By Asish Samson

The United States of America has called for an emergency UN meeting in light of the sixth consecutive day of protests in Iran. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has urged UN to hold multiple emergency session meetings and has pronounced that “All freedom loving people must stand with their cause.” She also urged the International community not to do the same mistake they made in 2009 by not offering any support.

The Iranian protests has taken a very violent turn with 21 people killed in the last five days alone. The protests initially began in response to the severe economic stagnation and eventually grew into large scale protests against government corruptions, rise in food prices, individual freedoms and the fundamentalist culture in general. Around 450 people were arrested in the first three days of protests.

Nikki Haley has called for meetings both in New York and the Human Rights Council in Geneva. After the Iranian government blocked social media to its citizens, Haley read out slogans from the Iranian protestors to the audience. Haley also said that US would not take any unilateral actions in this regard. She also rejected all claims by the Iranian government that the protests were orchestrated by their “enemies”. She also said that more similar “outrageous abuses” would be made in the days to come.

US President Donald Trump had also made his stance very clear on Iranian protests. In a series of tweets Trump slammed the government of Iran while praising the protests. He also gave a warning that claimed that the US was watching Iran closely. Trump also attacked Barrack Obama, his predecessor over his response to the 2009 Iran protests. Obama had remained very silent during those protests not offering any indication of where the US stood. Trump, in star contrast almost immediately pledged his support.

Under Secretary of State Steve Goldstein has revealed that the US government was in touch with the people of Iran through Facebook and Twitter in the Farsi language which could be accessed by VPN. He also urged the tech companies to keep their sites available in Iran.

The US State Department was also in constant touch with its European counterparts to discuss strategy. All in all the US this time is committed to do all it can to support the people of Iran in any ways possible while also maintaining a non-interventionist attitude.