Film maker and democrat, Michael Moore, hardly sold any seats during his broadway show. Michael Moore spent the duration of the show criticising President Donald Trump and continued to preach the false narrative of a Trump/Putin collusion in the election last year. There has been no evidence for any collusion so far, apart from claims from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, various online publications and Hillary Clinton – who was the first to make this claim.

Michael Moore’s sales have been slowly decreasing, due to the latest film flops like ‘Where to Invade Next’ and ‘Trumpland’, but the broadway flop is the biggest flop yet. The venue only sold half of the tickets it hoped to sell, broadway barely broke-even that night which is very bad news for the shareholders involved (especially Broadway who is not happy with Michael Moore) as they barely turned over any profit.

Within the show, Moore criticised Trump’s healthcare plan and how he wants to repeal Obamacare. He talked about how Trump is putting those at risk with the repeal of Obamacare, although Trump has shown no indication that he wants to get rid of healthcare altogether. Many critics of Michael Moore at the broadway have argued that if someone cared about their healthcare then they should care about their health – unlike Michael Moore who is morbidly obese.

In conclusion, an audience can only be fed a false narrative for so long before they wake up to it – with more and more truth dumps appearing on the internet then more and more people are realising that they were lied to by the establishment. If Michael Moore wants to become relevant again then he needs to offer a good alternative to simply bashing Trump all the time, Moore should take a stance on the issues that are facing millions of American that have been neglected by their governments and should look for solutions instead of focusing on problems.



Michael Moore wearing a “no surrender” hat – protesting the 2016 election results.