Written by: Jack Bibiano  –  Twitter: @LibertyDragon1  – Facebook: Juan Bibiano

Love is seriously afoot between these two power players in the quest for true government reform…The Bromance between President Donald Trump and libertarian stalwart Senator Rand Paul has officially been CONFIRMED.

The highly-respected Republican from Kentucky was recently spotted boarding Air Force One with the president and later had a private round of golf with Trump, according to a White House statement.

This golf date comes just a week after Trump revoked the security credentials of former CIA Director John Brennan, something Paul urged him to do weeks before.”The President played a quick round of golf with Senator Rand Paul, who the president really likes and enjoys spending time with,” the White House said in a statement to pool reporters.

Trump and Paul have become especially close over the last few months, sharing in similar sentiments when it comes to security clearances for public officials, relations with Russian, foreign policy in general, health care policy, and tax reform.

A spokesman for Paul did not return a request for comment asking what was discussed on the golf course.

In October 2017, Paul hit the links with Trump just days after he signed an executive order for Paul’s health care plan that undercut the Affordable Care Act by seeking to expand cheap access to private insurance over state lines.

“The president never loses, didn’t you know?” Paul told the White House pool of reporters in October. “The president and his partner beat me and my partner by three holes. He’s a little better golfer than I am, admittedly, but we had a good time.”

Paul has been a veracious defender of the president’s policy on Russia and has had a large role in maintaining relationships between Moscow and the White House. During the firestorm of undeserved political backlash Trump received after meeting with Vladimir Putin, Paul rebuked ignorant CNBC anchors and told them that Trump should be lauded, and not belittled, for his meetings with adversaries.

Earlier in the month, on his diplomatic trip to Russia, Paul delivered a letter from Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The White House later clarified that it was a “letter of introduction” to Putin that Trump wrote at Paul’s request that discussed “topics of interest” Paul wanted to discuss with Putin.

Kentucky’s junior senator also had a hand in getting the security clearance of Brennan removed last week. A few weeks prior to Trump’s announcement that he would take back Brennan’s credentials, Paul had met one-on-one with the president to encourage him to revoke said privileges. “I urged the president to do this,” Paul tweeted last week after Brennan’s clearance was removed.

As it stands, this relationship looks like a political match made in heaven.