Written by: Jack Bibiano  –  Twitter: @LibertyDragon1  – Facebook: Juan Bibiano

Senator Rand Paul(R-KY), whose foreign policy focuses on diplomacy over war, is now scheduled to lead a U.S. Delegation on Monday that will meet with Russian members of parliament.

“Senator Rand Paul is a proponent of diplomacy and is supporting President Donald J. Trump in engaging around the world. He looks forward to his meetings,” his press secretary Sergio Gor told The Washington Times.

In July, the Kentucky senator wrote an op-ed for Politico saying he planned on venturing to Russia.

“In just a few weeks, I will take my own trip to Russia in an attempt to discuss common ground with their leaders and help prevent further, unnecessary escalation of tensions,” Mr. Paul wrote. “We will discuss trade, cultural exchanges and how to better work for peace and prosperity in the world. I look forward to consulting with Trump between his visit and mine and to working with diplomats from both countries to have a successful trip and better relationships.”

Rand Paul had Trump’s back big time last month when the Fake News attacked him over his successful meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. In the face of harsh bipartisan backlash, Sen. Paul called for the president to be praised rather than belittled for meeting with Putin.

Rand’s trip will be the second time a group of Republican members of Congress meet with their Russian counterparts. Several GOP lawmakers also journeyed to Moscow in July, just a few days prior to the Helsinki summit.