By Kenneth Mansion

Continuing the tradition of sparing turkeys from their fated dinner table demise of President Reagan and subsequently Presidential pardon of President H.W. Bush, President Trump granted freedom to Drumstick along with its companion, Wishbone at the Rose Garden, White House.

P20171121SC-0303 DJT Turkey pardon_0.jpg
Drumstick, this years pardoned turkey

President Trump reassured that Tater and Tot, turkeys pardoned at the last Thanksgiving by President Obama, will not have their pardons revoked. Despite overturning numerous executive orders of his predecessor, he joked, “I’ve been informed by the White House Counsel’s Office that Tater and Tot’s pardons cannot, under any circumstances, be revoked.”

With the life of the fowls secured, the president moved on to specially address and thank the “finest and bravest people in the entire world.” These people, who are considered by Trump to be ‘forgotten’ certainly aren’t forgotten this Thanksgiving, which makes Thanksgiving especially special for them.

“Thanks. Thanks, folks — to the finest and bravest people in the entire world, our great men and women in uniform: the military, law enforcement, first responders. These are incredible people. So, thank you.

President Trump pardoning Drumstick

Many of you are always — and you know your loved ones — and you’re far away, and you spend so much time away. This Thanksgiving, I want each of you to know that we’re forever grateful for the incredible job and for the incredible sacrifices that you and your families make in defense of our nation, our freedom, and our truly great American flag.”

President Trump moved on express gratitude to the American citizens, the “people who care about our communities, raise America’s children, uphold our laws and values, and make this amazing land into our national home.” He encouraged everyone to “renew our bonds of trust, loyalty, and affection between our fellow citizens as members of a proud national family of Americans.”

As the pardoned avians were scheduled to meet and spend the rest of their lives with seniors Tater and Tot at Gobbler’s Retreat, Virgina Tech campus, the president left for his own Thanksgiving retreat in Mar a Lago.