Inbreeding or children through blood and genetically close relatives has been present throughout human history. As have its negative effects in the gene pool. The European royal families have practiced inbreeding for centuries causing high numbers of children born with physical and mental retardation that greatly damaged them until they eventually ceased the practice. The Pharaohs of Egypt practiced inbreeding for generations producing children unfit for the throne. But these have things of the past. Except in the Muslim world.

The global Muslim population still practices inbreeding at an alarming rate. Some of the numbers are mind blowing which highlight a very serious problem that damages the Muslim community itself.

Studies indicate that up to 70 percent of marriages in Pakistan are between first cousins! The following are the some statistical numbers from some Arabic countries representing marriages to first cousins-
67% in Saudi Arabia
63% in Sudan
54 % in UAE
45% in Yemen
64% in Kuwait
48% in Libya
64% in Jordan
54% in Qatar
39% in Tunisia
These numbers are taken from the Reproductive Health Journal from 2009.
While Muslims immigrants in the West have lower numbers that is not by much. 55% of Pakistan Immigrants are intermarried! These figures reveal that almost half of the world’s Muslim population are interbred.

Interbreeding leads to severe physical and psychological defects in the offspring. These include Low intelligence, Mental retardation, Physical retardation, Congenital abnormalities, Stillbirth, Infant death, High chance of depression, insanity and lowered social development among others.

According to research, IQ of children born from interrelated marriages when compared to normal marriages is 10 to 16 points lower on average. Social development and speech is also significantly delayed. The risk of mental retardation goes up by 400% in interbreeding! The risk of stillbirth, perinatal death and infant death is doubled in interbreeding. The risk of autosomal recessive disorders like cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy is also significantly increased. The risk of developing mental disorders like depression and Schizophrenia is highly increased according to the studies. These problems also increase the burden on the family, the society and the government as a whole. Special funds are required from the government for special education and treatments of the effected offspring.

All said the people most effected by the evil of inbreeding are Muslims themselves. A significant amount of the UK population suffering from a highly prevalent social and biological problems does no good to any particular group. This potentially puts at risk the future of the next generations and also the non-Muslim society. This problem has to be addressed immediately by the global Muslim community and corrected through education and awareness or else risk a very dark future for the entire religion.