By Asish Samson

Buzzfeed has attacked black activist and director of Turning point USA Candace Owens in a recent article for her conservative views. Candace Owens claims that Buzzfeed has done a hit piece on her for her outspoken conservative views. On her Twitter account she has claimed that the Buzzfeed reporter that her former colleagues were harassed and were forced into giving statements about her.


On Tuesday Buzzfeed ran an article which claimed that Candace Owens had run articles against Trump in her previous, now defunct blog “Degree180” written by Joseph Bernstein. While all this is normal, Candace Owens tweeted that Joe Bernstein threatened her former colleagues and current college students that if they didn’t give statements if he would print their names and expose them. She also stated that all these women had also previously suffered from mental health conditions like anxiety, depression etc. While, Joe Bernstein has claimed in a tweet that all these allegations against him were false and Buzzfeed defended it’s writer claiming that the reporter was just doing his job, Candace Owens stood by her claim and stated that she even has proof of the harassment.


Candace Owens shot to the national limelight recently after she was pointed out by singer Kanye West on his Twitter account by retweeting her. Kanye West then reiterated his support for Trump and tweeted out a picture of his MAGA hat signed by Trump. This caused many of his peers and other Hollywood liberals to fly into a rage. While some called him an “Uncle Tom”, other put up an argument with him and claimed he had no right to support Trump. Kanye West, who is no stranger to controversies has kept his cool but didn’t back down from his stance. He was also one of the few celebrities who met Trump when he was the President-elect in his Trump Tower in New York.


Meanwhile Candace Owens has doubled down on her conservative stance and stated that Buzzfeed had no right to tell her about what views she should have as a black woman.