It is very common for one to question why they are still single, according to multiple studies more people are single than ever before. This is apparent for every demographic at this particular time, never before have so many been unable/unwilling to commit themselves to a relationship. But whose fault is this? Nobody is at fault in particular, but some are slightly more to blame than others. This article is not going to point fingers at anyone specifically, as something as important as sustaining the human race is a team effort and needs to be met with all hands on deck.

Men and college boys

An open letter from The Odyessy states that college boys are to blame for the fall in the number of relationships in the 18-24 demographic. The letter states that these boys are too afraid of commitment to stay with a woman because they are simply looking for sex or a short term partner to keep them company until College is over.

“There is a trend with you college boys. You flirt, f*ck, and forget. Sometimes you even do it repeatedly giving the girl a small glimmer of hope that you aren’t inhumane. The saddest part is that most of these girls are your friends! Your mindless desire for sex takes over, and you forget that there is a respectable young woman in front of you.”

Although this open letter was likely penned by a radical feminist who hates men, credit is due when she mentioned the fact that these college boys are afraid of commitment and the fact that they are too scared to settle down into a long term relationship. The writer is not wrong, fewer and fewer males are wanting to settle down. This letter gives a strong collectivist tone where the writer blames all college boys for not wanting to settle down – this is not the case as, although very few, some men seek to settle down in their teens to 20’s.

The letter portrayed what women thought of men (or ‘boys’), but what do men think of women?

Women are at a fault as well

Suzanne Venker wrote a piece called ‘The war on men’. According to Venker’s article for Fox News, the most common reason why men do not settle down is because ‘women are not women anymore’. What this means is that, thanks to radical third wave feminism, women are now competing with men by being more masculine and taking on more masculine roles. Men do not want to compete with women, they want to love them. 2nd wave feminism, also known as classic feminism, encourages women to respect themselves as the women they are. 3rd wave feminism contradicts this by telling women that the only way to be equal to a man is to behave like one. At this point, men are starting to give up on women and joining a movement called the ‘Sexodus’. Not to be confused with involuntary celibates, better known as Incels, who are men who have given up on women just because they are ugly. They too are part of the problem.

Marriage is becoming near to extinct

According to a study, the number of women in the US who see marriage as an important step in life has risen from 28% to 37% since 1997. The number of men who see marriage as an important step in life has fallen from 35% to 29%. Although the percentage is increasing for women, it is still a low percentage. Why is it that most women do not seek to get married anymore? Some may argue that women are becoming less religious, which means that women no longer feel inclined to be blessed by a greater being in order to love someone. On the other hand, promiscuity is being promoted by the music promoted by the Mainstream Media – telling young girls that men are bad and that it’s always better to not commit to them. Whilst more women want to get married, men on the other hand do not. What good does marriage offer to a man? Men are told that in marriage they end up losing their freedom, personal space, possessions, privacy, friends and (in extreme cases) family. Men fear commitment for this reason.

The Feminism chain

This is often what creates feminists, apart from those involuntary celibates indoctrinated by college professors.

  1. This usually begins with a young woman who wants to spend her younger years partying as a free woman. This is absolutely fine.
  2. Here is where the problem starts. There is a part of a woman’s life where her uterus starts to dry up, this can happen anywhere between 25-35. If a woman is still partying and refusing to settle down past the age of 35 then she will not be very fertile.
  3. Most men and women look to settle down in their mid to late 20’s, a 35 year old woman who has spent her life partying will find it very hard to find a partner and have a child in the time she’s got left.
  4. Some women do achieve the above but those who don’t begin to realise that they are alone. Many of these women turn to feminism for confirmation.
The Proud Boys movement

A movement has been started by political commentator and former punk rocker, Gavin McInnes, to try and encourage young men to go and connect with other women. They are called the Proud Boys. Their rules revolve around masculinity for men. Members are told to stop masturbating, stop watching pornography and are urged to speak to at least 5 women a day. This group was formed to enforce healthy relationships and to stop men from being scared of commitment.

By Damien Taylor