By Asish Samson

The popular internet site Youtube has demonetized a video of several Americans thanking Trump for a great past year. It labelled the video as “not suitable for advertising” even before it was published. Mark Dice, the popular media analyst and author shared a screenshot of this on his twitter to expose how Youtube was targeting his videos.

Dice also revealed that almost every video of his were targeted even before they were published if they contained the word “Trump” in their title. He also claimed that Youtube was trying to silence conservative voices and discourage people from publishing Pro-Trump videos by selectively targeting them. He called out Youtube on Twitter to make their stance more clear on independent news channels.
Youtube, which was bought by its parent company Google in 2006 was many times previously accused of bias and discrimination against right leaning users and videos. Youtube has also been accused of direct promotion and over saturation of liberal videos and users while suppressing and demoting conservative content. Dennis Prager, the famous author and respected talk show host and PragerU, his website have sued Youtube in October last year over their discrimination and suppression of PragerU videos. Youtube used the “Restricted mode” filter on their videos which severely limit views and suppress them in search results. Some of the restricted videos contain educational content like the Korean War, Israel, Diversity of thought on college campuses etc. PragerU described Youtube’s actions as “absurd, arbitrary, capricious and devoid of any rational basis”. Also murky is Youtube’s criteria for Hate Speech. Youtube immediately acts on removes any content which they deem as “hate speech”. Videos that even slightly criticise Islam are given warning or removed without warning while many videos that insult and degrade Christianity with profanity are left alone. Youtube even promoted a video which actually teaches children(below 13 years) how to pleasure themselves, while banning Christian content. Any content that slightly deviates from the accepted liberal worldview is deemed “not suitable” or “restricted”. For example, Madeline Macaulay who voiced her opinion on same-sex marriage on Youtube had her video immediately removed without any warning while many others videos which express the opposing viewpoint are not touched. The Young Turks, which regularly make fun of conservatives has no problem with their videos while Mark Dice’s Man on the Street videos in which he questions liberals and democrats about their views has been automatically deleted along with his 800 plus videos. Since then it has been reinstated.

Youtube has also removed or suppressed undercover videos that expose corruption of the left and the democrats such as the Planned Parenthood videos which expose them selling baby parts and Hillary’s campaign indulging in large scale voter fraud and electoral corruption. These videos were mysteriously restricted and views were not added even though they were watched by millions while Obama’s speech about Hillary which then had just 300 views was “trending” on Youtube.

Many conservatives have left Youtube for other sites like QubeTV and Tangle. Meanwhile, Youtube is currently operating at a loss of half a billion dollars a year.