By Asish Samson

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate is reportedly going back on his promise to fund the Trump Administration’s border wall. Schumer told reporters on Tuesday that the wall offer was “Off the table” as part of a now defunct package.

Last Friday Schumer met with Trump as part of a negotiations meeting on DACA and federal funding among others to avert a government shutdown. But, the meeting soured and ended in a stalemate that caused a three day shutdown. But, White House sources claim that Schumer only offered Legal approval and not funding.

Schumer also said that he hoped start negotiating with Trump again on a “new basis” after going back on the promise. But, Trump is not expected to budge for anything less than his proposed wall especially now that the increasing clamour of his supporters has spilled onto social media. Ann Coulter, an early Trump supporter is everyday posting updates on her twitter account reminding everyone and including Trump of his promise to build a wall. Other conservatives and Trump supporters are also waiting eagerly for Trump to fulfil his signature campaign promise and Trump, who has already fulfilled many of his campaign promises is expected to do it as fast as he possibly can provided the Democrats co-operate. But, the Democrats have recently given more priorities to their political agendas, vote bank politics and virtue signalling than protecting borders, funding the military and upholding the rule of law. After the increasing public backlash including websites like which held a countdown of the shutdown and other media the democrats backed down and allowed a stop-gap funding until February 8th. Now, they have gone back on their promise of wall funding which would only further complicates matters.

Late on Tuesday, Trump took to twitter to take on Chuck Schumer on this issue. Calling Schumer “ Crying Chuck” he reaffirmed his stance by stating that “if there is no wall, there is no DACA.” The Trump administration also appealed to the Supreme Court for a quick resolution on DACA. All in all, Trump is leaving no stone unturned in his effort to fulfil his promise of a “big, beautiful wall”.