Goldfire Media Director of Operations Damien Taylor found himself banned from the social media platform Facebook yesterday. Strangely Damien was not shown any reason why he was banned. This comes on the heels of other high profile Facebook bans such as Jayda Fransen and the nationalist party Britain First. One could argue that having fallen afoul of the British justice system, Facebook may have wanted to distance it’s self from political activist Fransen, however no such reason for Mr Taylor’s banning has come to light.

There unfortunately remains the question as to whether this banning was something to do with any of Damien’s posts on the platform or the result of a flagging campaign from people ideologically opposed to what we are trying to do here at Goldfire media. We will release updates to this article as we find out more. What we do know for sure is that despite criticism in a US congressional hearing for this very practice, Facebook seems to have become more and more overwhelmingly liberal when it comes to extending the banning stick to thought criminals.


Alarmingly, Damien is believed to be banned banned for posting this:

 In March 1941, a German man called Tor Borg went on trial for teaching his dog to give the Nazi salute whenever the name “Hitler” was mentioned. He was arrested and brought before a Nazi judge, for insulting Hitler. After much deliberation, the Nazi judge let the man go free. The Nazi judge must have seen the funny side. Today, count Dankula was charged for committing a hate crime and given an £800 fine for doing pretty much the same thing. So in comparison, our judges are literally more authoritarian than the Nazis.

How sad it is that Facebook now sees it fit to ban independent media from its platform simply for bringing up historically relevant subjects, to provide perspective pertaining to events clearly in the public interest.

By Christian Finch Gab Facebook