The Empty Promise of Socialism, and its Neglected History

Socialism is an economic theory which promises equality, but ends in widespread poverty and suffering. In a socialist country, the leader has control over the means of production, and where those products are then distributed. In other words, socialism is tyranny, and thievery. As shown plenty of times throughout history, socialism has failed time and again, and resulted in world war, poverty, murder, civil-wars, and countless inhumane crimes.


At the turn of the 20th Century, nearly the entire western world moved toward socialism, each head of state going about it in their own way. From 1900 to 1920, when numerous heads of states implemented socialism at varying degrees, the first world war broke out. Eventually, in the latter years of the 20th Century, because of socialism that was still being implemented and tried, we had a second world war, a cold war, and numerous civil wars. Below are some prominent figures during those times, and some historical facts of what they did in the name of socialism:


Vladimir Lenin – Overthrew the government in 1917 by building an army of common folk, popularly named Bolsheviks, aka, Red Army. The uprising plunged the country into a 3-year civil war. During that time, Vladimir seized control of all manufacturing and industry in the country, using the surplus grain from peasants to feed his Red Army. Because of this state-owned economy, industrial and economical output, plummeted. The nation was thrust into poverty, as 5 million died from starvation in 1921. Also, in 1918, in the span of about a month, Lenin caused his secret police to murder 100,00 members that were oppositional to his power.


Kaiser Wilhelm – The German Emperor and King of Prussia from 1888 – 1918: Kaiser waged war to spread marxist socialism. He was one of the most recognizable names in World War l, and a large factor in the cause to the war. About 37 million casualties died during the war, including civilians and military personnel.


Woodrow Wilson – President of the United States, 1913  – 1921: Woodrow implemented a softer form of socialism with the Underwood Simmons Act. This act imposed a Federal Income Tax, which took a percentage of every individuals’ earnings, as well as created a system that regulated the nation’s bank, and revenue supplies. The act took money out of the pockets of the common folk, giving it straight to the government. With time, this act actually damaged businesses in America, and hurt its citizens. FDR followed in Wilson’s footsteps, with much of the same progressive, socialist ideas.


Mao Zedong – Chairman to the Communist Party of China, 1949 – 1976: Zedong also waged wars to spread marxist socialism. He alone killed 45 million in only four years. According to an expert with access to official communist documents, he qualifies for the greatest mass murderer in world history.


Joseph Stalin – General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1943 – 1953 – Joseph reigned in terror, killing an estimated 20 million of his own people in the name of socialism. Once he gained power, he collectivized farming and had his political enemies executed or sent to forced labor camps(Gulags). In 1939, Stalin and Hitler signed a nonaggression pact on the eve of World War ll.


The implementation of socialism of these individuals showed a power grab from the major powers of the world, gaining traction on their people or other nations. It is no mere coincidence that the whole world shifted toward socialism in the 20th Century, and that, that was the most war torn and death ridden era in the history of the world.


With the rise in socialist beliefs among millennials, and three democratic socialists in office, the possibility of socialism rising in the States, is increasing. The new green deal, set forth by Alexandria Cortez, has underlying socialist aspects. Part of the deal is the partial government control of farmlands, and currency, which has been presented in the name of equality.


Socialism is tyranny. Socialism is control, and the forfeit of freedom. Socialism leads to national poverty. Socialism ends with starvation and death.


We must not give place for the enemy of the people any longer. We must educate the rising generations, and stand up to our propagandized education system.


Knife Laws Fail London: Knife Crime at 40 Offences Every Day

Knife incidents in London are happening at a rate of about 40 offences per day. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, ignore the citizens’ cries for help, choosing to stay apathetic and ignorant. Additionally, gun crime in London has risen in the last three years, at almost seven offences a day. Why all this crime, when the UK has some of the strictest gun and knife laws in the world? The elites state that gun and knife control is the answer, so shouldn’t we just believe them and throw out all these statistics; and throw out our arms? I’m being facetious.  


At the end of 2018, there were 14,769 crimes involving knives in London. That’s a 52% increase from the end 2015, which ended at 9,691 crimes involving knives. Of those 14,769 crimes, 83 were knife killings, and 161 of those were rapes and/or sexual assault carried out with a blade.


2016 ended in 9,745 crimes, and that’s about the time Sadiq Khan was elected to Mayor, as the predecessor of Boris Johnson. Since his election, knife AND gun crimes have skyrocketed. I’m not saying this correlation means causation, but it is definitely something worth looking into. October of 2014, to October of 2015, there were 1,880 crimes involving guns in London. Compare that to the number in 2018, which rose to 2,542 crimes.


With such ridiculous laws on firearms and knives, law-abiding citizens are left defenseless against the rising gang violence. The next step would be, clearly, to ban gangs(I’m being facetious.)


It is illegal to carry a knife in public unless it has a folding blade with a cutting edge 3 inches long or less. You cannot be under the age of 18 to purchase a knife, legally. You also have to have a “good reason,” like carrying it to, and from, work. You cannot carry a tiny knife, for nothing. The problem is, the courts get to decide what a good reason is…. Not you.


Self protection does not fall under the category of ‘good reason.’


Sadiq Khan had a chance to listen and learn about the citizens he has stewardship over, and their struggles with the rising crimes. He was invited to take part in a BBC debate on knife crime. Some contributors to the debate claimed there is a civil war in the streets of London, and that Sadiq wasn’t treating knife crime as his number one priority. They’re probably right, as he spent 2.3 million on a firework tribute to show his relationship to the EU, which he could’ve used elsewhere on something actually important. Anyways, Sadiq not only didn’t show up to this debate, but he completely refused to, continuing to neglect his people’s’ cries.


Another cause to the crime, is the immigration of “refugees” from war torn countries. In almost every police report the names of specific ethnic groups show as one of the following: Ethiopians, Afghans, North and/or Central Africans, Somalis. Not all, but a great amount of the refugees coming from these places are bringing with them, a culture of hate and violence.


BLF Leader Thinks Killing White People is the Answer For Black-on-Black Crime in South Africa

In early December, Andile Mngxitama, the leader of a group called Black First Land First(BLF), calls for the murder of white people in South Africa. He speaks with vigor on a microphone to a large crowd in South Africa, “For every one black person that’s killed by a taxi driver, we’ll kill five white people.” He goes on,  “We’ll kill the children. We’ll kill the women. We’ll kill their dogs. We’ll kill their cats…. We’ll kill anything that we find on our way.” The mainstream media was completely silent on this statement and video.


SABC Digital News interviewed Andile, prompting him to explain himself and defend his statements calling for the killing of “whites.” Andile explained his remarks were justified and in the defense of all black people. He called for the killings because of the remarks of Johan Rupert, who said in a prior interview, “One of the first tenants of business partners was the taxi association. So, also I have my own army with those guys. When those red guys come, they gotta go and remember the taxi association.” He was specifically talking about the EFF(Economic Freedom Fighters, a radical and militant emancipation movement), that if they were to threaten him, he has an army.


Andile claims the Black First Land First is one of Johan’s biggest opponents, and that the remarks about a private militia is a “big problem.” He states that, “BLF doesn’t want war, we don’t want the killing of anybody, but when you’re a white person of so much power, and you say that you have an army that you can unleash upon black people, then we have a big problem.”

He claims in the same interview that he knows people who have seen massacres because of white men causing black on black crimes.


Such a statement is most-likely out of touch and childish; to say black on black violence is caused by white men in power. More importantly though, how dangerous is that, to blame black on black crime on all White men in power? I do not disregard the gang-like taxi industry in South Africa, and that, perhaps, a few individual white men at the head of some companies have failed to take accountability for what the taxi industry has become…. But to say that every time a black person is killed, because of these turf wars, five white people should be murdered, is extremely dangerous. Right now he’s essentially saying that the answer to black on black violence, is black on white violence.


The ideas and rhetoric continue to froth from his mouth as he says, “Every black person is a member of BLF, some just don’t know it yet. Soon they realize the white system is against them, and they become a member.” When asked if all the oppression in South Africa was white on black, Andile answered, “Absolutely. Every problem we have, our exclusion, the townships, the violence, the fact that we’re poor… White people live the best lives as a consequence of oppressing black people.”


These beliefs are extremely dangerous, and his militant speeches have drawn quite a large, supportive crowd in Africa. It is human nature to pass blame, as to not find error in the self, but these beliefs, though untrue, are going to bring violent and oppressive action upon innocent white people in South Africa. There is no proof of enigmatic powerful white men in power, who are purposely causing Africans to murder other Africans.


Transgender Ideology Has Produced Large Scale Child Abuse

The transgender ideology, which is more widely accepted these days than ever before, is causing “large scale child abuse.” Dr. Michelle Cretella, of the American College of Pediatricians, states, “Transgender ideology has infiltrated my field and produced large scale child abuse.”


The treatment of children who express confusion about their biological sex has changed over the years, from the time of the baby boomers, to us millennials. Before, there was a lot of shame and not much talk of transgenderism, for fear of the shame and the associated dangers. Back then, if a child were to express such feelings, they would be corrected right away, and taught that those feelings are wrong and should not be pursued…. Today, if a child expresses the same thing, they are potentially given puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sometimes, even, surgery.


To be clear, no-one is born transgender. If being transgender was biological, then twins with the same DNA, and same exposure to prenatal hormones, would both be transgender…. or not. A study of trans twins in 2013 showed that, only 28% of the time, did both twins identify as transgender. 78% of twins showed that only one was trans, suggesting that what contributed to one of the twins being trans was not biological, therefore those contributions came from environmental factors. Nowadays, our environmental factors are telling our kids that it’s OK, and even cool, to be transgender; instead of combating those feelings.


After passing through puberty, about 75 – 95% of children outgrew such feelings. With kids being as impressionable as they are, those numbers will probably go down with the pandering to, and political correctness of, so many parents and medical professionals. Only time will tell. It is irresponsible and dangerous to give children the aforementioned treatments, without having any long-term studies or evidence that such treatments are effective.


“There are no long term studies about giving kids cross-sex hormones. Puberty blockers into cross sex hormones are making kids sterile,” says Michelle.


Taking puberty blockers, into cross-sex hormones have been observed to cause sterilization. Parents are making lifelong, irreversible decisions for their children, in the name of feelings and delusions. In other words, they are changing the child’s physical body, permanently sometimes, because of a psychological issue. Children as young as nine are being given puberty blockers.


Michelle had one patient, a little boy we’ll call Andy. Between the ages of 3 and 5 he began playing more with girls and toys made for girls. He eventually began referring to himself as a girl. Michelle referred him and his family to a therapist, where in one session, he picked up a girl toy and stated that “Mommy and Daddy don’t love me when I’m a boy.” Eventually the therapist found that, when Andy was three, his little sister with special needs was born. She required much more attention, and Andy had perceived this as, “mommy and daddy loves girls, so I need to be a girl for them to love me.”


He had misperceived family dynamics and internalized a false belief that led him to wanting to be a girl. With family therapy, Andy got better, and a deeper issue was dealt with. In these times, if you were to take that same example, Michelle says that doctors would say, “This is who Andy really is. You must change his name, and ensure that everyone treats him as a girl, or else he will commit suicide.” He would then be put on puberty blockers just before approaching puberty.


“When blockers are used…. They cause problems with memory.” She adds.


There is no proof that these treatments don’t have hefty side-effects for their future. There hasn’t been any long-term testing done for the effectiveness of helping children who feel this way. This is child abuse.  


To Be Transgender is to Be Unhappy, According to One Scientist

To be transgender is to be an individual who identifies with a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person’s sex at birth. In other words, if a trans person was born a boy, he may feel like he’s a girl, and might try to do whatever he can to act as, and be treated as, a girl. It is discontentment, and a disconnect between what he is, and what he believes he is. Simple disconnects to reality have been observed to cause discontentment, and unhappiness; thus, the left’s push for transgender normalization is causing more unhappiness, to themselves, and those outside of their community.


Scientifically speaking, being Transgender is unhappiness. A distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Joseph Berger, states, “From a scientific perspective, let me clarify what ‘transgendered’ actually means. I am speaking now about the scientific perspective – and not any political lobbying position that may be proposed by any group, medical or non-medical.”


He continues, “‘Transgendered’ are people who claim that they really are or wish to be people of the sex opposite to which they were born, or to which their chromosomal configuration attests. Sometimes, some of these people have claimed that they are ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ or alternatively ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body.’ Scientifically, there is no such thing,”


“On the other hand,” he said, “if these people are asked to clarify exactly what they believe, that is to say do they truly believe whichever of those above propositions applies to them and they say ‘no,’  then they know that such a proposition is not true, but that they ‘feel’ it, then what we are talking about scientifically, is just unhappiness, and that unhappiness is being accompanied by a wish — that leads some people into taking hormones that predominate in the other sex, and even having cosmetic surgery designed to make them ‘appear’ as if they are a person of the opposite sex.”


“The medical treatment of delusions, psychosis or emotional happiness is not by surgery,”


Paul McHugh, a leading psychiatrist, has added that those who have had transition surgery showed little to no psychological benefit.


So physical change is not the answer to a psychological problem, and I propose, neither is treating someone as what they are not. They say we must lie to them so they can ‘feel’ more like who they’re not. This does not do them any good, as studies have shown unhappiness and depression in the trans community are still substantially higher than the national average.


The lifetime attempted suicide rate for the average person is 4.6%. This means 4.6% of the population with attempt suicide at least once in their lifetime. The lifetime attempted suicide rate for the trans community is 40%. So in a day and age where we are more accepting and tolerant than ever, almost half of the trans community will attempt suicide at least once in their lifetime.


Action needs to be taken. They don’t need sex changes, as those have proven to not help(in fact large a large percentage of Trans who have gotten sex changes regretted it). Perhaps we shouldn’t be so compliant with their demands to refer to them as who they’re not, respectfully and as lovingly as possible, of course. They need mental help. Gender dysphoria is real. I don’t believe we should oppress or make fun of these people. I also don’t believe we should bow down to their thought-policing. We can be firm while still being compassionate. 


Russia Successfully Tests Nuclear, Hyper-Sonic Missiles


On Wednesday, December 26, President Vladimir Putin stated that a new missile system would be deployed next year, in 2019, called Avangard. The missiles he spoke of are hyper-sonic, evasive to missile defense systems, and have nuclear-capability, giving Russia a new strategic weapon. The US has seemingly fallen behind in the arms race for hyper-sonic missiles.


Putin met with Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, and Chief of General Staff of Russia Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, among others; as he visited the NDCC(National Defense Control Centre. “This test, which has just finished, ended with complete success,” Putin said in the meeting, “From next year, 2019, Russia’s armed forces will get the new intercontinental strategic system Avangard…. It’s a big moment in the life of the armed forces and in the life of the country. Russia has obtained a new type of strategic weapon.”


During the test launch, Putin observed from a remote room, as a missile launched from a location in south-west Russia and successfully hit a practice target located in eastern Russia, about 3,700 miles away. Putin told the meeting, after the test, that the weapon is “Invulnerable to intercept by any existing and prospective missile defense means of the potential adversary.”


In the early months of 2018, Putin unveiled a new arsenal of nuclear weapons during a state of the nation address, stating in the speech, “I want to tell all those who have fueled the arms race over the last 15 years, sought to win unilateral advantages over Russia, introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country’s development: All what you wanted to impede with your policies have already happened…. You have failed to contain Russia.”


In March, this year, according to John Hyten, commander of US Strategic Command, “We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us.”


Thomas Karako, the Director of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, stated to CNBC, “Unfortunately, we are kind of behind the curve in terms of our cruise missile defense capabilities,” Karako said. “This is why — I’m a broken record on this — this is why we have to open the aperture and look at the full spectrum of missile threat challenge. It’s not just about ballistic missiles anymore.”


Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White added in, saying, “We are not surprised by these statements, and the American people should rest assured that we are fully prepared…. Our stance has never been, they know very well that it’s not about them, our missile defense has never been about them…. We need to ensure we have a credible nuclear deterrent and we are confident and are prepared to defend the nation no matter what.”


The US has tested hyper-sonic weapons in the past, though theirs are more about delivering conventional warheads, not nuclear ones. The deliverance of such conventional warheads require more precise targeting and are a bit more tricky. China isn’t far behind, if at all, as they tested a hyper-sonic nuclear missile of their own, in August.  


Pelosi Shows Fear of Transparency, During Meeting in Oval Office


President Trump met with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, of the Democratic party, on December 11, in front of the press. The meeting was to be on border security, but like always, the Dems descended into subtle mudslinging and victimization, when they didn’t get what they wanted. Here are some important characteristic takeaways from that meeting:


One of the first statements Nancy makes is, “We’re here to have a conversation in a prayerful way, so I don’t think we should have the debate in front of the press.”


She seemed noticeably uncomfortable to speak in front of the press. Nancy said again, soon after that statement, in a response to Trump explaining that the government shutdown would not pass in the senate, “Again, let us have our conversation, then meet with the press again.”


Later in the meeting she suggested that her loss for reason and logic were due to “this kind of discussion in the public view.”


“It’s called transparency.” Trump was fed up with her excuses and avoidance to talk about the issues at hand.


Nancy again redirected, “It’s not transparency when we’re not stipulating to a set of facts, and when we wanted to have a debate with you about confronting these facts.”


No Nancy, that’s still transparency. Americans LOVE Trump because he is so transparent. Transparency breeds trust, so it’s no wonder the majority of Americans do not trust politicians or the government. The only people who fear transparency, have something to hide.


Moving on, I do not want to quote the entire video, so here it is below:


Pelosi virtue signals early on, multiple times, that they are there because the dems care for the American people. If they really did care, they wouldn’t mind transparency.


Nancy plays the victim when Trump calls her out for having a hard time to speak in front of the press. She tells Trump to not characterize the strength that she brings to this meeting; or in other words, Trump offended her and she took the opportunity to let Americans know.


She also tries to shift the attention multiple times by putting the blame on Trump for the conversation which has “spiraled downward.” Nancy states that the economy is in a mood and people are losing their jobs, while Trump corrects her immediately by saying, “Well we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years so….”


GoldFire Media’s TOP 10 “Believe in Something” Nike Memes


On September 3, Colin Kaepernick became the face of Nike’s new ad campaign, as seen below.


Colin hates America; so perhaps making him the face of their campaign wasn’t the brightest idea. Many people burned their Nike gear that same day, as the company stocks dropped overnight. Adding to the hurt, came a mudslide of memes making fun of the new ad and slogan. Our top 10 are as follows, in no specific order.


1: Billy Boi does it



2: Screw it



3: Thanos Does it



4: Lies and Obstruction






6: Socialism Does it



7: Do it and Miss



8: Juth Dew it



9: Most Millennials in a Nutshell



10: Clinton Does it




VIDEO: Watch the Full Context of Trump’s MS-13 Remarks

Steven E White

The Mainstream Media continues to accuse Trump of racism and blanket statements, taking his words and twisting them to fit the hole of lies that they’ve dug themselves into. Their latest ordeal, saying that he has dehumanized and called all immigrants “animals.” The exact words the media has taken out of context are as follows:


“We have people coming into the country or trying to come in; we’re stopping a lot of them. But we’re taking people out of the country, a lot of them. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals and we’re taking them out of the country at a rate that’s never happened before.”


The media has taken this excerpt, without the previous context, as to show the viewers a response to a statement they didn’t even know was presented. As you can see in the video below, Sheriff Mims presents Trump with a fact regarding MS-13 gang members, and not being able to report them until they pass a certain threshold. “There could be an MS-13 gang member I know about – if they don’t reach a certain threshold, I cannot tell ICE about them.” Mims says.



Trump finishes “Because of the weak laws, they come in fast. We get them, we release them. We get them again, we bring them out; and it’s crazy…. The dumbest laws on immigration in the world.”


Associated Press posted a video where he clarifies in a separate conference, the context of his remarks:



America has a serious immigration problem. It’s not ALL immigrants, like the MSM reports. The people of main concern, are the criminals, especially those in gangs or with gang relations. Like Trump has said, once these criminals are deported, they make their way back. It’s almost like the laws were made with expectations that criminals would follow them. Criminals by definition, don’t care for, or follow, laws. Perhaps this is why Trump says a wall is needed, since these criminals are easily making their way past the standing border precautions.


Perhaps harsher punishments, would solve this problem. Even if they were put in prison, they’d still cost a heavy toll on the taxpayer’s dollar. A simple solution would be for Mexico to do its part in locking these people up once they’re deported. Either way, we’ll have to see what Trump unravels, concerning his plans to fix these “weak laws.”

Russia Warns of Consequences Over Airstrike on Syria


Russia warns of ‘consequences’ after the US, UK, and France launched missiles at military bases in Syria on Friday, April 13, 2018. Though the missiles avoided Russian bases in the region, Russia still felt threatened, and ignored, in their warnings to not bomb Syria bases.


Anatoly Antanov, a Russian ambassador, tweeted to the US that, “Our warnings have been left unheard. We are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.” Putin himself, stated the attack was an “act of aggression,” and that he would convene an emergency meeting with the UN security council over the matter. He also said in a statement released by the Kremlin, that there was no evidence of a chemical weapons attack in that part of Douma said to be attacked. In the same report he says the strike would “have a destructive effect on the entire system of international relations.”


Of the 103 cruise missiles that were launched, 71 were shot down; some believing the Russians may have helped in the defence, as Russia installed the proper technology to do so, many years ago. A Russian defence ministry personnel said on Saturday.  “Syrian air defence systems S-125, S-200, Buk and Kvadrat took part in repelling the missile strike. These air defence complexes were produced in the Soviet Union more than 30 years ago.” Though these installations took place over 30 years ago, the defence official also told that Russia helped repair and rebuilt Syria’s defence system.


Alexander Sherin said in a Russian news agency report by RIA Novosti, that Trump  “can be called Adolf Hitler No 2 of our time because, you see, he even chose the time that Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.” She’s referencing here to the time the Nazis first attacked the Soviet Union in 1941, which was also at about 4am.


Russia’s foreign ministry claimed, with grief and solemnity, that Syria had been attacked just as it had “a chance for peace.” Maria Zakharova added to this sentiment, “You have to be quite abnormal to attack Syria’s capital just at the moment when it had a chance for a peaceful future.”


Russia claims that Britain was behind the chemical attack that sparked the nations to strike Syria, as Russia’s Defence Ministry claimed how the attack was faked and they expressed they had irrefutable evidence. “We have evidence that proves Britain was directly involved in organising this provocation.”Igor Konashevok, of the Defence Ministry said. The UK responded that the accusations were a “grotesque” and “blatant lie.”


Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s UN ambasador claims that the three countries had ‘alterior motives’ in attacking Syria, and thus staged a reason to attack. He says they planned to “oust the Syrian government and to deter and contain the Russian Federation”


It’s hard to say who is right, though, on surface level, it appears Trump made a bad decision, as ISIS was on the verge of being relinquished in the region. Hopefully this will not spark a war that the Globalists and deepstate want.

Zuckerberg Admits to ‘Shadow Profiling’ as Congress Tears Into Him


Mark Zuckerberg stood before the US senate at 2:30 mountain standard time, on April 10, and April 11, and testified under a heavy fire of accusations regarding Facebook and its misuse of information and power. Among the accusations were a misuse of the personal information of its users, a lack of transparency, an obvious bias in political censorship, and an obstruction of the consumers’ free speech.


Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook, which is a social media giant, which, at the end of June 2017, had an active 1 billion daily users. Those from the ages 18-29 are the most prevalent Facebook users. When suggested that Facebook is a monopoly, Mark responded by saying “It doesn’t seem that way to me,” despite no other social media site coming close to the same statistics in viewership. Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users, and the next closest one is Youtube, with 1.5 billion. After that it’s WeChat with 889 million.


Zuckerberg was apologetic, yet not meaningfully it seemed. Many people on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube compared his demeanor to that of a robot. Even though he played the apologetic, responsible card at some parts, he is still seen by those in silicon valley as a ruthless businessman. To many others, he seemed like a typical politician, not answering questions straight on, but side-stepping them.


“How does Facebook objectively what is acceptable news, and what safeguards exist to ensure that religious and conservative content is treated fairly?”


“Do you subjectively or manipulate your algorithms to prioritize or censor speech?”


“Why is Facebook censoring conservative bloggers such as diamond and silk? Facebook called them unsafe to the community…. That is ludicrous.”


Mark simply answered these questions with various statements of, “I will talk to my team about that, and get back to you with the details.” He said this line or a tweaked version of it, almost twenty times during the first day of his hearing.


Representative David B McKinley spoke boldly, “Your platform is still being used to circumvent the law, and allow people to buy highly addictive drugs without a prescription. With all do respect, Facebook is actually enabling an illegal activity, and in so-doing, you are hurting people. Would you agree with that statement?” Mark sidestepped the question, like a politician, “Congressman I think there are a number of content that we need to do a better job of policing on our service.”


Ben Ray Lujan asked a simple question, “Facebook has detailed profiles on people who have never signed up for Facebook, yes or no?” Zuck side-swiping the question, responded, “Congressman, in general we collect data from people who have not signed up for Facebook for security purposes to prevent….scraping.” That is a yes. Congress also tore into him about Facebook contracted with companies who listen in on our phone calls, to which he denied all affiliation.


Facebook clearly silences right leaning politics, as God Emperor Trump was unpublished recently, without reason. Diamond and silk were marked as dangerous, in an attempt to take them down. Our very own Harry Goldsmith, the CFO of Goldfire Media, has had his account deleted without reason more than five times now. Many conservatives are banned from posting, constantly, for 30 days at a time, because of a meme or article they shared.


US Blames Russia as Over 500 Wounded in Syrian Chemical Attack


The US continues to call upon Russia to end its support of Syria, in response to a large scale chemical attack that happened late Saturday night, of April 8. According to the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organization, the attack killed around 70 people and injured at least another 500. The majority of those affected by the attack were hiding in underground bunkers and shelters, in the city of Douma, and, though the US blames Assad, he claims no responsibility of the attack.


The death count continues to rise, as videos capture children and adults alike, frothing at the mouth, or frozen with death written on their faces. Watch on Twitter here, and be warned, it’s not easy to watch:

The United States said in a statement, “The Assad regime and its backers must be held accountable and any further attacks prevented immediately. Russia, with its unwavering support for the regime, ultimately bears responsibility for these brutal attacks, targeting of countless civilians, and the suffocation of Syria’s most vulnerable communities with chemical weapons.


“By shielding its ally Syria, Russia has breached its commitments to the United Nations as a framework guarantor. It has betrayed the Chemical Weapons Convention and UN Security Council Resolution 2118. Russia’s protection of the Assad regime and failure to stop the use of chemical weapons in Syria calls into question its commitment to resolving the overall crisis and to larger non-proliferation priorities.


“We continue to closely follow disturbing reports on April 7 regarding another alleged chemical weapons attack, this time targeting a hospital in Douma, Syria. Reports from a number of contacts and medical personnel on the ground indicate a potentially high number of casualties, including among families hiding in shelters. These reports, if confirmed, are horrifying and demand an immediate response by the international community.”


Before they take action, they are making sure the reports are accurate, as the US would ‘use all efforts available to hold those who use chemical weapons, in Syria and otherwise, accountable.’ It is important they get this right, before taking any serious action, as many speculations have been made that this was not the work of Assad.


Two General Russia staff members, Valery Gerasimov,  and Sergei Lavrov, announced over the RT broadcaster and other russian medias, that they had “reliable information that fighters are preparing to stage the use by government troops of chemical weapons against the civilian population.” Gerasimov then alleged that the US are going to accuse Assad’s troops of using chemical weapons against civilians, as to give them reason to “carry out a bombing attack” on Damascus. This was broadcasted around three weeks ago.


Some report that terrorists stationed in Al-Tanf received 20 tons of chlorine gas, and detonators which were disguised as cigarette packs, in order to attack an area which is controlled by the terrorists. If this is true, it is the perfect ploy to start a war; maybe even a war with Russia. We do not know, as much is still speculation, and reports are not able to be confirmed yet. We will watch and update as the events roll out.

Citizens Sue Japanese Government Over Forced Sterilization


Women and men in Japan are suing their government for forcibly removing their ability to reproduce, under a eugenics law in the 1900s. Junko Iizuka, of North-east Japan, and a woman from Miyagi Prefecture, who chooses not to release her name, are both filing lawsuits against the central government over their forced sterilization. These sterilizations happened under the Eugenic Protection Law, which was passed in 1948 to try and preserve the Japanese race, and make it the ‘master-race.’


Junko states in an account, “I was given anaesthetic and I didn’t remember anything after that…. When I woke up, I was in a bed and I saw a sink. I wanted to have some water but I was told I wasn’t allowed to drink.” She had undergone forced surgery which tied her uterine tubes; one of 25,000 other people who also were sterilized, being deemed inferior. She continues, choking up, “I went to Tokyo to see if I could get the operation reversed but I was told it wouldn’t be possible. They stole my life away.” All this, because her mental health was deemed weak, and therefore she should not reproduce.


The second woman, from Miyagi Prefecture, filed her suit at the Sendai District Court, stating that the state neglected to legislate for her and others, despite the serious human rights violation. She continues in saying that the 1948 law which caused these unethical surgeries denied human equality, and stole away their right to pursue happiness, which was unconstitutional according to her.


A man from Hokkaido, in his 70s, plans to file a lawsuit, because of damages from the forced sterilization in his 20s. Documents, which surfaced in February, through investigation, show that even certain children, aged 15 and below, had to be sterilized under the law. The youngest child was 9. Around 25,000 people were sterilized from the time of 1948 to 1996, and 16,500 of those people undergone surgery without their consent.


Japanese lawmakers hold meetings, discussing what could be done, if anything, to possibly help those who’ve been affected by the old laws. Yasuhisa Shiozaki, a LDP lawmaker states, “It surprises me that this law, which was originally drafted by lawmakers themselves, was passed by the Diet with unanimous support in 1948. We will think about what we can do by conducting a clear review of what happened.”


This law was enacted, being influenced by eugenics theories from the US and Germany in the late 19th century. The idea was to catch up the master race, and keep their “pureblood.” The government encouraged Japanese to only marry pure-blooded Japanese. Sterilizations focused on criminals, and people who were perceived to have genetic disorders such as the following: hemophilia, ichthyosis, colour-blindness, manic-depression, epilepsy, and schizophrenia.


Women they deemed less respectable were forced to work in brothels, which were government-monitored; as to try and keep the Americans from mingling with their respectable, pure Japanese women. These women were subject to sexual violence common to the sex trade. An official apology was given to these women in 2007, issued by the Government.

God Emperor Trump, Meme Page, Suspiciously Unpublished


The meme page, God Emperor Trump, on Facebook was unpublished on March 31, around 4pm. This followed a recent removal of all admins from the group on March 29. The page has a large fan base, with about 330,000 likes, and some speculate this had to be the work of Facebook; a crack or fallacy in its algorithm, since all accounts were removed at the same time.


Perhaps this was in response to an influx of reports on the page, but some have even speculated that this was due to an obvious bias in the team that runs facebook, as facebook is clearly more left wing than right. Whatever the reason, Facebook’s appeal form is currently down and not working, so we may not know until it is up.


Department of Memes, which owns the fictional spoof character, and page, stated on their site, “We believe Facebook surrendered our page to the same group of Pakistani hackers who stole it in January of 2018, as reported in InfoWars’ website NewsWars.” They continue, “It remains possible the hackers themselves might have unpublished the page in an attempt to insulate themselves from the media coverage and onslaught of anger generated by these events.”


Still the admins have hope, as they tweeted on March 31 “We still believe that if Facebook sees what happened (a human, not just their algorithm), they will return the page to us. If we keep the pressure up this will be resolved.”


They are fighting back, revealing their actions in their tweets, “We still believe that if Facebook sees what happened (a human, not just their algorithm), they will return the page to us. If we keep the pressure up this will be resolved.”


Some fans are devastated, as one tweets “no God Emperor, no reason to be on facebook”


Please, help God Emperor Trump get its page, and facebook rights, back. Like their backup page on Facebook, God Emperor Trump ll: The Emperor Strikes Back

God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back

Theresa May Thinks the UK Would Benefit From Sharia Law


Theresa May states Sharia Law is being misused to oppress muslim women and has launched an investigation into the issue. OBVIOUSLY, most of us knew this for years, but, despite Islam’s oppression of women, Theresa claims Sharia teachings still benefit the people immensely. Can you really have equality between sexes under the reign of Sharia Law? You cannot forcefully take bits and pieces of a religion, by state, and expect its practitioners to willfully follow a reform that isn’t recognized by the religion’s leaders. And what are more laws going to do in the growing number of no-go zones and Sharia zones.


Theresa has shunned an ever growing problem, and now has little power in solving the new issues. Already, the Muslim immigrants and refugees have created no-go zones, where UK law does affect much, anymore, as police are told not to go there, for fear of the new, violent population.


In 2008, the first Sharia Law court was recognized, and the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury stated that adopting aspects of Sharia Law into the court system was ‘unavoidable.’ The UK now has over 3,000 mosques and about 130 Sharia Law Courts. Despite these courts lying within the UK’s tribunal court system, they often finalize rulings that contradict the common laws of the land. As time presses onward, the local Muslim population has called for Sharia Law to replace UK’s common law. In towns with large Muslim populations, they call for Sharia Law to become the only law. Some of these towns include Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, and Leeds. Their streets are already plastered with posters stating, “You are in a Shariah controlled zone, Islamic rules enforced.”

So what exactly is Sharia Law? Well, for starters, it derives from the Quran. According to Sharia Law, backed up by scripture form the Quran, if a woman is raped, she cannot testify in court against her rapist. Four Muslim men must testify on her account(Quran 24:13). A man can beat his wife for insubordination(Quran 4:34). A husband can divorce his wife whenever he pleases, but his wife needs the consent of her husband to do so. Men can have up to four wives, but women can only have one. Culturally, Muslim men often feel they have a sexual right to any woman not wearing a hijab. We see this as they practice ‘taharrush gamea’ on the streets in Paris and the UK. Taharrush translates, roughly, to harassment. Taharrush Gamea is what they call it, and it’s when a group of Muslim men target a non-muslim woman who’s not wearing the hijab, and proceed to sexually assault and sometimes gang-rape her.


For example, watch the tragic and terrifying account of Lara Logan, below, and a brief explanation of Taharrush after:



The culture surrounding muslim women is horrible, but introducing Sharia law into the court system, wouldn’t do much, as it has already proven not to. In fact, it would only hurt the British women. Theresa states “A lot of Muslim women I know say that the men in their communities just laugh at this proposed investigation, that they will go underground so the investigation will have to be very robust.” It seems as though the Muslim men do not fear Theresa and her desire to reform the law. Theresa has been weak on punishment for immigrant criminals anyways; what do they have to fear? They clearly don’t fear her, as they tried to assassinate her just a few months ago. Overall, introducing Sharia Law, even a reformed one, just might be a slippery slope to full blown Sharia Law enforced upon Muslims and British, alike.  

Witnesses Say Three Shooters at Douglas County High School


Three different testimonies from three different individuals lead skeptics to believe that there were three active shooters at the Douglas County High School, last month on valentine’s day. Two students, and a teacher have expressed on social media, or camera, that there were three gunmen, two of which, who pinched off and trapped students in the building they were in. The mainstream media has not reported on this, and some sites have even claimed it to be a hoax. Let’s see what these witnesses said, and then decide for yourself.


KPRC, channel two, interviewed a student on camera, named Christina Vega, who claimed there were two shooters in her building, whom cleared the halls, starting from the only two exits of the building. The students ran from the gunshots, which came from the first floor. They ran toward the opposite exit, only to be met by a second shooter. “Because there are only two exits in the building, so everyone started running to the other exit, but that’s when the other students started coming up.” She stated. A teacher instinctively opened her door and let the frantic teenagers in, locking the door behind them. “There were three shooters, that’s what I heard.”


So rumor has it there were three shooters, but Christina says, from her own experience, that there were two in her building.


Watch her interview below:


That teacher, Stacy Lippel, who let the students into her classroom, recounts her experience, given on Good Morning America. She states the gunman she saw was wearing full metal garb, as she asked the question, “Why is the police here?”


Watch below:


The third witness is Alexa Miednik, who tells the camera that she was with Nikolas Cruz right after he ended his attack, and that the gunshots were coming from the other end of the building, opposite of where they were. “There definitely had to be two shooters involved.”


Follow the link to watch on Twitter:


Another video that doesn’t add up with the mainstream reporting, on this subject, is that the cops were filmed at the time of the shooting, carrying weapons and loading it onto a truck outside of the building. Also keep in mind, that when Nikolas was arrested, he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, yet Stacy claims the shooter was in full metal garb; helmet, bullet proof vest, ect.


The Twitter Video: