With the recent passing of life long senator John McCain, many public service workers paid their respects during the ceremony to remember his life and ‘legacy’ The mainstream media after decades of criticizing him over his thirst for blood through both domestic and foreign policy have now given him the hallway pass, in which they skip over the years that covered his hands in mud are now suddenly clean of any guilt. Not to mention how he’s the one man reason why term limits need to be implemented. But that’s not what to be disputed here as that’s something countless other sources have already gone on about. No, this is to talk about the claims of how McCain was a ‘friend of Canada’ as both the National Defence Minister; Harjit Sajjan and Prime Minister; Justin Trudeau have said. So, what has he actually accomplished for Canada?

Surely this claim has been upheld as factual and not just to further embellish this otherwise neocon warhawk, right? Well it’s hard to pinpoint any accuracy to this claim of being a friend, there are a few so called ‘free trade’ deals he was invited to as far back as 2008. A simplified version of what he forced onto the Canadian people was higher import/export taxes throughout many sectors of the Canadian economy which are still in effect today and will remain as such as it does more positive favors for the US than it does domestically for Canadians. He also encouraged Canadians to pay more sectors taxes over the fear of climate change that would somehow look as if he wasn’t just extorting the masses that border the US to the north. In short, John McCain was no ally as the Canadian parliament would suggest, he only extorted to further his agenda and made it look like he did Canadians a favor.