding. Also there have been no interviews with any of those who were on the ground during the firing of the automatic weapons from the hotel.
  5. Why is everyone so quick to blame the Second Amendment? Hillary Clinton came out on Twitter to shun the National Rifle Association over the shooting, considering the weapon used was an illegal weapon since machine guns are illegal in almost every state since 1986. A better solution may be banning guns from hotels, especially the hotels that are 40 story buildings that overlook massive crowds of people.
  6.  How come only around 60 people were killed in the assault even though over 500 were potentially hit? Even though one death is too many deaths, a fully automatic belt fed machine gun would have potentially killed anyone it targeted with one hit due to the sheer force of it. The bullet would simply tear through any arteries it hit causing the victim to pass out from the blood loss. The death to injury ratio is roughly 1:9, which means that the statistics of past attacks with the same weapon do not fit. It is rare to survive a full blow from what is either a 240B or Russian PKM, whether the victim is hit in the leg or torso. Also there were 2 windows being shot out of, how could Paddock quickly run from one room to the other with a machine gun at the age of 64?
  7. Was Stephen Paddock even the shooter? It is likely he was but it is not definite. This is because Paddock was found dead in his room after what looked like a suicide. It may be possible he was shot by an unknown assailant or perhaps the said shooter off the 4th floor might have shot him and put the story on him. However the majority of the MSM (like fake news CNN) have ‘confirmed’ that the killer was Stephan Paddock. Paddock’s family and friends claim that this story is false as he would never act violently despite his opinions.
  8. What were the motives of the attack? This question may be the biggest of them all, what has driven the killer to shoot at innocent people at a country festival? The main and most likely theory is that Paddock was a hardcore leftist (as he has been spotted at ANTIFA events and likes various left-wing outlets on Facebook) which lead to Paddock killing the country fans as they are stereotypically white and Conservative. There is no strong evidence to back this, which is also what makes the Las Vegas shooting such a flimsy story.

At this point nothing makes sense and companies like Google are making it very hard for any videos to emerge on the internet perhaps explaining what has happened. There will be further updates as soon as the dots can be connected so the story makes sense for everyone.