By Asish Samson

According to Caleb Luna, a self described queer, fat, brown, femme, writer, dancer(?) and organiser : “falling in love is dangerous for brown boys because, under white supremacy we are not people to love.” Yes, he actually wrote that. In a blog written for a liberal website BGD he further elaborated that “ Colonization indoctrinates us into romantic idolization of thinness, whiteness and masculinity”. That’s right. He begins to blame good old imperialism and colonialism for his present predicament which he describes himself as “ugly and unloveable”

He then goes on to ask “ How do I, as a fat, brown, femme, decolonize my desire so I can desire myself?. How do I decolonize my desire so I won’t ever again compulsively glance at a skinny boy who refuse to see me as the Goddess I am?”.  A Goddess. He actually expects some skinny fellow to look at him like a “ Goddess” while falling head over heels in love with him. And if he doesn’t, then: WHITE SUPREMACY!

He declares that the world is cruel to him because he is fat. He writes “ I have been denied job opportunities because of my body. I do not fit into restaurant booths, airplane seats or, school desks comfortably- which serves as constant reminder that this world was not built to accommodate me”. See how he blames the entire world for his own fatness rather than his laziness or eating habits. Liberalism 101. According to him desiring a thin person is a “ subtle investment in white supremacy and class privilege.”

After a few paragraphs attacking men, whites, thin people and blaming dating apps, beards and other fat people, he starts opening up about what he really hates: Love. Just read what he writes about love and romance : “ Romantic Love as we understand it is a colonial construct. It is an all consuming, possessive, lifelong, monogamous endeavour that works to sustain capitalism and white supremacist heteropatriarchy via the nuclear family. It is a perpetual and intimate exposure to the interlocking systems of white supremacy, fat hatred, cissexism and more.” Surprise! Having a family and loving them is white supremacy too! It is insanely idiotic for this writer to miss the fact that not just whites but, almost all ethnicities all over the world including Asians, Africans, Latino Americans and Polynesians thrive as families where people care for each other. Family is not a white or a capitalist thing. But Mr. Caleb Luna in his hatred for white people has seemed to miss that.

The entire article is filled with other such deliciously stupid paragraphs that blame several others things. But this article provides us with an useful insight into the mind of the Obama era liberal, taught all the basics in public schools, further indoctrinated through TV, music and movies. Brought up on a steady diet of hate and a constant feeling of oppression and victimisation. Remember, these are the kind of the people that the democratic party base is filled with. These are the people behind the #Resistance and Antifa. These are the people unhinged by  the victory of Trump and are now doubling down on their insanity.

Finally my personal advice to Caleb Luna: instead of blaming the universe and beards for your predicament of “ Ugly and Unloveable” try this – Lose a hundred pounds, Get rid of the nose ring, stop writing stupid blogs, get a good job, get rid of that silly hairstyle and most importantly: You’re a man. So start acting like one.