By Asish Samson

Ever since the horrible school shooting which claimed 17 innocent lives occurred on Valentine’s day in Florida, the mainstream media and social media has been abuzz with many different views, opinions and debates. Both Gun control and anti Gun control advocates have been firing shots (no pun intended) at each other on news media and social media since the day of the incident.

While all this mainstream media has been consumed with propaganda and maintaining the Anti-Trump narrative, several facts have been revealed which raise serious suspicion on the circumstances and the narrative built around the school shooting. Let us go through four of those points.

1.FBI’s ignorance and inaction: While this has been covered a lot on both news media and social media, it is still a bit shocking to realise that the nation’s premier investigative agency did nothing to prevent the shooting even after multiple warnings. In September of last year, a user named “ nikolas cruz” commented on a Youtube video that “ Im going to be a professional school shooter”. The video’s uploader immediately reported the comment to the FBI. But, according to FBI agent Robert Lasky the FBI was “unable” to track down the user. Yes, the very same FBI which was investigating whether elite Russian hackers infiltrated and influenced the American election couldn’t track down a Youtube user with all it’s might. Then, on January 5th 2018 the FBI received a tip from a person close to Cruz that warned about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to murder people, his erratic behaviour and constant threats on social media. The tipster even warned that Cruz had all the potential to conduct school shooting and would probably do so. Yet again FBI didn’t take any action. It even broke protocol by not reporting this to the Miami Field office which could have prevented the massacre.

2. The reaction of the Authorities on present on the scene: As Nikolas Cruz was shooting down his schoolmates inside the school building there were at least three armed deputies outside the building. But, they didn’t go in and help. They just took cover outside. The armed school resource officer who was assigned to the school did not even make an attempt to enter the building. He was even trained in active shooter training but took cover for four full minutes as the shooting ensued inside. And when the Coral Springs officers arrived on the scene, they found three additional deputies along with the assigned officer behind their vehicles. This broke the Active Shooter protocol which requires an officer present on the scene to immediately neutralize the attacker without waiting for back up. The Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is under immense criticism for from the public and the politicians for his response to the shooting and the previous warnings. His office received 23 calls about Cruz over the decade. Israel, a gun control advocate and a Democrat has been photographed before in a one on one meeting with Hillary Clinton. He is also accused of having an illegal relationship with a 17 year old girl and forcing her to have an abortion.

3. David Hogg and Co. : Since the day of the shooting the Mainstream media outlets like CNN have given lots of airtime to David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and other member of the Never again MSD group. But no one has been given as much airtime and talking chances as David Hogg. David Hogg is the son of former FBI agent and has been appearing constantly on CNN and other mainstream news networks parroting the same narrative over and over again. He was even seen in selfies with the news teams. When some sharp eyed users pointed out he was also seen in a previous news interviews from Los Angeles in August 2017, they were quickly shouted down and called as Neo Nazis or Russians. When a Youtube video exposing this became the No.1 trending video on Youtube, it was immediately removed citing “harassment and bullying”. When Infowars uploaded a video showing David Hogg struggling to remember his lines, it was also removed and the channel received a “strike” against it which prevented it from uploading any videos for two weeks. Google, Facebook and Instagram have all announced that they would remove any content that would suggest an opposing view. Anyone even suggesting otherwise have been “officially” labelled as Neo-Nazis and conspiracy theorists or laughably as Russians even though all of them are full blooded Americans living the in the USA.

These points along with several others raise more suspicion than ever that the general public is not given the full picture.
All in all, the Democrats, liberals, the mainstream media and the tech giants seem to be stubbornly maintaining the Anti-2nd amendment, Anti-Trump narrative while censoring and muting the real voice of the American public.