Three different testimonies from three different individuals lead skeptics to believe that there were three active shooters at the Douglas County High School, last month on valentine’s day. Two students, and a teacher have expressed on social media, or camera, that there were three gunmen, two of which, who pinched off and trapped students in the building they were in. The mainstream media has not reported on this, and some sites have even claimed it to be a hoax. Let’s see what these witnesses said, and then decide for yourself.


KPRC, channel two, interviewed a student on camera, named Christina Vega, who claimed there were two shooters in her building, whom cleared the halls, starting from the only two exits of the building. The students ran from the gunshots, which came from the first floor. They ran toward the opposite exit, only to be met by a second shooter. “Because there are only two exits in the building, so everyone started running to the other exit, but that’s when the other students started coming up.” She stated. A teacher instinctively opened her door and let the frantic teenagers in, locking the door behind them. “There were three shooters, that’s what I heard.”


So rumor has it there were three shooters, but Christina says, from her own experience, that there were two in her building.


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That teacher, Stacy Lippel, who let the students into her classroom, recounts her experience, given on Good Morning America. She states the gunman she saw was wearing full metal garb, as she asked the question, “Why is the police here?”


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The third witness is Alexa Miednik, who tells the camera that she was with Nikolas Cruz right after he ended his attack, and that the gunshots were coming from the other end of the building, opposite of where they were. “There definitely had to be two shooters involved.”


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Another video that doesn’t add up with the mainstream reporting, on this subject, is that the cops were filmed at the time of the shooting, carrying weapons and loading it onto a truck outside of the building. Also keep in mind, that when Nikolas was arrested, he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, yet Stacy claims the shooter was in full metal garb; helmet, bullet proof vest, ect.


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