By Stefan M. Kløvning

Britain, Politics – Controversial anti-Muslim political party Britain First has announced that its leader Jayden Fransen will be released from prison on July 10, after she and her co-leader Paul Golding was sentenced on March 7 for hate-crimes against Muslims through ‘religiously aggravated harassment.’

Fransen was sentenced to a total of 9 months in prison, twice as long as Golding. Despite only four months having passed since the indictment, they’ve now decided to let her loose. Well, not completely, it turns out.

The party claims that she will not be able to go home after being released, but rather ‘forced to live in a probation hostel somewhere in London, no doubt in a multicultural area, like they did with Paul.’ This indicates that Golding has already been released, despite lack of media coverage of his acquittal.

Britain First highly critically writes,

The authorities seem determined to put our leaders in harm’s way and act in a spiteful and unnecessary fashion, something they don’t do even with convicted Islamist terrorists.

Paedophiles walk free from court, yet patriots opposing Islamist rape gangs are thrown in jail – what does that tell you about modern Britain?

The decision to move them to a multicultural area may have been made as some sort of ‘unconscious bias training,’ such as has been tried by several businesses, most famously Starbucks. Perhaps they think that, if these ‘racists’ and ‘islamophobes’ get to be around these people enough, they’ll eventually realize that their generalizations of these people are unreasonable.

If this is the intention, then they may not be so determined to put the party’s leaders in harm’s way as thought, but the bias attempting to be relieved cannot be so without the underlying reasons being addressed. Britain First is highly critical of Islam, first and foremost, and if one is to confront them about their stance being ‘irrational,’ one needs to be able to address their reasons and arguments and what potential fallacies they use and whether there are any contrary evidence. What is rather being done, is newspapers calling them ‘fascist’ without an explanation neither to the meaning of the term nor how the adjective fits to the party (here, here and here). In turn, this name-calling is echoed even further as Wikipedia links to these as evidence for it being a fascist party on line with Oswald Mosley. The party is highly critical of these accusations, referring to their fifth principle proclaiming, ‘Britain First stands opposed to all alien and destructive political or religious doctrines, including Marxism, Liberalism, Fascism, National Socialism, Political Correctness, Euro Federalism and Islam. Britain First is a movement of British patriotism and democracy.’

When confronted about hypocrisy in their party platform, however, their response aren’t quite so eloquent:


The article is mostly based on a tweet echoing a Reddit thread finding a contradiction in their platform in the sense that the party wants Britain to get an America-inspired Bill of Rights ‘without exceptions,’ and yet seeks to restrict the influence of Islam in the country.