By Timothy Leer

It’s not the fault of the minorities for being fooled into thinking what they are fighting for is skin color and equal rights. This claim use to be valid, over a hundred years ago they had every right to be freed for the bondage of slavery to be equal. So we as Christians finally holding to our bibles for once not twisting the words to fit our needs, stood up to free all slaves.

Thus created the civil war so many years ago, after wining this monumental victory england and other nation followed suite. Slavery was no more in the colonies you saw the rise of ethnic groups and a new population rise. One of the groups claim a phrase in response to “White Power” calling it “Black Power” supposedly to combat the kkk of america. The group’s name was “The Black Panther”, seemly back then it was to combat the KKK, white supremest and Neo Nazis. Once Malcolm X entered the picture the group took a turn for the worse, attacking whites and proclaiming Islam as the teacher of its knowledge. When Malcolm X attempts failed to gather much black folks to his side. looking at his oppnet Dr. Martian Luther king Malcolm knew he was was getting to much of the voice on equality form black folks.,so Malcolm X had to some how take Martain Luther King out of the picture. So Malcolm Spoke to his Islamic Cleric his superior gave him money from Islāmic Iranian’s. Some belive as I do, that Martin Luther King was a victim of Islam, they didn’t want to share with Christian black folk the power over the black people in america. if we look back on it now Islam wanted control and now has control.

After the assassination of Martin Luther King the Black panther party became the new head of the black movement in the 60’s and 70’s. The christians black equality movement had finally been toppled because there leader Martin Luther King’s passing. So as all pawns go Malcolm x in Islams eye’s had to go, for fear of the leak of the assanation of MLK would exspose the nation of Islam for the murder of Martin Luther King. So In the end, Islam assassinated Malcolm X and wiped the truth clean with blood shed and secrets.

The man known as Louis Farrakhan Sr., helped in the murder of Malcolm x and never got punished, he is a local figure-head in most black movements to this day. The reason the spread of black power groups went to other nations is because groups like the nation of Islam and other Islāmic organizations have spread the movement. When you see “Black Lives matter or black panthers, you’re seeing merely pawns for the Nation of Islam, most don’t even know they are the pawns in a sick and twisted game.
Islam pray’s on black youth and minoritys to become part of the Islamic rights revolution, but not nessesarily converting them to Islam. but instead using them on the pretence of racial oppression. More are unaware of the reality they are in, in Islam color doesn’t matter.

Just like the democrats of the United States of America black people are being used as a pawn in sick game to start a race war for Islam.
I have provided an informational link to understand how Louis Farrakhan plays a part in this world’s Islāmic attacks.
Why black lives do not matter but Islāmic black lives do.