By Kanach Peterson

According to German police a suspicious item was found at a Christmas market in Potsdam, right outside Berlin. The device was said to have contained batteries and wires.
The 40cm by 50cm box was delivered to a pharmacy on the same street as the local Christmas market. According to authorities, the box did contain makeshift explosive devices but have since been defused.

“The suspicion of an improvised explosive device has been confirmed,” police said on Twitter.” Police said on twitter.
Spokesperson Torsten Herbst stated on n-tv that it remains unclear what the device was made of.

Brandenburg Interior Minister Karl-Heinz Schroeter said: “The evaluation and analysis is just beginning now,” he said. “If it was really explosive or if it was a fake or a dummy, we will only know through further investigation.” 

Though reports have come in claiming that a police x-ray scan revealed that the device contained nails, this information has yet to be confirmed as fact.
Germany’s interior ministry stated this week that the risk of an attack on its territory or in Europe is “continuously high”.