By Asish Samson

The highly clamoured for and controversial House Intelligence Committee Memo was released on Thursday after approval from President Donald J. Trump. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman released wrote up the FISA memo. The information released in the memo casts a shadow over the whole Trump-Russia investigation and FBI along with the Justice Department.

The memo reveals that the Justice Department used the Steele dossier to get FISA applications even though it knew about its murky origins. But the DOJ omitted this from the FISA applications. Andrew McCabe the former FBI confirmed that the FISA warrant would not have been sought without the Steele dossier. The FBI employed Steele and gave him payments to work on the Dossier but later fired him after he made his work public by talking to the media. DOJ official Bruce Ohr met Steele and reported his Anti-Trump bias to the DOJ but they ignored it. The FBI and the Justice Department tried tooth and nail to keep this information private. But, immense pressure from the public and legal consequences forced them to turn over the information House Intelligence Committee which compiled them into a memo. After this, the DOJ, FBI and the House Democrats combined to form an opposition against releasing this memo and cited various reasons like endangering national security and Obstruction of Justice. Many of the liberals and democrats took to social media. While Initially they downplayed the memo and called it irrelevant, as the day grew nearer this turned to screams of outrage and denial as this burst their bubble of Russian Intervention. The memo implicates Hillary Clinton, Former President Barrack Obama along with others as the memo cites various incidents of abuse of power including secret surveillance of the then Nominee Donald Trump by the previous administration.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters and conservatives have used the social media to call for the release of this for the past month. On early, Thursday the Trump supporters took to Twitter to express their joy and the hashtag Memoday was trending. As this was happening, the MSM and Democrats tried various diversions, denials and downplaying. All in all Trump seemed to started another blaze with his drive for transparency.

The full memo is here!