By Steven Martin Kensington

United States – One year having passed since Starbucks announced their plan of hiring thousands of refugees as a reaction to Trump’s immigration ban from seven Islamic countries, Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schulz seems to finally have understood the seriousness of the issue, as his company lost 24% of its brand value.

Schultz will be replaced as CEO for the company this month.

This has been the result of Conservative withdrawal from the business over the past year, showing that as a business, Starbucks can’t get easily away with such political partisanship.

Consequently, Starbucks announced this Wednesday to greatly expand their veteran hiring program. So far, they’ve hired over ten thousand veterans and their wives, but with this program they plan to increase it to 25000.

That is certainly something which will please Conservatives, but the customer will have the final word on whether they will return to shopping there or not.