By Asish Samson

If you are a white person and are thinking of watching or reviewing the Marvel Superhero film Black Panther, then you are racist according to some liberals. Even if you wanted to watch it so bad you have to wait till the second or the third week after release so as to not disturb all the blacks who are watching the film with your mere presence. Because liberalism is all about love, peace, tolerance and unity.

One of these rare gems is Tyler Baines Cadbury. According to his Twitter bio he is a journalist from London. He is also “non-binary” (which means he is confused about which bathroom to use) and “race queer” (whatever that is). To cap it off he is a self described male feminist. On 13th February he tweeted that : “White people shouldn’t be allowed to review Black Panther lest their innate racial bias subconsciously reflect in their reviewing. White people simply can’t be impartial. PoC only please”. While this tweet doesn’t make any sense it highlights the flawed thinking that has led liberalism to its present place in the gutter. When some users pointed out his apparent racism, he immediately resorted to calling them “bigots”. And to make matters even worse he says that males giving flowers to females on Valentine’s Day is “rape culture” because the flowers do not consent to be picked and people giving each other flowers is a form of “sex trafficking”. He calls for everyone to boycott it.

And then there is Emily Lakdawalla, a self proclaimed “Planetary evangelist” who tweeted that she was careful so as to not buy tickets for Black Panther on the first weekend because she didn’t want to be the “White person sucking black joy out of the theatre”. Then she proceeded to ask if watching it the next weekend wouldn’t be so racist. When some users pointed out her obvious idiocy she immediately proceeded to block them. She eventually seems to have deleted the tweet herself.

The point these geniuses seem to miss is that the cast of Black Panther, who are predominantly black wouldn’t be pleased with this virtue signalling move after the amount of time and money they spent on making the film. Instead of uniting people regardless of their race and skin colour these liberals are only driving the wedge deeper and causing more division between races by claiming a certain race should not be allowed to watch or review a film based on their skin colour. While most blacks seem to have no problem with any people watching the film, only the fringe elements of the left that take this narrative upon themselves. Recent trends and polls show that increasing number of blacks are leaving the left and leftist parties.