By Asish Samson

Several Democrats have resorted to asking Trump to resign over sexual harassment allegations including Kirsten Gillibrand the democratic senator from New York. They are calling for a special congressional investigation to examine the charges against Trump. The democrats have turned to these allegations after their beloved Russian Collusion seems to be moving day by day away from Trump.

The charges against Trump have first began after the second Presidential debate during which Trump brought Bill Clintons accusers to the debate and the preceding press conference in response to the Access Hollywood tapes being leaked. Since then Trump has consistently denied all the charges against him and even threatened to sue the New York Times for making false accusations against him. The White House responded similarly to the recent allegations saying “ The timing and nature of the allegations speaks volume” of their credibility.

Some of the accusations against Trump are very interesting. Summer Zervos was one of the contestants on the show The Apprentice in the season which aired in 2006. She claimed that Trump assaulted her in 2007 in hotel in 2016 during the Presidential campaign after the second debate. But, several facts raise suspicion on her account. Her own cousin John Barry claimed that Zervos repeatedly spoke positively about Trump during his campaign, her wish to promote his candidacy and about how Trump helped her out in life. She even invited Trump to her restaurant during the primaries, an invitation which Trump declined. The Trump campaign released an Email she sent in April 2016 in which she wished to “reconnect” with Trump. This information casts her allegations which she made a few months later rather suspicious.

The New York Times which interviewed about 50 women about the allegations. Some of the women vehemently denied these allegations defending Trump claiming “ They had never known Trump objectifying women or treat them with disrespect”. Laura Kilirova Chukanov a Bulgarian immigrant and 2009 Miss USA contestant also claimed Trump helped her make connections and helped her with her documentary on her home country. Similarly Jill Martin who works for Trump’s company said that Trump was always supportive of her and her role as a mother. Rowanne Brewer Lane, Trump’s former girlfriend who was featured prominently in the NY Times article blamed the newspaper of taking her words out of context. She said she was “flattered” by Trump not insulted as was claimed by the paper. Mindy Mcgillivray claimed that in 2003 Trump groped her in his Mar-a-Lago estate but Darryl Davidoff who was present at the time said he believed Mcgillivray was lying. “ I do not believed it happened. Nobody saw it happen and she just wanted to be in the limelight.” He stated. Natasha Stoynoff a reporter, claimed that Trump assaulted her in a room in Mar-a-Lago estate until his butler burst into the room. But the former butler Anthony Senecal when question stated the opposite. “ I don’t burst in. I knock and then I go in, usually after someone says ‘come in’” he said. He further stated that the room she claimed the massage room, had windows all over with no privacy which would make the assault impossible.

Regarding the Dressing room violations that Trump allegedly made during Miss World and Miss USA pageants, Of the 15 former contestants that Buzzfeed News interviewed none alleged that Trump had indulged in any improper behaviour or dressing room violations. Of the 51 other contestants most of them doubtful or dismissed the possibility of any violations by Trump.

All these facts along with the timing of allegations conveniently used by the Democrats and overblown importance given by some sections of the mainstream media raises serious doubts on the authenticity of the claims. The Democrats seem to be jumping from one narrative to other each show to be nothing but strawmen built up by the media against Trump who humiliated and outwitted them multiple times since his run for the Presidency began.

The sexual harassment allegations hit a nadir when prominent Hollywood personalities like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Ben Affleck were accused among other celebrities. Several Hollywood figures have repeatedly called out Trump for his “disrespect” to women. These allegations left many of them red faced highlighting their hypocrisy to the harassment in their own profession. Meanwhile Democratic senator Al Franken has resigned after sexual assault allegations against him forced him out.