By Asish Samson

US President Donald Trump’s support among black Americans or African Americans has significantly doubled since 2016 according to polling from several sources. His 8 percent approval rating taken from 2016 exit polls average has doubled in 2017 to 17 percent. About 23 percent of black men approved of Trump’s performance as opposed to 11 percent black women.

This comes at a time when it was revealed recently that the unemployment numbers among African Americans was at a 44 year record low. On January 13th the New York Times reported that unemployment among blacks was 6.8 percent. Another CBS poll even opined that Trump’s support among blacks could be even higher or it would eventually grow.

There are many factors for these approval numbers but, the biggest of which has to be Trump’s economic policies followed by his stance on immigration. For example, he withdrew USA from the Trans Pacific Partnership which allowed large corporations hire imported Asian immigrants for cheap labour to maximize profit while ignoring American workers. Trump’s tax cuts bill also gave a much needed huge boost to the American labour with many corporations declaring bonuses and hike in wages during December. Many African Americans also benefited from Trump’s strict stance on illegal immigration which caused a huge dent in available jobs.

All this is ironic since most of the mainstream media and the Democratic party have always tried to paint Trump as a racist or white supremacist since the day he chose to run for office. Many members of the democratic party including Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi have repeatedly accused Trump of hateful rhetoric against blacks and other coloured people in general even though Trump had not used any language that he previously had not used while attacking white persons. These democrats accuse Trump of closet racism while they themselves have repeatedly targeted whites particularly based on their race. Many sections of the mainstream media also ran stories that implied the same.

Recently a section of the main stream media ran hectic stories of how Trump called Haiti or other African countries “shit holes” during closed door negotiations on immigration based on a highly dubious source who almost back pedalled on it. Many democratic members joined the drama by criticising and virtue signalling on live television and social media while blindly ignoring the Clinton Foundation’s atrocities in Haiti including misuse of funds for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

This boost among black voters will be a shot in the arm for the Republicans while vindicating the Trump administration’s policies in light of the very important November Mid term elections. A win for Republican in these elections could give a game changing majority for Trump to fulfil his campaign promises completely.