By Asish Samson

In a very disturbing reports emerging out of the press this week, The Obama administration in its zeal to secure the Iran Nuclear deal has reportedly covered up the illicit drug, weapons trafficking and money laundering operations amounting to billions of dollars by Hezbollah by blocking the investigation of DEA undercover agents. Hezbollah was involved in smuggling Cocaine into the USA while making more than 1 billion dollars a year on this. The top DEA officials were investigating this trade for 8 years with the help of 30 US and foreign agencies using wiretaps, undercover agents and informants under the title Project Cassandra.

But the investigative agency was repeatedly thwarted in its attempts by its own government. When the Project Cassandra operatives sought to investigate and prosecute top Hezbollah operatives it was repeatedly refused by the Obama Justice Department. It also refused to acknowledge Hezbollah as a criminal organisation even though it was using money from the drug trade to support and arm the enemies of the US. The Obama administration also repeatedly blocked initiatives that would have granted the project resources like legal tools, financial support and human resources. In a way the Obama Administration supported and protected an criminal organisation that was harming the US in multiple ways while sabotaging its own interests and agencies to go ahead with a deal that would benefit Iran.

Obama announced the Iran Nuclear Deal to the public in January 2016 which was criticised by many national security experts and the Republican party among others. Within months of the announcement Project Cassandra was shut down. All the top officials of the project were transferred to other assignments and the contracts of others were not renewed by the Department. That was how America voluntarily gave up insight into a massive illicit drug and weapons trade that was funnelling money to its enemies in a suicidal move.

Meanwhile Hezbollah is still actively involved in sabotaging American interests worldwide. They have evolved into an international criminal organisation providing billions of dollars, Nuclear and Chemical weapons to countries and groups that view USA as their sworn enemy and seeking to wipe it out from the globe.

The Obama administration had also at the same time period released Iranians who it claimed were not linked to terrorist activity or violent offenses. But, this turned to be a lie. They released Iranians who were tagged by its own Justice Department as spies, some of them were involved in procuring Nuclear weapons, Satellite hardware and other weapons to Iran.

While Iran released four American hostages then Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that no ransom was paid. Again, this turned out to be a lie. A State Department spokesman later acknowledged that about 1.7 billion worth of cash was secretly airlifted to Iran as ransom. 1.7 billion cash handed to American enemies while Iranian spies were freely released. All this to protect the Iran Nuclear Deal. To cap off the monumental failure Iran began taking hostages again soon after.

To prevent the American public and press from knowing all these the Obama White House set up and echo chamber whose entire job was to promote a false narrative about the deal and speak and write about it positively in the press. Ben Rhodes, a top official in the echo chamber even bragged about in an interview with the New York Times. He said that these so called “experts” were all reading from script which they had been given by the White House. All this information is shocking as it reveals how deviously Obama had tried to undermine and sabotage his own country’s interests and security and the people who had elected him twice to appease Iranians.

President Donald Trump who vowed to crack down on Iran and Hezbollah had contacted the top officials of Project Cassandra in April. But, the damage done by years of political interference has surely watered down the investigative evidence according to top officials. A lot of truths about this scandal have been buried and yet to come to light.