By Christian Finch

Crazy things seem to happen so fast and frequently in the modern world that when we think back to significant moments in recent history, everything can seem like kind of a blur. Every week seems to bring a new hot button scandal or intrigue that diverts us from properly analysing what happened the other week, however sometimes it’s important to internally document these things, lest history be re-written before your very eyes.

Lets go back to just before the US election and we see the planting of a seed that would go on to grow into a bewildering series of events . Gamer gate had exploded into a huge deal with thousands of Anons fighting back at what they quite rightly perceived as the corrupt social justice takeover of the gaming media. The mainstream however, denigrated and dehumanized the participants of gamer gate as shady online bullies, collectivising them all as sexists and racists. This kind of mass dehumanization and labelling of dissenters by the hard left orthodoxy was far from a new thing and had been going on for quite some time. The neo communist identity politics of the hard left had become so cancerous that everyday men, who just wanted a break from the constant attacks upon them had retreated into a world of online gaming.

Suddenly anti Social justice warrior commentators started to garner a huge following on YouTube and pages started to appear all over Facebook, first with maybe a hundred members, then a few hundred, then thousands. Having been backed into a corner and still relentlessly pursued by rabid leftist ideologues that simply would not stop, suddenly there came an undertone of rage. On mass, people began openly challenging and outright rejecting the nonsensical ravings of the ideologically possessed . To the unaware nothing had changed… the mainstream media was still pushing leftist narratives and Hillary Clinton was guaranteed to win the US election using the very same identity politics that the unseen millions had grown to despise.

As the mainstream media and the snake oil sales people went about their day-to-day business of completely dismissing then dehumanizing anyone who disagreed with them, a global movement of unimaginable scale was gathering. The movement had no name, no central leadership, or brand as such, but consisted of thousands upon thousands of people with one thing in common…. a heartfelt loathing of the establishment that wilfully walked all over them, and a fierce determination to cause huge waves that would go on to shake the very foundations of society and Geo politics.

Now let’s fast forward to the 2016 American election campaign, Donald Trump, appearing from seemingly nowhere as a complete outsider was going from strength to strength.  Money simply could not buy the amount of electoral propaganda that had the internet seemingly bursting at the seams as this secretive mass movement had turned into a propaganda machine, churning out article after article, meme after meme and video after video. The mainstream was in complete panic as Donald Trump surged ahead in the polls, so resorting to their own tried and tested tactic they needed to once again dehumanize and blanket label whoever was behind it, however they didn’t know who.

The name Alt right began to circulate and now the media had a name, but that’s about all they had. Being put in a position of possibly outright having to admit that this Alt right movement was a grass-roots uprising that was simply not just going to sit on the naughty step, they needed another option.

Milo Yiannopoulos had been crowned the figure-head so to speak, of a movement that even he did not fully grasp but tried his very best to explain to the media that what they called the Alt right, in fact consisted largely of men between the ages of 25-35 with mild libertarian leanings. Despite their best efforts the media failed to turn Milo into the monster they needed, instead for the first time giving the Anons an actual mainstream platform in which to air their very persuasive and valid grievances.

Cue Richard Spencer, the leader of a white collectivist identitarian movement and possibly the most unlikable person to ever grace the political stage. Richard Spencer was the political and mainstream establishments dream, a more than willing actor who would take undue credit for the work of thousands of Anons and a sub culture that he knew little to nothing about. One only has to watch Spencers feeble and evasive attempts at explaining Pepe the frog and Reddit subculture to his group to be in no doubt that this man is controlled opposition. Even better, Richard Spencer was simply another incarnation of the same divisive Neo Marxist brand which was already bringing ruin to America.

In conclusion the name Alt right will likely now forever be associated with Spencers small and almost insignificant white identitarian movement, but it doesn’t really matter. As I explained earlier in the article, the movement that won Trump the American election, got Marine Le Pen through the first round of the French election, won the Brexit referendum and to this day is still reshaping the political landscape of Europe, while shaking the EU to its core, do not need or even want a name.